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VintageHSMomsShowPageJust for homeschool moms. Vintage Homeschool Moms preserves the best of the past while blessing future generations with the fruit that comes from putting God first and using experience as a teacher. Your host, Felice Gerwitz, is a Christian wife, mother, and educator-turned-homeschool-mom in 1986. She began homeschooling as a trial and never looked back. Her guests, including co-host Meredith Curtis (the first Monday every Month), and other guests, on occasion. Felice’s topics range from home education, child rearing, enterprising moms , SAHM (Stay at Home Moms), WAHM (Work at Home Moms), and so much more. Best yet, design your own show! Drop Felice a note and let her know what you’d like to hear. Connect on our Facebook group here:

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Vintage Homeschool Moms Episodes

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence 314 Artificial Intelligence is something we are all aware of and either it is with excitement or fear! Thanks to today’s sponsored interview – — and the featured product is All-In-A-Box home package! You can try it for free for thirty-days in your own home. Visit this special homeschool page here for […]

Best Kid Gifts

Best Kid Gifts – Episode 313 The best kid gifts are ones they would never select for themselves! Truthfully. Often kids think they know what they’d like to receive and with these simple steps you can have a wonderful celebration, no matter what the time of year without breaking the bank. Thanks to our sponsors – […]

Best Ever DIY Christmas Gifts

The Best Ever DIY Christmas Gifts Episode 311 I know, we’ve heard it before the best ever DIY Christmas gifts often are more expensive than buying something on sale at the store. But, when you have a large family or many additional family and friends to consider these gifts are a life saver. Thanks to […]

Diets Do Work

Diets Do Work – Episode 312 After six weeks on an elimination diet I am here to report, that diets do work! It was not easy, in fact giving up coffee for that long was a big sacrifice but the results were amazing and I can’t wait to share details in this episode of Vintage […]

Countdown To Christmas Planning

Countdown to Christmas Planning Episode 310 The countdown to Christmas can be a wonderful and blessed time, especially if we make a plan that this year will be different. The stress and harried approach is now in the past and we are going to do this with prayer and the grace that comes only from […]

Holiday Games

Holiday Games and Fun — Just in time for the Holidays! Episode 309 Fun games? Yes, please. How about holiday games? It’s that time of the year! The holidays are around the corner and it is best to think about keeping the kids occupied at busy family events. Here are some suggestions, more on this […]

5 Ways To Prevent Writing Meltdowns

5 Ways To Prevent Writing Meltdowns Episode 308 Do you need 5 ways to prevent writing meltdown? This podcast provides helpful tips. Your children may not be enthusiastic about writing, but the goal of this podcast is to allow them to appreciate and understand the writing process. Kim explains why so many children don’t like […]

10 Holiday Planning Tips

10 Holiday Planning Tips – Episode 307 Holiday planning help is right here! In this episode, we will discuss some ways to help you to plan ahead and keep that overwhelmed feeling away! I am happy to share with you some tips for making it work no matter what your day looks like. Thanks to […]

Stress Free Cooking Tips

Best Tips For Great Stress Free Cooking and Meals: Episode: 306 Are you ready to cut down on your planning and cooking time with the best tips for great meals? I have a great insider’s secret to share with you, and you’ll love it! And, as a bonus, I’ve added some great tips for seasonal cooking […]

Stress Busters For Mom

Stress Busters For Mom – Episode 305 Everyone needs some stress busters for mom because stress results in many things but often it is a feeling of losing control — we lack control to manage our kids our schedules are overcrowded and we feel we can’t do it all. In this episode, we will look at […]

Stress Free Field Trip Tips

Stress Buster – Field Trip Tips 304 We’ve all been on field trips that were disasters. Taking kids who are excited, no matter what the age on a trip can be an unforgettable activity. Now add the stress of planning, packing lunch and all the things that go with it, and well…it is a fiasco […]

Elimination Diet

Elimination Diet Episode 303 So, friends, I began the elimination diet the first of October thinking this was a great idea to lose some weight before the holiday binge-eating begins! It has worked fabulously well. In this episode, I’m going to report in at week two and share the ups and downs of healthy eating. […]

