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The Best of the Past to Bless Future Generations

Just for homeschool moms. Vintage Homeschool Moms preserves the best of the past while blessing future generations with the fruit that comes from putting God first and using the experience as a teacher. Your host, Felice Gerwitz, is a Christian wife, mother, and educator-turned-homeschool-mom in 1986. She began homeschooling as a trial and never looked back.  Felice’s topics range from home education, child-rearing, enterprising moms, SAHM (Stay at Home Moms), WAHM (Work at Home Moms), and so much more.

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Vintage Homeschool Moms
Vintage Homeschool Moms
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Vintage Homeschool Moms Episodes

Math The Easy Way (Special Replay)

Are you ready for math the easy way? Enjoy my special guest Pat Murray – he’s been a math teacher and coach for more than thirty-six years.

Unlocking Learning Potential

Unlocking Learning Potential Begins Today ~ Episode 528 Are you ready to learn how to free your child from the grips of learning struggles and focus on unlocking learning potential? In this episode, Felice Gerwitz interviews special guest Dr. Tim Conway, Ph.D., and discusses NOW!® (the Neuro-development of Words), The Morris Center, and The Einstein […]

Soldier Lessons

Soldier Lessons ~ Just For Kids ~ Episode 493 | Special Replay What are soldier lessons? These are things we can learn from soldiers and apply to our lives. The military men and women are tough and become tough through training and the ideals of protecting others. They give of themselves for noble causes. In […]

Summer Fun On Shoestring Budget

Summer Fun On A Shoestring Budget ~ Episode 527 The summer is in full swing, and you have weeks left before school starts. How do you instill summer fun in the remaining months? What can you do to keep the children from fighting or saying those dreaded words, “I’m bored!” In this podcast, veteran homeschool […]

50 Summer Projects For Kids | Just for Kids Podcast

Here are so many fun ideas for summer, but what about 50 summer projects for kids? Summertime is a chance to learn new things.

Everyday Peacemakers

EverydayPeacemaker Are you a peacemaker? Recently I’ve been convicted that I need to aim toward that goal, in a focused way. As parents it is not always easy to have peace or to facilitate peace among our children or even our spouse. In this podcast, we explore the elements of peacemaking and show your children […]

Science Labs on a Budget

Science Labs on a Shoestring Budget Want to do science at home? Tried and true science labs are finally easy to do at home. With labs on a shoe-string budget, you will find the information you need to stock your science lab at home. What is contained in a tried and true science lab? All […]

Top Ten Time Savers

What are the time savers that can help you each day? How do you implement them in a life that is already overflowing with things to do, and people to see? Every mom has her best-kept secrets on productivity and getting things done, and in this podcast, Felice Gerwitz shares her top ten with you. […]

Fun Summer Project: Write A Book

Why write? It is fun, and what better fun summer project than to write a book. This is a just for kid’s episode but parents are invited!

Organization Hacks For The Busy Mom

Organization Hacks For The Busy Mom – In Five Minutes or Less ~ Episode 523 Ready for some organization hacks that can save you hours of time in just five minutes? In this podcast, Felice Gerwitz will share a proven method for reclaiming your time. The podcast may run a little longer than five minutes, […]

Best Graduation Gifts – Episode 82

Let’s Talk About The Best Graduation Gifts that Teens Really Want! With five children and a group of friends with many children, I’ve participated in my fair share of graduation celebrations in recent years. However, it was after really thinking about my own graduation and those of my children that I realized what children really desire […]

Summertime Healthy Snacks

Top Summertime Healthy Snacks Episode 279 Summertime Healthy snacks do not have to taste like cardboard or break the bank. In this episode, of Vintage Homeschool Moms, I will share some yummy snacks with you that are crowd pleasers and even the kids will love them–promise! There are so many healthy snacks that appeal to kids! […]

Successful Parenting ~ That Works!

