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wellness products 4 lifeWellness Products 4 Life with Felice Gerwitz and interview with special guest, Nate Kievman

Episode #218

I dislike taking any medication. Until I was introduced to wellness products from 4 Life. I feel great, energetic, and my health has never been better. In this episode we discuss protein shakes that are great for before and after exercise. If you are interested in taking your exercise up a few notches these products may be something you want to add to your regime.

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Show Notes: Wellness Products For Life

Recently I learned one of my homeschool friend’s father was ill and her brother, a board certified doctor had recommended the 4Life products for her father’s health. What an additional confirmation that the products are helpful and that even a doctor recommends them!

  1. Wellness aspect – we can’t eat everything we need for good nutrition. However a healthy diet is important.
  2. My journey to wellness has been a few years in the process.
  3. Protein powders and exercise.
  4. Favorite protein shakes. Shakes for breakfast.
  5. Family wellness – focus.
  6. Exercise, eating right and adding the right supplements.

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