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VintageHSMomsShowPageJust for homeschool moms. Vintage Homeschool Moms preserves the best of the past while blessing future generations with the fruit that comes from putting God first and using the experience as a teacher. Your host, Felice Gerwitz, is a Christian wife, mother, and educator-turned-homeschool-mom in 1986. She began homeschooling as a trial and never looked back.  Felice’s topics range from home education, child-rearing, enterprising moms, SAHM (Stay at Home Moms), WAHM (Work at Home Moms), and so much more.

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Vintage Homeschool Moms Episodes

Family and Homeschool Cooperation

Family and Homeschool Cooperation ~ Episode 414 It is time to have everyone on the same page, the kids, and the parents, and that means needs family and homeschool cooperation. Does everyone realize you are all on the same team and working toward the same common goals? In this episode, we discuss getting the kids […]

Special Replay: Problems With Socialism

Special Replay:  Problems with Socialism – Episode 372 What is the problem with getting everything for free? Isn’t that what socialism promises? Join Felice Gerwitz and Jeff Diest from the Mises Institute as they delve into this question. Visit our Sponsor – Truth Seekers Mystery Series We appreciate the totally unexpected and special offer by […]

Homeschool Perfection

Homeschool Perfection – Episode 413 In your homeschool journey, you may seek homeschool perfection. But, what happens when you fall short? In this special edition celebrating our seventh year as a podcast network, Felice shares some of her insider’s tips. Please visit Media Angels and our Media Angels Membership!  Check out our special blog post here, […]

Special Replay: Raising Moral Kids In An Immoral Society

Let’s Talk About Raising Moral Kids In An Immoral Society with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #126 Help! I want to raise moral kids, but this is such a hard time to do so, right? It depends. In every society, there was moral decay and while I will be the first to agree that the moral climate […]

Time Management For Parents

Time Management Parents Episode 412 There is hope! Are you ready for time managment that will help you to reclaim your day and feel good at the end? Is this too good to be true? No, it is a reality and if I can do it, you can as well. How does it happen? Well, […]

Special Replay: Discipline Success

Do you have discipline success in your home? Do your children know how to answer and when to come? Listen in for some tips!

Time Management for Teens

Time Management For Teens – Episode 411 More in our series on time management, this show is for teens with The Homeschool Highschool Podcast, Vicki Tillman. Learn how to take your time back and learn about doing a time audit. Special Guest: Vicki Tillman, who is one of the voices behind The Homeschool High School […]

Time Management For Kids

Time Management For Kids – Episode 410 What is the one thing you can’t get back? Time. In this episode, we talk about time management for kids and how to learn to take charge of your time. You will be surprised how much time you gain! Another episode just for kids. Check out this episode […]

Special Replay: Winning Science Fair Projects

Let’s Talk About Winning Science Fair Projects with Felice Gerwitz Episode #135 From the author of An Insider’s Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects, Felice Gerwitz shares her insider’s tips for winning science fair projects with all of you! , Felice Gerwitz shares her love of science fairs with you! As a past judge and mom of […]

Family Loyalty: For Kids

Family Loyalty: For Kids Episode 409 Do you have family loyalty? Do you know what it means to be loyal? In this episode we are going to talk about your family, your parents, and those adults in charge of you. And we are going to talk about that and so much more. Another episode for […]

Back to School Replay: Winning Science Fair Ideas

Back to School Replay: Winning Science Fair Ideas with Felice Gerwitz Where do you find a great science fair idea? Do not say the library or the internet! It is an amazingly easy place and it all begins with (hint-hint) your child! If you hit on this your child will have a blast and you […]

Kids Choosing Good Behavior

Kids Choosing Good Behavior: ~Episode 408 Are you a kid? If you had a choice of choosing good behavior over bad, which would you pick? Is that a silly question? That is what I want to talk to you about today. You are going to be very surprised when I explain some things to you […]

Best Homeschool Scheduling Advice

Best Homeschool Scheduling Advice Episode 285 The Best homeschool scheduling advice I ever received actually came from my daughter. She said, “Mom if we are going to duplicate the school system then why homeschool?” With that in mind, I looked at the way I scheduled my homeschool year. I made time for those special events […]

Homeschooling With A Twist – God Schooling

Homeschooling With A Twist – God Schooling Episode 407 Never heard of God Schooling? Well, you are not alone. Many are new to this concept of education but homeschool mom and herbalist, Julie Polanco will share what it is and how you can achieve homeschool success. Julie Polanco is a podcaster on this network! Check […]