Successful Parenting That Works ~ Episode 522 As parents, we want to be appreciated, but what does successful parenting look like? Are your goals met? Do you have goals, and where do you see your child in five, ten, or even fifteen years down the road? In this episode, we will look at some misconceptions […]

Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation Party Ideas On The Cheap We have graduation party ideas that are wonderful ways to include the entire family and the best news? They won’t break the bank. Enjoy this replay! with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis Episode 196 Graduation Party Ideas Here  Have you started your high school graduation party plans yet? No […]

Astronomical Events ~ Total Solar Eclipse

Astronomical Events and Homeschooling ~ Episode 521 Are you ready for an astronomical event, the total solar eclipse? Well, today (April 8, 2024) is the day if you are listening to this podcast in real time! It is a long-awaited event that has received a lot of press coverage. However, it is one among the […]

10 Things Your Child Must Know About the Origins Debate

Equip your kids to defend their Creation Position! 10 Must Know Points. Here she goes again! If you didn’t already know, Felice has a passion for teaching kids (and their parents) about the wonders of God’s Creation…but it goes one step further. Felice’s passion turned into a book series (selected by Cathy Duffy in her […]

Noah’s Flood ~ Fact or Fiction

Is the flood, the Biblical version of Noah’s Flood, fact or fiction? In this episode, Felice Gerwitz interviews Dr. Daniel Biddle, president of Genesis Apologetics, to dig deeper. Noah’s Ark & The Flood ~ Fact or Fiction Thanks to our sponsor, A Fanthom Presents Film – The Ark and The Darkness – Movie Trailer here: NoahsFlood […]

Special Replay: Easter Celebrations On The Cheap

Easter celebration on the cheap includes fun and easy ideas. Celebrating Easter on the cheap doesn’t mean skimping on our favorite time of the year, it means celebrating in style and saving money along the way.

Struggling with Teaching Math

Struggling with Math ~ Episode 519 Does your child struggle with math? How do you engage your children in a way that will not only keep their attention but allow for real learning to take place? My special guests are Sarah-Anne Fernandes and Trevor Dixon. Sarah-Anne is a leading UK Primary Maths Consultant who has worked […]

Easter Faith-Filled Family Activities

Let’s Talk About: Easter Faith-Filled Activities Podcast #125 with your host, Felice Gerwitz I like activities that teach and in this episode I will discuss some fun ways to teach deeper theological concepts to very small children, all while making memories that last a lifetime. Many links provided below from other blogs with printables! Show […]

What Happened to Family Values?

What Happened To Family Values? Episode 518 What has happened to family values? Many families are struggling to find quality content for their children. Join Felice Gerwitz and Kirk Cameron for this special episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms. Kirk shares some wonderful resources available for the family. Thanks to our sponsor, Harper Collins Christian, and […]

Being Frugal Is Not Enough ~ Money Lessons

Being Frugal is NOT Enough: Money Lessons ~ Episode 517 Money lessons include being frugal, but that’s really not enough. If you are interested in learning why living a financially responsible life is not automatically passed down to our kids? In this episode Felice Gerwitz interviews Charla McKinley our podcaster on It’s Not About Money Podcast […]

Family Health and Wellness – Medicine Cabinet

Family Health and Wellness – Life Hacks – Medicine Cabinet ~ Episode 516 Are you ready for some family health and wellness hacks? In this upcoming series, your host, Felice Gerwitz, is joined by her long-time friend and wellness coach, Sue Gross. It was Sue who introduced Felice to another Sue, many of you know, […]

Best Kept Secrets ~ Happy Marriage

Best Kept Secrets For A Happy Marriage ~ Episode 515 Today, we will tackle the topic of the keys to a happy marriage. I know that each of us has our own ideas of what makes us happy, but when you put two people into one home, all bets are off. In this episode of […]

Cup of Joy

Cup of Joy ~ Episode 516 with Karen Dwyer Do you need more JOY in your life? What is the Cup of Joy Women’s Ministry? In this podcast, Felice Gerwitz and Karen Dwyer discuss a simple method to bring peace and happiness into your home as well as help evangelize in your own home.  Visit […]

Freedom and Economics

How can you teach children the ideals of freedom and economics in a way they will remember? Join your host, Felice Gerwitz, and Daniel Harmon, the Creator and Showrunner of the Tuttle Twins TV Show. Freedom and Economics ~ Episode 513 How often do you get a chance to talk to the creator of a […]

Homeschool Curriculum Shopping Tips | Replay

Homeschool Curriculum Shopping Tips ~ Episode 333 | Special Replay Shopping for homeschool curriculum is never easy.  In this episode, we discuss must-know-tips for homeschool curriculum shopping and an insider’s available to homeschool podcast network subscribers.  Visit our sponsor — Media Angels and grab this special offer: Homeschool Calendars and Goal Setting Bundle!   Fast […]

