What are Sarcodes?

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What are sarcodes and how are they used in Homeopathy?  Find out on this informative podcast!  #homeopathy #alternativemedicineWhat are sarcodes and how how are they used in Homeopathy?  Sarcode therapy is most often used as an adjunct for supporting bodily functions during the healing of a chronic disease.

It is always recommended that a full Chronic Homeopathic case be taken in order to find the best remedy (Simillimum) to fit the needs of the patient.

In this week’s episode, Sue Meyer talks about how the use of Sarcodes can be a very gentle and helpful way to trigger the body to re-balance.

Mentioned in the episode:

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Homeopathy for Mommies
Homeopathy for Mommies
Sue Meyer

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  1. I’m newer to homeopathy, and I wish I would have known about it sooner. However, I am concerned about how the tissues for these sarcodes are sourced. Any insight? TIA.

    • Hi Alisa, Sarcodes are really something that should be used through a homeopath, they can get the best source of the sarcode remedies and answer your questions relating to why these remedies would be appropriate for your individualized case.

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