We’re Not Raising Children, We’re Raising Grown Ups (Part 1)

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Are homeschool parents guilty of micro managing our teenagers or being helicopter parents?

Carol Topp shares a workshop she presented at the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati last year in this episode of the Dollars and Sense Show titled, “Were Not Raising Children, We’re Raising Grown Ups.”

Carol discusses the dilemma in society today of sheltering our children too much and for too long so that they are ill equipped for adult life.


Carol mentioned a handout. Get your copy here


Book recommendations mentioned in the podcast

The Self-Propelled Advantage Joanne Calderwood

Parenting for the Launch Dennis Trittin

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother Amy Chua

Setting The Records Straight Lee Binz, TheHomeScholar.com

Phil Vischer podcast at PhilVischer.com

In Part 2 of this podcast Carol topics your teenagers need know, but are rarely covered in a textbook, such as: career choice, money management and living independently. She will share tips on how to impart important lessons in a natural way and share resources to help you raise a grown up!

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