Special Replay: Best Last Minute Summer DIY Tips

The Absolute BEST Last Minute Summer DIY Tips with Felice Gerwitz What are the best last minute summer DIY Tips? In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice Gerwitz shares her passion for all things DIY and some quick gift ideas to make for the holidays that are just around the corner. Use recyclables you have […]

Workforce In The 21st Century

Workforce Today ~ Episode 406 What does the workforce look like in the 21st century? Today’s guest, Lisa Nehring shares what it means to enter the workplace today. How it is different and what you can do as a student, or adult to prepare. Lisa is a podcaster at Lifeskills 101 here. Find Lisa here: […]

Saving Money For Big Purchases

Saving Money For Big Purchases – Episode 405 with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Cutis. Saving Money For Big Purchases is not as hard as you think! Today, we are going to be talking about money, saving tips for large purchases. Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels Membership and Meredith’s curriculum – Powerline Productions Debt free living is […]

Special Replay: Teaching Creation Science

Special Replay:  Teaching with Creation Science Study Guides Episode 362 How do you teach Creation Science when you have no background in science? Try teaching with Creation Science Study Guides! Primary sources are always the best, but how about first-hand research? In this episode, we will delve into not only why teaching creation science is […]

Replay Vacations On The Cheap

Replay Vacations on the Cheap ~ with Felice Gerwitz How about DIY vacations on the cheap with your hosts, Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis? Many people would like to travel but feel they can’t afford the cost. That’s exactly right, but in this podcast, we share some top secret tips! Visit Meredith Curtis here:, and her podcast Finish […]

Money Saving Tips For Teens

Money-Saving For Families and Teens ~ Episode 404 with Felice Gerwitz and Merit Curtis  Is it easy to teach money-saving tips? No. What about teens? Many kids do not know how to save money and we will help you! My special guest Meredith Curtis is a mom of five and the queen of frugal! Thanks […]

Saving Money – Field Trips

Saving Money – Field Trips ~ Replay This is a replay of another podcast on the same topic – but now is the time! Saving money and field trips is always a good idea. If you are interested in saving money and field trips that won’t break the bank – tune in!  Today my special guest […]

Special Replay – Let’s Talk About Teaching History

In this session you’ll hear some of the ways that both Meredith & Felice have taught history to their children from the zany to the classes Felice asked her brother-in-law to teach to homeschool kids!

Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation Party Ideas On The Cheap We have graduation party ideas that are wonderful ways to include the entire family and the best news? They won’t break the bank. Enjoy this replay! with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis Episode 196 Graduation Party Ideas Here  Have you started your high school graduation party plans yet? No […]

Literature Based Homeopathy For Kids

Literature Based Homeopathy For Kids ~ Episode 403 Have you wanted to teach a class on homeopathy for kids? What about a literature-based program? Join Felice Gerwitz and Paola Brown, the author of a brand new course for kids. Check out the other interview with Paola Brown here. Paola Brown is a homeschool mom to […]

Best Grad Gifts

Best Grad Gifts that Teens Really Want! Do you have a graduate this year? What are the best grad gifts teens want? With five children and a group of friends with many children, I’ve participated in my fair share of graduation celebrations in recent years. However, it was after really thinking about my own graduation […]


Patriotism Is Not Dead – Episode 402 In this time of controversy, there appears to be a downplaying of patriotism in America. Am I the only one who sees it? If we say we “love our country,” then we are not thinking of others. In this episode, Felice shares ways to honor our Veterans and […]

Special Replay: Life Skills For Kids

Special Replay:  Must Know Life Skills – Episode 343 With the advance in technology many major, must-know life skills are forgotten. In this episode, we roll up our sleeves and discuss the important life skills you kids must learn. With smartphones, there is ready to access information on any imaginable topic – yet our children […]

Joy of Homeschooling

The Joy of Homeschooling – Episode 400 The joy of homeschooling may not be obvious to many, however in her time as a homeschool mom, clocking in at thirty-two years, and she is not out of ideas…yet. Join Felice Gerwitz for a special episode to celebrate her four-hundredth episode on the Joy of Homeschooling. Meredith Curtis […]

