Special Replay: What If I Think My Child Needs a Diagnosis?

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What if I think My Child Needs a Diagnosis?Special Replay from Kathy Lee!  I have the coolest friends. Sometimes I forget that they are even more amazing in their careers. This is the case with my friend, Lei Rhyne. Not only did she homeschool her kiddos fro several years, is beautiful and funny, she is also a psychometrist… say that three times fast. When she mentioned to me that she helped families who saw their children struggling, I wanted to know more.

Lei Rhyne, psychometrist - What if I think my child needs a diagnosis?

In this episode Lei shares the full process involved of having your child tested and diagnosed, putting your fears to rest. She explains the first meeting with the Psychologist, the fact-finding mission that usually involves a couple of days of testing and observations and the results meeting with both the Psychometrist and Psychologist.

Lei Rhyne

I think one of the best parts about getting a diagnosis from Lei her team at Fresh Start Mind is the fact that in the end, parents will be armed with the information and tools needed to help their child succeed emotionally, socially, and academically.

If suspected that something is not quite right with your child socially, emotionally or academically, you should consider giving Lei or another qualified educational consulting team a call.

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