10 Reasons Why Homeschooling Works

10 Reasons Why Homeschooling Works – Episode 302 Homeschooling works. It has been decades since the homeschool movement began in the modern world and we know it works. In this podcast, with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz, we discuss what you can expect — great expectations in homeschooling and why homeschool works! Thanks to our fifth […]

Stress-Free Homeschool Tips

15 Stress-Free Homeschool Tips Episode 301 Homeschooling is wonderful, but homeschooling can be stressful. Here are 15 stress-free homeschool tips. In this month’s series, we are discussing stress busters … and one of the things in busting stress and having a stress free home is really looking at your homeschool and figuring out what stresses you! Some […]

Stress Free Fall Activities for Kids

Stress-Free Fall Activities for Kids Episode 300 There are so many stress-free activities for kids that I’m happy to share with you and some suggestions for examining the stress in your life and ways to combat this. On the show notes page, I have a previous podcast on asking yourself ten questions to examine where […]

Stress-Free Life

Stress-Free Life Episode 299 Is it possible to have a stress-free homeschool life? Let’s see, how has worry ever changed the outcomes? After over thirty years of homeschooling and my share of worry, I realized there were some unanswered questions and I needed to look at these questions and realize they were impacting my homeschool […]

Parenting In A Media Saturated World

Parenting In A Media-Saturated World Episode 298 Parenting is tough but parenting in a media saturated world increases the difficulty level in spades! Parenting in a media-saturated world is definitely a love-hate relationship. I love my devices. It is easy to create a book using word processing and a computer. We can buy graphics online with a […]

Thinking Outside The Box

Thinking Outside of the Box – 297 When I consider thinking outside of the box the first idea that pops into my head is swimming against the stream. Thinking outside of the box does require creativity something that may not come naturally to some children. However, it can be nurtured. Some fear creativity because of the fear […]

Amazing Homeschool Moms

Amazing Homeschool Moms Episode 294 Everyone is an amazing homeschool mom because you’ve made the decision to homeschool! Everyone has a story of how you came about deciding to homeschool and I’d love to hear from you! If you have a story you’d like to share here, please do — let us know how you […]


The Art of Story Telling Episode 276 People love stories and the art of storytelling is often lost. Learn some of the best techniques for telling a story and use storytelling in your homeschool lessons to enhance your teaching. Thanks so much to our sponsor of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network and this podcast, Time 4 […]

Teaching Multi-Grades

Teaching Multi-Grades in the Homeschool – Episode 295 Do you struggle teaching multi-grades in your homeschool? In this episode, I share some techniques that will help you tremendously to reduce the stress and find a balance between teaching to multi-grades! Thanks so much to our sponsor of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network and this podcast, Time […]

Child’s Potential

Child’s Potential – Episode 293 Your child’s potential depends on so many things including God’s amazing plan! Our role as parents is varied, right? Depending on the time of day. Sometimes we nurture, sometimes we are just keeping them safe, and other times we educate. Thanks so much to our sponsor of the Ultimate Homeschool […]

Bible Verses for Homeschoolers

Bible Verses For Homeschoolers My favorite Bible verses for homeschoolers are ready for the new school year or anytime you need a pick- me up I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Bible verses. Over the years as a homeschool mom, I suffered at times of sadness due to some situations I […]

10 Joys of Homeschooling

10 Joys of Homeschooling There are more than 10 joys of homeschooling but in this podcast, I cover my top reasons for why I continued to homeschool for over thirty years. My homeschool journey that began in 1986, ended in 2018. It wasn’t all joy and roses but it was real life that brought the […]

Audiobooks in Homeschooling

  Audiobooks –Homeschooling Here are my top audiobooks for your homeschooling. Many people want to supplement their curriculum with audio and video, but I want to caution you about making it an all or nothing. In this podcast, I’ll share my favorite audio supplements that I used with my children over the years. These are […]


Journaling and Homeschooling Journaling is a vital part of any homeschool curriculum. It is easy to implement but often it is not easy to keep consistent. Using this tried and true method, Felice will share journaling tips that worked well for her children. Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels Publishing Please share this podcast […]


  Notebooking for Homeschooling Notebooking is a wonderful way to keep track of your homeschoolers work as well as have a wonderful keepsake for the coming years. Notebooking is different than journaling in that one is more about academics and the other is about feelings and thoughts. In this podcast, we explore using notebooking for […]

