Weight Loss on Vacation

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weight loss on vacation


Let’s Talk about Weight Loss On Vacation! with Felice Gerwitz

Of all the things you could lose on vacation, weight may not be one of them … however, in this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice shares some ways she has come back five and even ten pounds lighter. You won’t want to miss this! And – share it with a friend.

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Show Notes:

  • Fill your day with activities –
  • Walking
  • Bike riding
  • Eat local foods
  • Share desert don’t order your own
  • Savor every bite!! Eat slowly
  • Share your meals
  • Don’t eat fast food 
  • Eat a big meal earlier in the day – snack for dinner if you are hungry
  • Order baked – broiled or grilled foods
  • Healthy snacks –
  • Pack healthy snacks for family:
  • Single servings 
  • Trail mix or nuts/etc. 
  • Rice cakes – or similar
  • Snack bars high in proteins 


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