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What does homeschooling mean to you? I’m not talking about the method or curriculum. I’m talking about the deeper meaning, the reason you get out of bed in the morning and instead of packing the kids off to a traditional school, gather them around the table for breakfast.

Homeschool Lifestyle ~ Episode 1

Join your speaker, Felice Gerwitz, a homeschool mom since 1986 who wasn’t sold on the idea until she tried it!

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Show Notes

This is a production of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. Welcome to the Vintage Homeschool Mom Show. Be sure to check out my website, Media Angels. 

Welcome to all of you who are listening today. My name is Felice Gerwitz, and I am your Vintage Homeschool Mom Show host. I am so excited to be coming to you live from my little studio at home. I am a homeschool mom. I’ve been homeschooling since 1986, and I am married. I call him my best friend, Jeffrey. We’ve been married since 1979; it has been such a journey and blessing! 

This is our first show 0n the Vintage Home School Moms podcast! I am the founder of Media Angels, Inc., a publishing company. I publish curriculum, self-paced seminars, and webinars. (At the time of this recording, the Ultimate Homeschool Expo was live. Now, it’s available as packaged sets with various themes on the

My heart is for homeschooling. I started as an educator, and when I married Jeff, we moved to beautiful Southwest Florida. I was planning on teaching and changing the world somehow through the educational system. I never considered homeschooling. And so here I am, many years later! I began homeschooling in 1986. I’ve homeschooled five children through the years.

At the time of this recording, Two are graduated and adults. And I’m still homeschooling three more. One of my co-hosts, Meredith Curtis, will share a show with me every month on the first Monday of the month; Meredith and I will co-host a show here at Vintage. It is lunch with Meredith and Felice. Meredith also has her own show on this network. And Meredith switched the tables and interviewed me. You can listen to this interview here. 

Here is a great Lunch with Meredith & Felice talk on curriculum.

I consider myself a veteran homeschool mom since I have homeschooled my children since 1986. And I laughingly like to say I’ve been homeschooling since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. And my kids say, that sounds dumb, but that’s how I feel. Sometimes.

Homeschooling Changed Through the Years: here

My youngest is thirteen, and he has the advantage of my experience because my homeschooling started changing as I progressed through the years.  I wanted to share some key points with you today. Being the teacher that I am, I want to start this podcast with a simple test! I’ll call it the “Unofficial Vintage Homeschool Moms Test.” If you’re listening to this in the archives, the handouts are available on our show notes page. Look for Homeschool Lifestyles, Episode 1 under Vintage Homeschool

What is homeschooling? It is a lifestyle it is what I do but not who I am.

As I read through the questions on my “test,” answer “yes” or “no.” 

Listen to the audio for test questions, or use the link above to download your copy!

Do the test and score it. All you have to do is tally the number of yes and no.

I have, you know, a slightly vested interest in the scoring here. So, I will share that with you at the very end of the broadcast. So just stay with me. Okay. So we are talking about homeschooling and whether it is a lifestyle or if you consider it a job. And I think I came from an educational background, especially when I first started. 

More on the audio.

Thanks for tuning in to the Vintage Homeschool Mom show. Connect with Felice on social media and her Facebook Groups page here.





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