Organized HomeSchool

Organized Home School — Episode The new school year is a time of excitement. Let’s start this year with an organized homeschool! In this episode, Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz share their years of homeschool wisdom with you! Here are some podcasts that may help you as well as this one! The beginning of the year […]

Weekly Homeschool Schedule

Planning Your Weekly Homeschool Schedule Episode Your weekly homeschool schedule is perhaps one of the most important aspects of an easy flowing and on track homeschool year. Yet, I have a love-hate relationship with all things scheduled. In this podcast, I share tried and true methods, the difference between schedules and routines and how to mesh […]

Best Homeschool Scheduling Advice

Best Homeschool Scheduling Advice Episode 285 The Best homeschool scheduling advice I ever received actually came from my daughter. She said, “Mom if we are going to duplicate the school system then why homeschool?” With that in mind, I looked at the way I scheduled my homeschool year. I made time for those special events […]

Methods of Homeschooling – Homeschool Mom’s Quiz

Methods of Homeschooling — Homeschool Mom Quiz – Episode 284 There are many methods of homeschooling. Are you ready for a homeschool mom quiz to determine the strengths you possess to educate your children? Like most of us, you may question whether you have the skill set to dive into the homeschool year, or you […]

Teaching Creation Geology

Teaching Creation Geology to Your Kids! Teaching creation geology to your children is often accompanied by excited cries because rocks are so much fun! In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice Gerwitz interviews Patrick Nurre from Northwest Treasures, Geology. The Nurre’s have been longtime friends of Media Angels, Inc. and customers for many years. […]

Learn Something New

Let’s Learn Something New – Episode 282 Summertime (or anytime) is the perfect time to learn something new. In this episode, Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis discuss the importance of learning new things. Thanks to our sponsor the Well Planned Gal, planners! Check out the latest the Prayer Planners. Try out some of our other podcasts: […]

Best Summertime Day Trips

Best Summertime Day Trips — Episode 281 Planning for summertime day trips or day trip is easy, fast and fun! It was the only vacation my family took for many years. With both my husband and myself, self-employed the business did not run if we were not here. Being the ever-resourceful couple, we decided to ditch our […]

Summertime Parties On The Cheap

Summertime Parties On The Cheap – Episode 281 Summertime parties can cost a small fortune. In this podcast, we discuss yummy foods and ideas to keep your party within budget. Fun times can be had by all! Thanks so much to our sponsor Rebecca Farris and the Well Planned Gal Planners.  Please visit our sponsors […]

Summertime Healthy Snacks

Top Summertime Healthy Snacks Episode 279 Summertime Healthy snacks do not have to taste like cardboard or break the bank. In this episode, of Vintage Homeschool Moms, I will share some yummy snacks with you that are crowd pleasers and even the kids will love them–promise! Thanks to our sponsor…The Well Planned Gal and her amazing […]

Summertime Rainy Day Activities

Best Summertime Rainy Day Activities Episode 278 Are you ready for some fun rainy day activities? Unless you live in a frigid place there will be a time that rainy day activities will come in handy. I guess it if is winter change it to “snow day” activities! Here we have some fun ideas that […]

Summertime Making Family Memories

Summertime – Making Family Memories Episode 277 Making family memories is one of the most important things you will ever do as a family. As homeschool parents, we naturally make memories with our children each day, but in this episode, we explore making positive memories! Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels Membership. For your curriculum needs […]

Is Free Curriculum Really Free

Do you love to get free curriculum? Is free curriculum really free? I love freebies, but sometimes it costs so much more than it is worth. In this podcast, we discuss the real cost of free and how you can organize your freebies and really get the most out of them. Homeschooling on one income […]

DIY Travel On The Cheap

How about DIY travel on the cheap with your hosts, Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis? Many people would like to travel but feel they can’t afford the cost. That’s exactly right, but in this podcast, we share some top secret tips! Visit Meredith Curtis here:, and her podcast Finish Well with great family podcasts […]

Best Experiential Gifts

Please follow me on iTunes or your favorite cell phone app!   The Best Experiential Gifts Episode 273   What are the best experiential gifts you can give? The ones that last a lifetime in memories!  Whether the gift is for graduation, birthdays for that hard to buy for person in your life. While opening […]