50 Top Christian Films

Replay – 50 Top Christian Films In this episode of the top 50 Christian Films, I explore past favorites along with some new and promising film companies who are currently making Christian movies into mainstream theaters. These movies are ones I would recommend however with any recommendation comes a caution to parents. The information is […]

Secrets For Raising Kids

Secrets For Raising Kids Episode 399 with Denise Mira Do you want the secrets for raising great kids? No snowflake kids allowed in our home and I’m sure you’d agree your kids have opinions, they know what they want and often tell you when you least expect it. Join Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira for […]

Special Replay: Last Minute Easter Prep

Special Replay:  Last Minute Easter Prep – Episode 341 Last minute Easter Prep made easy! If you are hosting an Easter celebration or joining one here are some things to remember to make your time memorable and fun. And, the best part it can be hassle-free and will save money and time. Easter is a […]

Foundations of Learning

Foundations of Learning ~ Episode 401 The foundations of learning begin with bringing beauty into learning. In this episode, Felice Gerwitz and Lisa Ann Dillon discuss how the Classical education approach and Charlotte Mason can both be drawn upon when teaching children. Thanks to our sponsor, Wisdom Wonder Project. Be sure to check out their […]

Restful Life Homeschool

Restful Life Homeschool Episode 398 with Kim Huitt Join us as we discuss the restful life homeschool and my special guest Kim Huitt. Kim lives in Alaska with her husband and three children and is currently a homeschool mom! She blogs on her website RestFULLLife Homeschool where she shares her reflections on faith, family and […]

Healthy Families

Healthy Families with special guest, Amanda Filla – Episode 340 Most of us want healthy families, especially in this time of worry over the latest virus. It is time to meet our essential oils expert, a homeschool graduate, and homeschooling mom of eight Amanda Filla. Amanda is a podcaster at Simple Blessings & Oils Amanda […]

Creating For Christ

Creating For Christ Episode —- with Michelle Ruschman and Felice Gerwitz Have you wanted a business, what about creating for Christ? Well today’s guest, Michelle Ruschman is a work at home mom who has created beautiful items! Michelle was a special speaker in the “Come My Beloved” seminar series. You can still access the video […]

Forgiveness Replay

Teaching Kids Forgiveness Episode 231  In teaching kids forgiveness you are giving your children the tools or fundamentals of forgiveness but arguably one of the best gifts you can ever give them. Please help us out – Please help share this episode with your friends! And, please give this show a star rating on iTunes (search for […]

Five Tips For Baking with Kids

Five Tips For Baking with Kids ~ Episode 396 with Felice Gerwitz and Miriam Schwartz How much fun is baking? Well, join us as we talk about five tips for baking with kids with Miriam Schwartz from Baketivity. She is a mom of four little ones who shares her best suggestions for making baking time […]

Secrets To Victory In Faith

Secrets to Victory in Faith For Families ~ Episode 395 with Lucia Claborn and Felice Gerwitz The secrets to victory in faith is much easier than you think. A happy family life where you kids actually like each other comes from using some of these “secrets” that are shared by today’s special guest, Lucia Claborn. […]

Teach Health and Homeopathy To Kids

Simple Ways To Teach Health and Homeopathy To Kids ~ Episode 394 Here are some truly simple ways to teach health and homeopathy to your kids with my special guest the author of a curriculum specifically for parents to do this, Paola Brown. After recovering from an illness that left her bedridden she discovered natural […]

Family Date Nights

Family Date Nights ~ Episode 393 with Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira So many times we are not making memories we are getting by! Family date nights are a great way to create those lasting memories with our kids! Join Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira in this fun episode. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels, […]

Communicating Love And Kindness To Your Kids

Communicating Love and Kindness To Your Kids Yes – there is hope! Communicating love and kindness to your kids does not come naturally. Ask me how I know! We discipline our children because we LOVE them – it is vital, and especially IF you want our children to grow up to become responsible adults. Show […]

Date Nights For Couples

Date Nights for Couples That Won’t Break the Bank ~ Episode 392 with Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira Okay friends, are you ready for fun? Date nights for couples do not need to break the bank. Join Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira as they chat about their favorite dates with their spouses! Thanks for our […]

Kids Making Good Decisions

Kids Making Good Decisions ~ Episode392 Decisions! Kids making good decisions is something you can actually teach! We have so many choices that it is so hard, but in this episode, we will focus on kids the decision making process. Another podcast just for the kids! Join us. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, Inc. […]


