Virtual Field Trips

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Virtual Field Trips

71: Virtual Field Trips

In this episode, I talk to Jayda Justus, aka The History Mom about virtual field trips.

Jayda is a writer and blogger at The History Mom, where she reviews historical sites and
experiences for families. These reviews provide helpful tips and reading lists to enhance visits
for children and families and encourage parents to make history sightseeing part of their

Show sponsor FundaFunda Academy incorporates virtual field trips into their online high school US History class as well as their history web-based unit studies for 4th – 8th grade.

Favorite places to go virtually

State-run entities:

Historic Homes:


Presidential Sites/Libraries:

National Park Service:




You can find more ideas in this guest blog post by Jayda on this guest post on TechSavvy Homeschool blog.

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Virtual Field Trips

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