Easy Ways To Teach Vocabulary

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Hey homeschoolers!

Does your child have a good vocabulary? If you aren’t confident of that, you’ll want to listen to this episode where I will explain why our children’s vocabularies are vitally important. I’ll also give you some simple strategies for improving their vocabulary. That’s next. But first I’d like to thank my sponsor, BookShark.

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Amber Reed Davis, a busy homeschool mom, says, 

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Amber is right! BookShark’s fully planned, 4-day homeschool curriculum flexes to match your busy lifestyle. The detailed Instructor’s Guides lay everything out so clearly that you are prepared to teach in mere minutes each day—open your guide, gather your resources (which are all included in your package), and go! Curriculum for ages 4-16 is available in All-Subject Packages or by individual academic areas: Reading with History, Language Arts, Science, and Math. WithBookShark’s literature-rich programs, your children will read (or have read to them) 35-50 engaging books each year! Visit BookShark to browse curriculum, download samples, or request a catalog.

Resources for Teaching Vocabulary

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The Ultimate Guide to Free Vocabulary Games

The Ultimate Guide to Language Arts Board Games


Alexa Word-of-the-Day Flash Briefing

Great Homeschool Conventions 

Grammar Galaxy samples

English from the Roots Up and SAT cartoons

Do you have another unassailable (that means foolproof) way of beefing up your child’s vocabulary? Comment on the show notes and let me know.

I will be back next week with how to make grammar fun. Have a happy homeschool week!

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