Best Year Ever – Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse ~ And more. Episode 512  Every day is the best day, or it can be if you have the mindset that you are looking for miracles in your life. This year, a total solar eclipse is just one of the exciting things happening in your world. How can we keep the momentum […]

New Year – Relax and Refresh (Replay)

New Year Relax and Refresh –  Episode 388 The new year is a good time for a faith journey. It is time to take a deep breath and relax and refresh your life. With the new year around the corner now is the time to destress. In this episode, we will discuss how our plans […]

Christmas Preparation

Christmas Preparation – Episode 511 Last-minute Christmas preparation consists of more than hosting a gathering, buying presents, or decorating. It consists of getting your heart in the right place to enjoy the best Christmas ever! I have created many podcasts in the history of Vintage Homeschool Moms that deal with meal prep and party prep, […]

The Best Holiday Homeschooling Tips

The Best Holiday Homeschooling Tips ~ Episode 452 Join Felice Gerwitz and special guest, Lisa Nehring as they discuss the best holiday homeschooling tips. When things get crazy and you can not add one more thing to the schedule, Lisa comes to the rescue with great tips and planning. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, […]

Gifts Under Ten Dollars ~ For Christmas

Gifts Under Ten Dollars – For Christmas ~ Episode 510 Here are some great ideas for gifts under ten dollars. It helps those of us who are on a budget or buying for a crowd. Do you like finding a deal? In this episode, we will discuss purchasing gifts under ten dollars. It isn’t as […]

Top Ten Movies For Christmas

Top Ten Movies For Christmas ~ Episode 509 What movies make it to your top ten movies for Christmas? I wonder if our lists are similar. In this podcast, I will share my favorite movies and how I use them to teach deeper truths. As my children say, “Mom can make anything into school!” Hurry, […]

Last Minute Planning ~ For The Holidays

Last Minute Planning For The Holidays ~ Episode 508 Here we go; the holidays are upon us, and now is the time to fine-tune that list and get to the last-minute planning. I have a sure-fire way to keep you on track, and I will share this method with you on today’s episode! Thanks to […]

Hope and Thanksgiving, A Step in Faith

Let’s Talk About Hope and Thanksgiving with Felice Gerwitz Is there hope when you are devastated or have a loss? There is hope and thanksgiving joy, but it takes a choice. Have you felt like things were hopeless? Is there a time when you felt like the Lord was asking you to thank Him and […]

Homeschooling and The Holidays

Homeschooling And The Holidays ~ Episode 507 Yes, it is that time! Homeschooling and the holidays can be a joyous occasion, and with some quick tips, you can truly balance both. In this episode, Felice shares what worked for her family of very different children. And best of all, you can still include those events […]

Vintage HS Moms – De-Junking & Homeschool Organization

Let’s Talk About DeJunking & Homeschool Organization for the New Year Are you ready for a fresh start this coming new year? Want to know more about homeschool organization and decluttering?  But where do you start, and how do you avoid losing those important documents or treasured mementos along the way? Fear not, for Felice […]

Harvest Your Child’s Strengths

Harvest Your Child’s Strengths ~ For Any Age ~ Episode 506 Harvest time calls to mind many things, but this is a perfect time to work on your child’s strengths and develop them more fully. Each of us has gifts and things we do well. This podcast discusses how you can encourage your children to […]

Celebrate Fall Baking With Kids (replay)

I love to bake and there is nothing better than celebrating fall baking with the kids. Just thinking about the warm spicy scents of pumpkin, ginger, and more brings back the joys of creating memories with our kids.

Streamline Your Homeschool – Take Two

Streamline Your Homeschool Take 2 ~ Episode 505 Today, we will discuss how to streamline your homeschool – take two! There is so much to homeschooling because we do it in the home. There is almost no way to thrive as a homeschool parent unless you take time to plan. Media Angels, a company dedicated […]

200th Episode – Best Kept Organization Secrets

Best Kept Organization Secrets with Felice Gerwitz Welcome to the 200th Vintage Homeschool Mom’s Podcast! Today I host several guests who will stop by to say, “hi” to all of you, my listeners and share some of their organization secrets with you! I can’t believe I began podcasting on Vintage Homeschool Moms, in October of […]

Fall Learning Starts Now

Fall Learning Starts Now ~ Episode 504 When does fall learning start? It starts now. Before long, we will turn over the calendar (or swipe right or up) on a digital device and see that the holidays are approaching. We have a fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas…three in a row! What is a busy homeschool mom […]

Family Business and Entrepreneurs

Summer seems to be a good time to have fun, but it also is a great time to think about a business for the entire family. Are you ready, here are some great ideas to get you started.

