We are ONE Year Old!

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

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CelebrateUHRN_WeekTwoThe amazing things about birthdays is that a celebration accompanies most, and this network is no different.

Our birthday celebration includes giveaways – we are:

***Giving away an iPad Mini (we gave away one for our show launch as well). Giveway is over – but please sign up for our ezine and you will never miss another one…

***Gave away, Twenty-one of the top podcasts from each one of our show hosts – the link is sent to our subscribers! Sign up today to get yours.

***Google Hangout with some of our show hosts here on November 5th at 3:00 PM ET — The topic is The BEST Homeschooling Tips Ever! From a few of our show hosts including Hal and Melanie Young (Making Family Life Practical), Andy Fletcher (representing Andy & Kendra’s HomeschoolingIRL show), LaToya Edwards (Mommy Jammies Night & From Broken to Blessed), and Me (Felice Gerwitz – [Vintage Homeschool Moms, Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show, Current Issues and the Constitution).


So… An idea grew from a desire to serve homeschool families and a handful of podcasts became 21 different shows! You will find something to enjoy!

Our shows are as diverse as the show hosts that create them. Everything from the practical to the zany. We teach to our hearts content and address issues that matter most, to you.

However, this podcast network would be nothing without you, our listeners. So to all of you, a heartfelt thank you! It is because of you, your dedication, your friendship and most of all your prayers that we are able to continue after ONE year! Please accept our thanks and our continued support of your families and your homeschool endeavors.

And – we thought what better time than our One Year Birthday to have a video about our network with snippets from the show hosts. This short video will give you a flavor of all 21 Podcasts and counting.

For a quick overview on how to follow your favorite podcasts:

1. Go to the home page and click on the show button

2. Follow the show’s feed (RSS) or on iTunes – click the button and the “teckie” part does the rest!

3. Listen to the shows automatically as the new ones are ready.

4. Follow the show calendar online for upcoming shows.

5. Sign up for the weekly eZine to receive details on upcoming shows and fun downloads and giveaways weekly.

And… we want to hear from you!  What shows would you like to have us record? Let us know.


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