Packing Tips

Packing Tips with Felice Gerwitz and her special guest, Kim Kautzer Do you need some great packing tips? In this episode, veteran homeschool mom and world traveler, Kim Kautzer shares her packing tips! When we both showed up for a week-long mastermind retreat, me with my larger bags, extra carry on, purse, computer bag, etc. […]

Mother’s Day Gifts

Please follow me on iTunes or your favorite cell phone app!   Mother’s Day Gifts aka “What Mom Really Wants” is the topic for today’s podcast. As a long time mom – my first child was born in 1980 – I’ve had some experience *WINK* celebrating Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day has been a time of […]

DIY European Travel on the Cheap

 Please follow me on iTunes or your favorite cell phone app!   DIY European Travel on the Cheap! Episode 270 with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz Did you know that DIY European travel on the cheap is possible? Is traveling to Europe a far-off dream due to finances, time, or both? In this podcast, Meredith shares how […]

Running Your Family Like A CEO

Please follow me on iTunes or your favorite cell phone app!   Running Your Family Like A CEO Podcast 269 Can you imagine running your family like a CEO? In this podcast, we explore that and much more. Did you know that a CEO is a leader (mom or dad), is responsible for day-to-day management decisions (mom), […]

DIY Diets

DIY Diets I wanted to find great DIY diets and there are so many out there – and so I set out on a search! With so many of the fad diets on the market since, well – I was young, it is a miracle we aren’t all super thin. Diets are one of the […]

Running Your Home Like A CEO

Running Your Home Like A CEO Running your home like a CEO is possible, and even with heart! Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a cue from corporate America and run your home like a CEO? In this podcast, we are going to discuss how running several businesses have taught me that I […]

30 Top Films For Middle School to Adult

30 Top Films Family Films For Older Kids Do you have a list of your top 30 top films for families with older kids? In this podcast, I interview Lisa Winton, who along with her husband started a popular Facebook group to discuss their favorite movies and chat about them with friends. Lisa and Randy […]

Family Action Plan

Family Action Plan Episode 265 Get your battle gear on, it’s time for a family action plan! Most of us enter into family life with a day-to-day survival mentality. Now is the time to kick that survival mode attitude and become proactive! In this episode, I discuss my aversion to details, planning and how life got the […]

Homeschool Burn Out

Homeschool Burn Out Yes, homeschool burn out can happen to you, even the most die-hard or poster-child-for homeschool mom. You know you’re burned out when … can you fill in the blank? For me it began when I didn’t feel like getting out of bed, when I dreaded listening to my children read because it would […]

Top 50 Christian Films

Top 50 Christian Films Episode In this episode of the top 50 Christian Films, I explore past favorites along with some new and promising film companies who are currently making Christian movies into mainstream theatres. These movies are ones I would recommend however with any recommendation comes a caution to parents. The information is provided […]

Faith and Homeschooling

Faith and Homeschooling Episode # 262 Is faith and homeschooling a part of your life or are faith and homeschooling compartmentalized? In this episode, we explore why our faith should be an integral part of our homeschool day, and integrated into our lives. Our children learn best by example and what better way to show […]

Movie Spotlight The Miracle Season

 Movie Review, The Miracle Season A movie spotlight: Miracle Season – this is an unusual undertaking for me, but it’s been a long time since a movie has impacted me in this way. From the beginning I was captured by the essence of love, the love a young girl showed her parents and her friends […]

Read The Book Or Watch The Movie First

Read The Book Or Watch The Movie First? Episode #260 Read the book or watch the movie first? The difference of opinion can be surprising. Depending on the book or the movie the answers can vary. It depends on who you ask and for some, the answer may be, “I never gave it a thought!” […]

Easter Celebrations On The Cheap

Easter Celebrations On The Cheap Easter celebration on the cheap includes fun and easy ideas. Celebrating Easter on the cheap doesn’t mean skimping on our favorite time of the year, it means celebrating in style and saving money along the way. Remember, it’s about Jesus not the candy! Remind your children about the true meaning […]

Why Your Diet Fails

Why Your Diet Fails It happens all the time, and not is the time to figure out why your diet fails. If you are like me and have tried and failed at dieting, you are in store for a treat! The secrets of a fitness coach, a friend of mine are revealed! This coach discusses […]