Streamline Your Homeschool

Streamline Your Homeschool ~ Episode 503 How do you streamline your homeschool when you have so much to accomplish each year? With these three tips Felice Gerwitz will share with you in this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, it’s relatively easy! I so appreciate this week’s sponsor! Thank you to our sponsor, Route 60 – […]

Best Homeschool Scheduling Advice | Replay

Best Homeschool Scheduling Advice Episode 285 The Best homeschool scheduling advice I ever received actually came from my daughter. She said, “Mom if we are going to duplicate the school system then why homeschool?” With that in mind, I looked at the way I scheduled my homeschool year. I made time for those special events […]

How To Do It All In Your Homeschool

How To Do It All In Your Homeschool ~ Episode 502 Have you wondered how to get everything done in your homeschool day? How to do it all? In this episode, we discuss PBF, how to set priorities and boundaries, and leave time for what matters: family! Our Sponsor! I want to thank Route 60: A […]

Easy Way Curriculum Planning | Special Replay

Easy Way Curriculum Planning Special Replay | Episode 252, Easy Way Curriculum Planning Curriculum Planning The Easy Way? It never gets old, the feeling of excitement OR dread when you are planning your homeschool curriculum. What is curriculum? It is the books, and the methodology you will use to homeschool your children. I won’t go […]

Best Homeschool Tips

Best Homeschool Tips – Survey Response – Episode 501 Homeschooling can be a wonderful experience, and in this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, we discuss the best homeschool tips. We surveyed our listeners. Join me to find out what they advised. Thanks to our sponsor CTC Math. CTC is a highly rated math curriculum for […]

Dos and Don’ts of Buying Homeschool Curriculum

Dos and Don’ts of Buying Homeschool Curriculum Episode 334 In this episode, Meredith and Felice share their secrets to buying homeschool curriculum. Both homeschooled their five children (each) from K-12 and have now graduated their children. You will be blessed by this helpful episode. Homeschool Curriculum isn’t perfect but you can have a successful homeschool […]

Homeschool Do-Over

Homeschool Do-Over ~ 500th Episode! Do you wish you had a homeschool do-over? What would that look like? After over thirty-two years of homeschooling, there were many things I wish I had done differently. Join your host, Felice Gerwitz, as she celebrates her 500th Podcast Episode for Vintage Homeschool Moms. Don’t miss the special 500th […]

Replay | Mistakes Teaching Math

Mistakes Teaching Math – Episode 369 We all make mistakes teaching math but in this episode, we will learn that these can be overcome. Today’s guest is CTCMath and spokesperson Nadim El-Rahi. Thanks to our sponsor CTC Not being a great math student until I became a homeschool mom, I was interested in what […]

Intentional Conversations ~ These 16 Things

Intentional Conversations – These 16 Things – Episode 499 Do you have intentional conversations with your children? In this episode, Felice Gerwitz and special guest Brian Perry discuss the importance of introducing your children to the basics of family life and beyond. Will your child be prepared for the “real world?” Our guest today is […]

Back To Homeschool Lists | Replay

Let’s Talk About: Back to Homeschool Lists with Felice Gerwitz  Can you successfully homeschool easier with back-to homeschool lists? Of course, you can! Listen as Felice shares her aversion to lists, her New Year’s Resolution to make lists and USE them, and how it has helped her formulate a plan for going back to school […]

Prepare For Storms

Prepare For Storms – Episode 498 As parents, we prepare our kids for many things, but do we prepare our kids for storms? In an uncertain world, there is something we as parents can do to alleviate the fears and help our children cope with the unexpected and sometimes dangerous. Thanks to our sponsor […]

Summertime Making Family Memories | Replay

Summertime – Making Family Memories Episode 277, Making Family Memories Making family memories is one of the most important things you will ever do as a family. As homeschool parents, we naturally make memories with our children each day, but in this episode, we explore making positive memories! Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels. The […]