Let’s Talk About Exercise – It is Not a 4 Letter Word! with Felice Gerwitz Podcast 174 – Vintage Homeschool Moms ShortCuts I never liked exercise and I don’t like it now… but I hope after I throw out this challenge, my dislike of exercise changes! In an effort to get healthy and avoid the […]

Kids Taking Charge

Kids Taking Charge ~ Episode 391 By nature kids are curious and you can get your kids excited about learning, their chores, and kids taking charge of their life. This podcast is for the kids, I hope you will listen in Moms and Dads! Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels, Inc. and the books […]

Mid-Year Evaluation

Mid-Year Evaluation Have you ever completed a homeschool mid-year evaluation? It’s time to look at your yearly homeschool evaluations in the middle of the year. The place to being any formal check-up process is now! Thanks to our Sponsor! Wings To Soar Online – if you have a child who learns different or is struggling, […]

Exercise Basics

Let’s Talk About Exercise Basics with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #178 Yes I still dislike exercising, and no–I still don’t have time to exercise, however, I’m sticking to this plan. Podcast, keep you up to date and encourage you to continue on with me! Show Notes: Exercise Basics Handouts from the Creation Anatomy Book:   Creation […]

Learning Challenges

Learning Challenges Episode 390 If your child has learning challenges sometimes it is difficult to know where to start.  In this episode, we will discuss ways to help your children succeed with a special interview with Beth Ellen Nash creator of the Wings To Soar Online program. Thanks to our Sponsor! Wings To Soar Online […]

Motivated Kids

Motivated Kids 389 How do you have motivated kids without stressing them out? Whatever happened to childhood? In this episode, we talk about helping your kids be kids and motivating them to be their best. Thanks to our sponsor, Wings To Soar Online – listen to the interview here with Beth Ellen, and learn more […]

New Year – Relax and Refresh

New Year Relax and Refresh –  Episode 388 The new year is a good time for a faith journey. It is time to take a deep breath and relax and refresh your life. With the new year around the corner now is the time to destress. In this episode, we will discuss how our plans […]

Merry Christmas Keeping Kids Close

Merry Christmas Keeping Kids Close – 387 The to-do list just keeps growing, but keeping kids close should be on the top of the list. In this episode, we will discuss easy ways to include the children and enjoy the holidays. Thanks to our sponsor – Sometimes I feel like I’m preaching to the choir. […]

Traditions & Celebrations

Traditions & Celebrations Episode 386 with Denise Mira Are you looking for something to make Christmas meaningful? How about traditions and celebrations to start off the holiday right? Join Felice Gerwitz with Denise Mira as they share special traditions that won’t break the bank. Thanks to our sponsor Overcomer DVD now out in stores!  Denise Mira, […]

Stress Free Holiday Tips with Kendra and Fletch

Special Guests! Stress-Free Holiday Tips with Kendra & Fletch You are in for a treat! Special guests who are joining Felice are Kendra and Fletch – show hosts of the HomeschoolingIRL  Thanks to our sponsor Overcomer DVD now out in stores!  On this episode we get real about the holidays, about that “crazy” Uncle Larry, […]

Christmas Season Ministry

Christmas Season Ministry –  Episode 385 with Denise Mira Christmas Season Ministry is something we forget because we are so busy. In this episode, we discuss some ways that children can understand the lesson it is better to give. Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira share their successes with ministry with you! Thanks to our sponsor […]

Last Minute Christmas Prep

Last Minute Christmas Prep or any Holiday -Episode 315 Let’s get organized with last minute holiday prep! Felice shares her 4-square planner and hints on how to get it all done! Take a breath…you’ve got this! Whatever holiday you are gearing up for you know there is not enough time in the day to get […]

Best Ever DIY Christmas Gifts

The Best Ever DIY Christmas Gifts Episode 311 I know, we’ve heard it before the best ever DIY Christmas gifts often are more expensive than buying something on sale at the store. But, when you have a large family or many additional family and friends to consider these gifts are a life saver. Thanks to […]

Best Gift Giving Tips

Best Gift Giving Tips with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz Episode 384 Best Gift Giving Tips are easier than you think. Here are some great ideas for gifts that will last throughout the year. Thanks to our sponsor – The Star Movie – limited run December 7 and 8th 2019 – the DVD is still […]

