What Are Superfoods and Why You Should Eat Them

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Join Julie Polanco on this episode of Crunchy Christian Podcast as she discusses what are superfoods and why you should eat them.Join Julie Polanco on this episode of Crunchy Christian Podcast as she discusses what are superfoods and why you should eat them.

What are superfoods?
Most of the time when we hear about superfoods, we automatically think of expensive powders and shakes. But, God gave us fruits, vegetables, and animal sources that are naturally packed with nutrition. We don’t need to wonder about what are superfoods, as if they were somehow special. Every region has some sort of super nutritious food that, if eaten regularly, offers us optimal health. Generally, superfoods are not grains, although there are exceptions such as chia seeds. And, they are not necessarily expensive, either. Some of the most nutritious food happens to be the cheapest! Let’s explore what are superfoods you might find at this time of year.

Sources of superfoods
On the podcast, Julie discusses what are superfoods that grown seasonally in the northern regions, with a few exceptions. She mentions some of the nutritional content and preparation methods, too. These include Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, blueberries, butternut squash, and kale. Other superfoods sources include avocado, lemons, and matcha green tea.

What are superfoods benefits?
The major benefits of superfoods are the fact that they are loaded with more than one vitamin or mineral source. For example, a superfood would have benefits of anti-inflammatory components as well as being full of various vitamins. This means, if you have a busy schedule, or you need as much nutrient benefit from a food with as little calories, then superfoods are ideal. An example of this would be if you were eating five different fruits and vegetables as well as taking supplements to get everything you need in a day. A superfood, or a few superfoods, could replace all of these foods and supplements and give you a more concise diet plan with fewer calories.

Signs That You Need More Superfoods
How do you know if you need to get more superfoods in your diet? Listen to your body. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Try superfoods before turning to medication and see if your symptoms improve. If not, then you may need to seek medical attention. But, think of superfoods as a first line of defense. Check out what are superfoods that specifically help with those symptoms.
Bloating is one of the first signs that something may not be right with your body. It is also a sign that you should turn to superfoods as a first resort to help reduce the bloat and the pain that it may be causing. There could be any number of reasons for this issue, but regardless of the core reason you can help it with the use of superfoods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and other fermented options. The fermentation of the foods acts as a probiotic that can break up toxins and other issues in the gut and help reduce the bloat.
A loss of energy is nothing new to most people. However, if that fatigue is chronic and ongoing you may be dealing with a sign that you need superfoods to boost your body and your system. Some of the superfoods that help with fatigue that is not caused by exercise or some other obvious source are pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, watermelon, and bananas. All of these deliver key ingredients that the body can use to transfer into energy making substances in the body and help with colon, intestine, and gut health.
Ongoing Upset Stomach
When you have an upset stomach, it could be because of something you ate or drank. It could also be the start of becoming sick or some other obvious reason. The problem comes in when your body starts to give you signs that the ongoing upset stomach is a real issue that is not going away. One of the first things you can do is try a gut health superfood. Ginger is at the top of the list because it not only helps purge toxins from your system, it can also help repair issues in your stomach such as ulcers and it can help you with digestion. You can also try Greek yogurt or regular yogurt for the probiotics to help ease your stomach and give it good enzymes as well.
Remember that this is not medical advice. If your symptoms continue even after you make dietary changes, seek advice from a licensed healthcare provider.

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