Prepare Your Kids – Rookie Rescuer

Prepare Your Kids ~ Rookie Rescuer: Episode 497 Are your kids prepared? Join us for the Rookie Rescuer interview with author and creator Firefighter Tommy Neiman and your host, Felice Gerwitz. The author of Rookie Rescuer shares his thoughts on homeschooling (he was a homeschool dad) as well as his newest project, and interactive workbook […]

Staycation Planning

If you are not sure how to plan a staycation, stay tuned – this episode is just for you! We will learn how to plan your staycation and enjoy the time with family and friends.

Homeschool Teaching Checklist | Replay

Let’s Talk About Your Homeschool Teaching Checklist! with your host Felice Gerwitz Do you have a Homeschool Teaching Checklist? It’s time to get personal. How are you doing? But you may be saying, “Hold on! We just started school.” And that’s why this podcast is soooooo important. Before the year gets away from you and […]

Blessings From Heaven

Blessings From Heaven ~ Episode 495 Do you have blessings from heaven? Our children are indeed blessings, but in our busy lives, it is hard to appreciate this fact. This podcast will look at ways to encourage and love our kids as God intended. Thanks to our sponsor, – check out their amazing math […]

Time Management For Parents | Replay

Time Management Parents Episode 412 There is hope! Are you ready for time management that will help you to reclaim your day and feel good at the end? Is this too good to be true? No, it is a reality, and if I can do it, you can as well. How does it happen? Well, […]

Relaxing Tips For Mom

Relaxing Tips For Mom ~ Episode 494 Do you have your favorite relaxing tips for mom? Or are you shaking your head and wondering where you will find the time to relax? In this podcast, I will share some quick tips to get in those relaxing minutes even when you struggle to find the time! […]

Special Replay | Mother’s Day Gifts

Please follow me on iTunes or your favorite cell phone app!   Mother’s Day Gifts, aka “What Mom Really Wants,” is the topic for today’s podcast. As a long-time mom – my first child was born in 1980 – I’ve had some experience *WINK* celebrating Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day has been a time of joy […]

Soldier Lessons

Soldier Lessons ~ Just For Kids ~ Episode 493 What are soldier lessons? These are things we can learn from soldiers and apply to our lives. The military men and women are tough and become tough through training and the ideals of protecting others. They give of themselves for noble causes. In this JUST for […]

Truth Seekers Mystery Series | Special Replay

Truth Seekers Mystery Series Episode  Join Felice Gerwitz as she interviews her co-author in the Truth Seeker’s Mystery Series, Christina (Gerwitz) Moss. Christina shares her homeschool experience and how the series evolved from an idea to three books in the series. Thanks to our sponsor, – we are pleased for their continued excellence in education and […]

Faith and Homeschooling

Faith and Homeschooling Episode # 262 Faith and homeschooling, how do these two things work together? Is faith and homeschooling a part of your life, or are faith and homeschooling compartmentalized? In this episode, we explore why our faith should be an integral part of our homeschool day and integrated into our lives. Our children […]

Moms Fill Up Your Tank

Moms Fill UP Your Tank ~ Episode 492 When moms are empty, there is nothing to give; in this episode, we discuss how to fill up your tank so that you can pour out the best to your family. Join Felice as she shares her struggles and victories as a busy mom, business owner, and […]

Homeschool Secret Weapon

Homeschool Secret Weapon ~ Episode 491 The homeschool secret weapon is not the perfect curriculum, perfectly run home, or peaceful household. While all of those things are great, the true secret lies in the little-known information, and once you get it right, the rest falls into place. Join veteran homeschooling mom Felice Gerwitz as she […]

Special Replay | Easter Traditions

What are those special Easter Traditions you share as a family? In this episode, with Felice Gerwitz and Crystal Niehoff, you will learn that many Christian families have a diversity of ideas on how to celebrate this holiest day of our Lord’s resurrection.