Last Minute Holiday Prep

Last-Minute Holiday Prep – Episode 383 Countdown time is here! Now for some last minute holiday prep ideas. While I agree, everything homemade tastes better, but it isn’t always possible with our hectic busy school and holiday schedules. What is a parent to do? In this podcast, Felice shares her tips with you. Thanks to […]

Stress Free Holidays

Stress-Free Holidays Episode 382 ~  with Denise Mira Are you ready for stress-free holidays? With Thanksgiving, Christmas and even birthdays and all of the fun events that happen in full family life! The stress begins to mount. Join Felice Gerwitz and her friend, Denise Mira, you will learn so many insider’s tips! Thanks to our […]

Entertaining with Kids

Entertaining With Kids – Episode 381 with Denise Mira Entertaining with kids is something most of us do without a second thought, but if you want some great ideas to get your special day off to a great start, join us with special guest, Denise Mira! Denise with a crew of boys (now adult) and […]

No Ordinary Child

No Ordinary Child – Episode 380 with Denise Mira – Unleashed! There is no ordinary child and in this interview with Denise Mira, she surprised me with her love and passion as she explained the purpose of her book, No Ordinary Child! I was blessed as I listened and wanted to share this with all […]

Ultimate Holiday Checklist Advice

Ultimate Holiday Checklist Advice & Homeschooling Episode 379 with Janice Campbell Are you ready for the holidays? Here is holiday checklist advice from two homeschool veterans, Felice Gerwitz and Janice Campbell. Both have homeschooled during the holidays for many years and have much to share with you! Thanks to our sponsor – A Beautiful Day […]

10 Holiday Planning Tips

10 Holiday Planning Tips – Episode 307 Holiday planning help is right here! In this episode, we will discuss some ways to help you to plan ahead and keep that overwhelmed feeling away! I am happy to share with you some tips for making it work no matter what your day looks like. Thanks to […]

Best Kept Holiday Prep Secrets

Let’s Talk About The Best Kept Holiday Prep Secrets with Felice Gerwitz The holidays are around the corner, and ready or not it is time to learn about the best kept holiday prep secrets. We are celebrating all the time – whether it is the biggies like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter – or the other […]

Teaching Kids To Be Thankful Everyday

Teaching Kids To Be Thankful Everyday Episode 230 Many times in an attempt to shelter our children or prevent them from some of the hardships we experienced as children our children may become spoiled and have an entitlement mentality. In this episode, we discuss ways to encourage children to become thankful, not just in the […]

Hope and Thanksgiving

Let’s Talk About Hope and Thanksgiving with Felice Gerwitz Is there hope when you are devastated or have a loss? There is hope and thanksgiving joy, but it takes a choice. Have you felt like things were hopeless? Is there a time when you felt like the Lord was asking you to thank Him and […]

Thanksgiving Kids Crafts

Thanksgiving Kids Crafts Episode 235 Thanksgiving kids crafts are so much fun! I love crafts – especial holiday crafts like Thanksgiving crafts for kids. In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, I’ll share some great Thanksgiving crafts that are easy to make. So much fun and so decorative. Stack up on different colors of foam […]

Holiday Planning and Bake Ahead

Let’s Talk About Holiday Planning: Bake Ahead! with your host Felice Gerwitz Holiday planning and bake ahead ideas are at the forefront of my mind the minute the calendar turns to November. I currently have sweet potato casserole, lasagna, and sauce in the freezer. However, it makes the holiday so much easier to enjoy. Let’s […]

Healthy Holiday Snacks

Healthy Holiday Snacks Episode 234 Healthy holiday snacks don’t necessarily taste well. And since when does healthy and snacks go together? In this podcast, I’ll share some great suggestions from some of my friends as well! Please share your favorite ideas and recipes with all of us.   Show Notes: Healthy Holiday Snacks When considering […]

Last Minute DIY Entertainment Tips

Last Minute DIY Entertainment Tips Episode 238 Are you ready? It is time for last minute DIY entertainment tips! In this episode, I share many of my favorites with you. The best thing? No matter if your kids are young, small or grown these ideas will work for all ages. Add your favorite beverage and […]

Fun Holiday Tips

Let’s Talk About The Holidays – Fun Holiday Tips!  with your host Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis Fun holiday tips are easy when you have homeschooled and have as many kids as we do! So, before you blinked it is November with Thanksgiving around the corner, and with the holidays comes family, friends and fun. Join […]

