A year-round virtual curriculum fair

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A year-round virtual curriculum fair for homeschoolers

93: A year-round virtual curriculum fair

Our guest in this episode is Heather Bowen from Mom for All Seasons and in this interview you can learn about the year-round virtual curriculum fair she has created.

This virtual curriculum fair allows you to find curricula based on age, subject, type of curriculum, and worldview. It is very easy to narrow down your search to find a number of options that fit the criteria you specify. Each week all the special offers from vendors are listed on the main page.

The website is Top Picks Homeschool Curriculum Fair and there is a companion Facebook group that hosts giveaways, Facebook parties, workshops etc. It is also a place you can ask questions and get answers from fellow homeschoolers and the vendors.

Both the website and the Facebook group are free for attendees.

Show sponsor FundaFunda Academy is one of the over 100 vendors you will find at this virtual curriculum fair. Other vendors include Apologia, Sonlight, Grammar Galaxy, Media Angels, and Math Mammoth. So you will find many old favorites AND find many new exciting vendors.

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A free year-round virtual curriculum fair for homeschoolers

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