Easter On The Cheap

Easter On The Cheap with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis Why is it that everything costs so much money. In this episode of Easter on the Cheap, Felice and Meredith share their ideas on Easter devotions and best of all many of these ideas are free or cost very little money. What is the true meaning […]

Capture Your Man’s Heart

Capture Your Man’s Heart Episode 256 Okay ladies, are you ready to capture your man’s heart? In this episode, we explore the meaning of love as we age, how to be sure your love is fresh and how to revive your first love and make it so much better. Thanks to our sponsor! Affirms Films and […]

Capturing Your Child’s Heart

Capturing Your Child’s Heart Episode 255 Capturing your child’s heart a life-long relationship is forged. Do you realize that most of the time a little child does something for you out of love? What happens to that love as the child grows, and why do children often grow up and become distant an sullen? In […]

Valentine’s Day On The Cheap

Valentine’s Day on the Cheap Episode 254 Are you ready to celebrate Valentine’s day on the cheap, with very little money? In this episode, I will share some great ideas to make the day special for your own Valentine’s Day party for your immediate family or the gang! And there are even ideas for your […]

Easy Way Curriculum Planning

Easy Way Curriculum Planning Episode 252 Curriculum Planning The Easy Way? It never gets old, the feeling of excitement OR dread when you are planning your homeschool curriculum. What is curriculum? It is the books, and the methodology you will use to homeschool your children. I won’t go into all the styles of homeschooling, this […]

Easy Way Planning

Easy Way Planning Podcast 251 In this episode,  Easy Way Planning, Felice discusses a system she recently began using to plan her day, her week, her month, and her year. And, it really works well. Taking a simple approach to planning helps keep the family and life in general organized. Add a journal and you are […]

Life Hacks Traveling and First Aid

Life Hacks Traveling and First Aid Episode 250 Traveling with kids can be stressful and with these traveling and first aid life hacks this is an easier way to make things happen. Sponsorship by: Media Angels, Inc. Try out the Media Angels Membership site! Very reasonably priced for every school budget. Show Notes: Life Hacks […]

Life Hacks Home and School

` Life Hacks Home and School Episode 249 Are you ready for some life hacks for home and school? Life hacks are those little bits of advice that make your life go so much smoother. Some are little known and others are tried and true. In this episode Felice Gerwitz shares some life hacks she has […]

Planning For The New Year

Planning for the New Year Episode 248 Each new year we plan so many things and most are undoable. Yes, we over plan or think we can do more than we can accomplish and therefore often feel a letdown or disappointment when things don’t turn out as we plan. So, for this new year, I’ve […]

TRUE Love of Christ for Mom

 True Love of Christ The true love of Christ is never more evident than at Christmas time and Easter. During this season we look to Christ, His coming as an infant and look at this sacrifice for us! We celebrate Christmas in so many different ways. Without loved ones, or sometimes alone. I’ve spoken to […]

Sattler College Affordable For Homeschoolers

Sattler College Affordable For Homeschoolers an Interview with Dr. Finny Kuruvilla College is so expensive! Not any longer. Sattler College is affordable for homeschoolers or anyone who wants a Christian education. What makes Sattler unique? Join Felice Gerwitz and her special guest, founder Dr. Finny Kuruvilla. Dr. Kuruvilla has created an amazing environment with faith as […]

Finding Jesus At Christmas

Finding Jesus At Christmas Holiday Traditions Episode 246 Finding Jesus at Christmas seems to be the obvious choice, right? That is the entire reason for the season. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. However, so many traditions vie for attention. Reading the Christmas carols, singing Christmas songs (not all that are religious), and […]

Raising Successful Children

Raising Successful Children Marlin and Laurie Detweiler ~ Veritas Founders    What makes a successful child? Raising successful children is a dream for any parent. Join our special guests Marlin and Laurie Detweiler who are co-founders of Veritas Press. I personally used much of their curriculum in my own homeschool for years, and I am excited to share […]

Ten Dollar DIY Great Gift Ideas

Ten Dollar DIY Great Gift Ideas Episode 244 Here are Ten Dollar (or less) DIY Great Gift Ideas! Can you really make great gifts that are inexpensive? I have done this for years and you can as well. And guess one, some of these ideas can be made in an hour or less, others take […]