Homeschooling Secrets

Homeschooling Secrets ~ Episode 490 There are secrets, and then there are homeschooling secrets that you should know. This podcast is not for the faint-hearted! Here we will discuss the truth that, as the Scriptures say, will set you free! This podcast is brought to you by Felice Gerwitz, who will share her top tips […]

Special Replay | Top 10 Faith Building Activities

Faith Building Activities Episode 325 Having fun and learning while teaching the faith, yes! Faith-building activities are discussed, as well as ways to help your children see the spiritual connection between faith and the Bible. So, we all want to help our children grow in the Lord; in fact, the Scriptures tell us this Proverbs […]

Family Bonding Time

Family Bonding Time ~ Episode 489 How can you create that special family bonding time when everyone has different schedules? In this podcast, Felice shares some ways that are more than playing games together. Check out and the wonderful books and products on the website. Check out the Character Planners that are geared for […]

Special Replay | Best Ways To Nurture Relationships With Your Child

Let’s Talk About the Best Ways To Nurture Relationships With Your Child Special Replay | Podcast # 157 The experts are in the house! We will learn about the best ways to nurture relationships with your child! S Whether you have one child or multiple children, we all want a good relationship with our kids. […]

Strengthening Marital Bonds

Strengthening Marital Bonds ~ Episode 488 No one ever said marriage was easy, but strengthening your marital bonds is so worth it! In this episode, Felice shares tips for those who are struggling as well as those who want to make their marriage stronger. Visit and check out the book, “One More Child” available […]

Special Replay | Loving Your Spouse

Loving Your Spouse Before we jump in to talk about Loving Your Spouse, be sure to grab our February Organize It! Planner! Let’s Talk About: Loving Your Spouse – Podcast #121 How do you love your spouse when you don’t feel like it or don’t want to? For some, it does not come easily. My […]

Building Relationships With Kids

Building Relationships with Kids | As our children grow older, building relationships with kids may be the last thing on your list. Is this a good thing for your family or for your child’s future family?

Special Replay | Best Homeschool Planning Tips

Special Replay | Best Homeschool Planning Tips Episode #214 The best homeschool planning tips are the ones we often forget. With this simple outline, your year will begin with a great start! Often, we get laser-focused on school and forget we have a life. We are so excited we have our books – our schedule […]

Homeschool Pitfalls

Homeschool Pitfalls and Help ~ Episode 486 Homeschooling is the right choice, but how do you avoid the homeschool pitfalls that will sabotage your success? In this podcast, veteran homeschool mom Felice Gerwitz shares her thirty-two years of experience with you! Visit the Media Angels website for books, and bundles, especially the self-paced set, “How-to-Homeschool […]

Homeschool Help 101

Let’s Talk About Homeschool Help 101 with Felice Gerwitz Do you need homeschooling help? What about homeschooling help 101 – the nuts of bolts of what to do when you don’t know what to do? Some people decide to tackle homeschooling on a whim, or for others, it may take days of research, weeks, or […]

Begin Homeschooling

Begin Homeschooling ~ Episode 485 Begin homeschooling for the first time or consider it for the future, but there is no time like the present to discuss the joys of homeschooling. In this podcast, Felice Gerwitz, veteran homeschool mom of over thirty years, shares her insider tips. Check out the great books and classes on […]

Special Replay | Goals and Solutions For A Really Happy New Year

Let’s Talk About Your Goals and Solutions For A Really Happy New Year with your host, Felice Gerwitz *Replay of Podcast 114*   Goals and Solutions For a Really Happy New Year – Show Notes: Your personal goals Family goals Household goals Goals for change Goals for growth Be sure and check out the 12-Month […]

Christmas Final Touches

Christmas Final Touches ~ Episode 484 The countdown is on with Christmas right around the corner, now is the time for Christmas final touches. It’s time to enlist your family, extended family, and even your friends. In this podcast, Felice Gerwitz will share some last-minute ideas with you. If you are on our email list, […]

Great Gifts Kids Can Make

Great Gifts Kids Can Make – Special Replay Are you ready for the just for kids series? Here are some great gifts kids can make! And for cheap. The holidays are coming soon and you may be thinking about what to buy people in your family. Well, it is time to think about this and […]

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Last Minute Christmas Gifts ~ Episode 483 hat do you do for that hard to buy for person? How about some great last minute Christmas gifts? Over the years I have a list of great things to help you without much planning or spending lots of money! I have found that personal gifts are difficult […]