Money Saving Field Trips

Money Saving Field Trips Episode 377 Are you interested in money saving field trips that won’t break the bank? Today my special guest is Meredith Curtis – who podcasts on Finish Well (be sure to check it out)! Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels Membership and Meredith’s curriculum – Powerline Productions Saving money isn’t […]

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips ~ Episode 376 I love field trips and especially ones that are money-saving, and virtual field trips fit both categories. Fun field trips from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to our Sponsor – Media Angels Membership – with the Virtual Field Trips Study Guide as part of the basic membership. […]

Field Trips with Little Kids

Field Trips with Little Kids ~ Episode 375 Field trips with little kids can be learning opportunities and springboards for wonderful memories. In this episode, Felice Gerwitz and Autumn McKay discuss great field trips for little ones as well as some helpful ideas and tips. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, Inc, and the Media […]

Field Trips

Field Trips! Episode 374 Just the idea of field trips makes me smile – I remember them from the time when I was a student. What about you? My kids also remembered going on field trips with fond memories. Field trips help to spark a child’s curiosity and interest and can even help with career […]


Art with Sharon Jeffus and Visual Manna – Episode 373 Have you considered art as a ministry? Join me today with my special guest as we discuss how art can touch the hearts of many and ways that Sharon has used the talents that God has given her to mentor children of all ages, especially […]

Problems With Socialism

Problems with Socialism – Episode 372 What is the problem with getting everything for free? Isn’t that what socialism promises? Join Felice Gerwitz and Jeff Diest from the Mises Institute as they delve into this question. Visit our Sponsor – Truth Seekers Mystery Series We appreciate the totally unexpected and special offer by Jeff Diest […]

NCCA Sports

NCAA Sports ~ Episode 371 Do you have a star athlete in the family? Anyone who wants to play high school or college sports must become familiar with the NCAA Sports Website! In this podcast, we discuss the right way to do this and what you need to do now, especially if you are a […]

Techie Advice For High Schoolers

Techie Advice For High Schoolers ~ Episode 372 Are you interested in techie advice that is most important to learn, especially for kids before they leave home? What should your high schooler know before they graduate? Today we discuss Techie advice with our resident expert, Meryl van der Merwe the podcaster at Thanks to […]

Mistakes Teaching Math

Mistakes Teaching Math – Episode 369 We all make mistakes teaching math but in this episode, we will learn that these can be overcome. Today’s guest is CTCMath and spokesperson Nadim El-Rahi. Thanks to our sponsor CTC Not being a great math student until I became a homeschool mom, I was interested in what […]

Five Things Josh Harris Forgot

Five Things Josh Harris Forgot Episode 368 This is not a show that will bash Josh Harris, a previous bestseller, Christian pastor and evangelical leader and author of books that many Christians and many homeschoolers loved. What I will do is point out the five things I believe he forgot in his journey from seeking […]

How To Homeschool High School

How To Homeschool High School – Episode 367 Are you new to homeschooling, or perhaps entering those high school years? Do you wonder how to homeschool high school? In this episode, Felice Gerwitz and Vicki Tillman (The Homeschool Highschool Podcast) discuss how to get started and the information you need to know! Visit Vicki Tillman […]

Six Benefits Of Learning Spanish

Six Benefits Of Learning Spanish Episode 366 With a passion for speaking Spanish, and experience as a homeschool mom, Alba Alonso shares the benefits of learning Spanish. You will be surprised at the innovation she uses and she explains more of this in this episode! Time to learn a #foreignlanguage ~ try #fitnesslatinos Thanks so […]

Teaching Using Wonder Bubbles

Teaching Using Wonder Bubbles Episode 365 Wonder bubbles are a cornerstone of project-based learning, and I knew nothing about them until my sister-in-law, an amazing teacher sent me samples of her child’s work! I was enthralled and asked her for an interview. Sponsor! Overcomer Movie Trailer URL for Overcomer Movie:  Site URL for the Overcomer […]

Teaching Good Sportsmanship

Teaching Good Sportsmanship Episode 364 with Special Guest Andrew Layton Our goal for student-athletes is to do well in class and in sports, but what about teaching good sportsmanship? In today’s episode, Felice Gerwitz interviews Andrew Layton, podcaster at Thanks to our sponsor For many years Andrew played sports, first in school, college and […]

