What is CEASE Therapy?

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What is CEASE Therapy? with Sue Meyer from Homeopathy for MommiesIn this episode, Sue Meyer talks about the CEASE Therapy,  which stands for Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression.  The treatment of autistic children and even adults has become very common place in the homeopathic world, and is called CEASE Therapy. Step by step all causative factors (vaccines, regular medication, environmental toxic exposures, effects of illness, etc.) are detoxified with the homeopathically prepared, that is diluted and potentized substances, that caused the autism.  Yes, a very effective way to treat autism with amazing results!

Sue has recently been awarded her CEASE Therapist Certificate and is very excited to share her experiences.

Tune in to listen to this podcast to learn about this fascinating therapy that is helping so many.

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  1. Find out more about CEASE Therapy link does not work and I cannot find you on Facebook. Can I still get information from you?

  2. Masood Jaji says

    I’ve some months ago removed all 15 amalgam mercury fillings and have read somewhere that Cease Therapy would be a good Protocol to rid body of stored mercury.
    I’m wondering if I could possibly get a list of homeopathic remedies this involves and how to go about taking it.
    I don’t have the money to see a Cease Himeopath since all my money went to paying for removals if filling etc.
    Could you possibly do a podcast on Mercury silver fillings and homeopathic remedies that could help heal after removal please.

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