Overcome Holiday Stress

Overcome Holiday Stress Episode 243 Overcome Holiday Stress? Who are you kidding? The holidays are meant to be stressful, disorganized overspending and gluttonous, right? Whether it is Christmas, New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving, or all the celebrations in between there is always room for improvement. Whether stress often appears to be the harsh reality there is a […]

Gifts Kids Can Make

Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make (and you actually want to keep! Episode 242 Do your kids want to make gifts? There are plenty of Christmas gifts kids can make that you will actually want to keep – really! I know, we’ve all received those wonderful heartfelt gifts that our children make, but they sit in […]

Creating Lasting Holiday Memories

Creating Lasting Holiday Memories Episode 241 Creating lasting holiday memories is easier than you think. Do you want to create that Norman Rockwell feeling when you think about Christmas? You know, everyone sitting around the table, smiling – clean and thankful. The children properly groomed and amazingly quiet, and the feeling that all is well in […]

Educational Play

Educational Play Episode 240 Educational play is a great tool to not only teach children but to encourage them to think. Children who think, create! Besides, let’s face it parents enjoy giving gifts that encourage learning. In this episode, we explore the criteria I use for purchasing educational gifts as well as the best and […]

Top 10 Kid Gifts

Top 10 Kid Gifts Episode 239 Here are the top 10 kid gifts that have made my list – and they are timeless. Some things on the list may surprise you. It is time to avoid the flashing lights in the stores and even online hype. What are the gifts that keep giving? What are […]

Last Minute DIY Entertainment Tips

Last Minute DIY Entertainment Tips Episode 238 In this episode, I share my favorite last minute DIY entertainment tips with you. The best thing? No matter if your kids are young, small or grown these ideas will work for all ages. Add your favorite beverage and you are all set to go…and it won’t break […]

Teaching Kids To Be Thankful Everyday

Teaching Kids To Be Thankful Everyday Episode 230 Many times in an attempt to shelter our children or prevent them from some of the hardships we experienced as children our children may become spoiled and have an entitlement mentality. In this episode, we discuss ways to encourage children to become thankful, not just in the […]

Teaching Kids True Meaning

Teaching Kids True Meaning of the Holidays Episode 237 Teaching kids the true meaning of the holidays? Why can’t you just let kids be kids? Does everything need a deeper meaning? I believe the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Just because you delve into the real meaning of Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter – it does […]

Top 50 Kid Friendly Movies

Top 50 Kid-Friendly Movies Episode 236 Does the rating have to be “G” to be a kid-friendly movie? In this episode I’ll discuss the way I decide if a movie will make it to our favorite movie list! Have you ever been upset to view a movie that is recommended by a friend only to […]

Thanksgiving Kids Crafts

Thanksgiving Kids Crafts Episode 235 Thanksgiving kids crafts are so much fun! I love crafts – especial holiday crafts like Thanksgiving crafts for kids. In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, I’ll share some great Thanksgiving crafts that are easy to make. So much fun and so decorative. Stack up on different colors of foam […]

Healthy Holiday Snacks

Healthy Holiday Snacks Episode 234 Healthy holiday snacks don’t necessarily taste well. And since when does healthy and snacks go together? In this podcast, I’ll share some great suggestions from some of my friends as well! Please share your favorite ideas and recipes with all of us.   Show Notes: Healthy Holiday Snacks When considering […]

Halloween Alternatives

Halloween Alternatives Episode 232 What to do? How about some Halloween alternatives to enjoy with your family? Do you love creating lasting memories with your kids? You are going to love these ideas in today’s podcast. Today we are focused on the upcoming holidays and without a doubt, Halloween causes controversy on both ends – […]

Teaching Kids Forgiveness

Teaching Kids Forgiveness Episode 231    In teaching kids forgiveness you are giving your children the tools or fundamentals of forgiveness but arguably one of the best gifts you can ever give them. Please help us out – Please help share this episode with your friends! And, please give this show a star rating on iTunes […]

Show Time With Kids

Show Time! Movie time with kids… Episode 229 Movies are so much fun, they are a form of adventure, escape and experience we might otherwise not have in life – in this podcast we’ll discuss encourage creativity in your children and making movie time special.   Kids love to put on shows, puppet show or even […]

Spiritual Retreat Alone

Spiritual Retreat Alone with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz Episode: As a young mom, Meredith yearned for a spiritual retreat alone, just her and God. When another mother offered to trade off days of babysitting so they could each spend the time running errands, Meredith decided to use that time to devise a retreat with […]