Memory Work

Memory Work Secrets – Episode 363 Is memory work necessary? In my teaching life and as a homeschooler I wasn’t positive that memory work was a must. With my first two children, it wasn’t but then with my last three homeschooling students, it became part of the fabric of our homeschooler. Join Felice with special […]

Teaching Creation Science

Teaching with Creation Science Study Guides Episode 362 How do you teach Creation Science when you have no background in science? Try teaching with Creation Science Study Guides! Primary sources are always the best, but how about first-hand research? In this episode, we will delve into not only why teaching creation science is important but […]

Teaching College Test Prep

Teaching College Test Prep ~ Episode 361 Teaching college test prep can be started earlier than you think. In this interview, Felice Gerwitz and Jean Burk discuss college prep tests and the best way to get the most out of your time. Sponsor! Overcomer Movie Trailer URL for Overcomer Movie:  Site URL for the Overcomer […]

Teaching With Laughter

Teaching With Laughter – Episode 360 Just thinking about teaching with laughter makes me smile. I stumbled across this recently when I tried this technique first-hand. It worked! I can’t wait to share the details with you. Thanks to our sponsor – Overcomer the Movie! In theatres at the end of August 2019 but guess what? The […]

All About Teaching

All About Teaching ~ Insider Must Know Information For Homeschoolers Episode 359 What are the insights that teachers know that you don’t? Believe me, not much. How do I know? Yet I can easily sum up some teaching ideas ~ 20+ that you can easily use at home. Sponsor! Overcomer Movie Trailer URL for Overcomer […]

Raising Spiritually Strong Kids

Raising Spiritually Strong Kids Episode 358 In today’s climate raising spiritually strong kids has become much more difficult. In this episode, Felice shares some foolproof ways (yes, this is a big promise) and solutions to steering your kids on the path of love, honor, friendship, integrity, compassion, and faith. Thanks to our sponsor – Overcomer […]

Raising Honorable Kids

VHM – Raising Honorable Kids ~ Episode 357 Raising honorable kids takes work, it doesn’t happen overnight! In every generation, I am sure that grandparents comment that they are happy not to be raising kids in this “present” time due to all the horrible things that are happening. In today’s episode, we will discuss some […]

6 Homeschooling Insider Tips

Deanna homeschooled for many years and she is here to share her homeschooling insider tips. With kids who have different temperaments and learning styles and even with challenges, she graduated her four children. Join Deanna Cauthen-Johnson and Felice Gerwitz. 6 Homeschooling Insider Tips – Episode 356 Homeschooling is a calling and there is a reason […]

Emotions Affect Learning

Do you realize a person’s emotions affect learning? Stay tuned to this special episode with Jessica Parnell, CEO of Bridgeway Academy. Emotions Affect Learning – Episode 355 Today we will focus on home emotions affect learning. Do you realize that negative emotions can impair the ability of your child to learn? Today, our expert guest, […]

Tap Into Your Child’s Learning Potential

Tap Into Your Learning Potential – Episode 354 Did you know you can tap into your learning potential by understanding how the brain works? Felice Gerwitz and Jessica Parnell, CEO of Bridgeway Academy explain how a parent can benefit from this information. Thanks to our sponsor! Bridgeway Academy, your solution to online education and help for […]

Indoctrination Through Education

Is indoctrination through education true? As homeschoolers we realize the importance of educating our children, but do you realize what is happening all around you? Our children, whether we are aware of it or not are affected by indoctrination through education! Indoctrination Through Education – Episode 353 We homeschool for many different reasons. I began […]

Military Mom To Be

Military Mom To Be – Episode 352 An honest portrayal of one mom’s journey to a military mom to be. Most of us can agree that the military is much needed for the safety of any nation and those who serve are serving our country have chosen a noble cause. In this podcast, Felice shares […]

101 Staycation Ideas

101 Staycations Ideas – Episode 351 Staycations are so much fun and this podcast focus is 101 Staycation Ideas that won’t break the bank! In this episode, I’ll share some of the best ideas to enjoy around your own town and state. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels, Inc. Learn more at There are […]

Best Staycations For Kids

Best Staycations Just For Kids Episode 350 What are the best staycations for kids? Well, glad you asked! My twelve-year-old granddaughter wrote an article here about Staycations For Kids! I can’t wait to share with you some of her ideas, her reasons for staycations – and some kid-friendly ideas. If you want to read her […]

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