Special Replay | Ultimate Holiday Checklist Advice

Ultimate Holiday Checklist Advice & Homeschooling Episode 379 with Janice Campbell Are you ready for the holidays? Here is holiday checklist advice from two homeschool veterans, Felice Gerwitz and Janice Campbell. Both have homeschooled during the holidays for many years and have much to share with you! Visit my special guest’s website! Get to know […]

Last Minute Thanksgiving Treats

Last Minute Thanksgiving Treats ~ Episode 482 With Thanksgiving just around the corner here are some last-minute Thanksgiving treats sure to please. The key is ease, things you may already have on hand, and ideas that won’t be too costly. In this podcast, Felice shares her best-kept secrets with you! Visit for wonderful novels […]

Special Replay: Thanksgiving Kids Crafts

Thanksgiving Kids Crafts Episode 235 Thanksgiving kid’s crafts are so much fun! I love crafts – especially holiday crafts like Thanksgiving crafts for kids. In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, I’ll share some great Thanksgiving crafts that are easy to make. So much fun and so decorative. Stack up on different colors of foam […]

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving – Just For Kids ~ Episode 481 Are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year? I’m sure you and your family have special holiday traditions but in this podcast, I am talking about thanksgiving in that you are thankful. That you have an “attitude of gratitude.”  And, not just for all the good things. Join […]

Special Replay: Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween

  Let’s Talk About – Halloween… “Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween” with Felice Gerwitz In this podcast, I share why I don’t celebrate Halloween and why my kids never felt left out! Celebrations come in all shapes and sizes. Celebrations from Easter to Thanksgiving to Christmas … and then there is Halloween. In this podcast, […]

Holidays with Kids Limit Stress

Holidays with Kids – Limit The Stress! Episode 480 How about a stress-free day? Holidays with kids do not need to cause additional stress! Learn how to minimize the drama and enjoy the day. In this podcast, Felice shares her twenty-plus years of hosting holiday events for her family, extended family, and friends. Preparation is […]

Special Replay: Halloween Alternatives

Special Replay! Halloween Alternatives Episode 232 What to do? How about some Halloween alternatives to enjoy with your family? Do you love creating lasting memories with your kids? You are going to love these ideas in today’s podcast. Today we are focused on the upcoming holidays, and without a doubt, Halloween causes controversy on both […]

Celebrate Fall Baking With Kids

I love to bake and there is nothing better than celebrating fall baking with the kids. Just thinking about the warm spicy scents of pumpkin, ginger, and more brings back the joys of creating memories with our kids.

Special Replay: Stress Free Fall Activities for Kids

Stress-Free Fall Activities for Kids Episode 300 There are so many stress-free activities for kids that I’m happy to share with you some suggestions for examining the stress in your life and ways to combat this. On the show notes page, I have a previous podcast on asking yourself ten questions to examine where the […]

Homeschool Difference

Homeschool Difference ~ Episode 478 What is the homeschool difference? It is truly glaring when you compare it to public or even private education. With lofty goals public education has failed children, again and again, having become agenda-driven. What is a parent to do? Look at the alternative which is homeschooling and reap the rewards […]

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips ~ Special Replay I love field trips and especially ones that are money-saving, and virtual field trips fit both categories. Fun field trips from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to our Sponsor – Media Angels Membership – with the Virtual Field Trips Study Guide as part of the basic membership. […]

Adventures in Homeschooling

Adventures in Homeschooling ~ Episode 477 When is an adventure really an adventure? When it begins with adventures in homeschooling. In this podcast, we will discuss how to make an ordinary day into an extraordinary, memorable event for your family. Learning is fun and can be totally captivating with the right tools and that being […]

Homeschool Focus

Homeschool Focus – Creating Memories ~ Episode 476 What is your homeschool focus? If it is not creating memories the children won’t remember what they learned. Sure learning is not always fun and games but there is a time to add a fun element to your homeschool day, and guess what? They won’t even know […]

Stress Free Field Trip Tips

In this episode, we will tackle so tried and true techniques to make stressful field trips a thing of the past.

Special Replay: Back to School When You Feel Like a Homeschool Failure with Melanie Young

Back to school when you feel like a homeschool failure? Want practice advice? Melanie Young, author, speaker and podcaster has it!

Homeschool Head Start – Military Families

How do homeschool military families do it? Even if you are not a military family, do you want to give your child a head start?

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