Teaching Kids To Give

Teaching Kids to Give – Episode 228 Giving – We want kids that are giving and loving. We want kids that are helpful. We want well-rounded kids, and we want to give our kids everything but we don’t want to spoil them – how is there a balance? We don’t want our children to have […]

Happy 4th Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday to the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network Usually, a birthday is celebrated with cake and cookies, or something sweet, right? Well, our “happy” 4th birthday is no different, however, the “sweetness” comes from a special giveaway – a cash prize. To sign up for your chances visit the giveaway here. Happy 4th birthday […]

Art of Kids Cooking

The Art of Kids Cooking Raddish Kids Creator – Meet Chef Samantha Barnes with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #225 Did you know cooking is an art? Did you know the art of kids cooking can be successful? Today, many people order food kits to prepare meals at home, now kids can learn to cook like a […]

15 Healthy Recipe Substitutions

15 Healthy Recipe Substitutions & Alternatives Episode 226 When I started to look at my favorite recipes I was shocked to see that most of them contained “bad-for-you” items.  I found 15 Healthy Recipe Substitutions after I began looking and testing alternative substitutes. I had two goals and one was health and the second is that […]

Cooking With Kids

Cooking With Kids with Felice Gerwitz Podcast # 224 Do you realize all the reading, math, science and advanced thinking skills are involved when cooking with kids? In this podcast, Felice discusses the long history of cooking in her family long before “farm to table” was fashionable. With a large family, cooking is something we do […]

Healthy Snacks

20 Healthy Snacks For Kids (or anyone!) with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #223 Snacks are not going away, so it’s time to begin eating healthy snacks. In this episode Felice shares some of her family favorites as well as her passion which is helping her children reach adulthood with a good basis in healthy eating. Eating healthy […]

Kids Eating Healthy

Kids Eating Healthy with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #222 Are your kid eating healthy? Most kids don’t and many parents believe that eating healthy is one of the hardest parts of parenting. Even those who only serve healthy foods find their kids gravitating to the sweets tables at birthday parties. What is a mom and dad […]

Erin Odom Author

Erin Odom, Author an interview with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #221 Today Felice Gerwitz interviews Erin Odom, author, and homeschool mom. She shares her family’s personal struggle.  Erin brings a unique message to bring hope to financially frustrated families in her new book. Erin Odom, author of Just Making It: Hope for the Heart of the […]

Refreshment For Moms

Refreshment For Moms with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz Refreshment for Moms? Is that possible? If you are you a mom-this show is for you! In this episode, Meredith and Felice discuss their take on refreshments for moms. Each shares several points on how to live a balanced life, to look at each crisis as […]

Authority, Discipline and Respect

Authority, Discipline, and Respect Podcast #219 Do you have authority to discipline your children and earn their respect? How can we successfully parent when our kids are not respectful and won’t follow our directions? That is a struggle many families confront no matter what time of the year. In this podcast episode, Felice Gerwitz tackles […]

Wellness Products 4 Life

Wellness Products 4 Life with Felice Gerwitz and interview with special guest, Nate Kievman Episode #218 I dislike taking any medication. Until I was introduced to wellness products from 4 Life. I feel great, energetic, and my health has never been better. In this episode we discuss protein shakes that are great for before and […]

Feel Better 4 Life

Feel Better 4 Life with Felice Gerwitz and special guest, Nate Kievman Podcast #217 Are you tired of feeling tired and sick? Do supplements work? It is time to feel better and I want to introduce you to 4 Life. It is hard to believe that about four years ago I was often so sick […]

Begin Your Homeschool With A Bang

Begin Your Homeschool Year with A Bang! with Felice Gerwitz Episode #216 It appears that as parents we have competition with the back to school crowd, you know your kids may have friends who are shopping for new clothes, back packs, lunch boxes and school supplies that their schools require. I know I’ve been asked […]

Essential Oils For Fitness

Essential Oils for Fitness with Felice Gerwitz Episode #215 Essential oils are important for fitness results. I am a perfect example, because of the increased benefits I’ve received. While exercise is a new addition on my to-do list, essential oils have enhanced my life and well-being for several years. It is amazing to think of […]

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