What Military Families Need to Know about Accreditation and Homeschooling

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This week Crystal answers the question, "Is an accredited program needed?" and talks about what accreditation is and what it means for homeschooling military families. #podcast #homeschoolpodcastEpisode #26- Many families come to homeschooling from the public school system and believe that an accredited program is needed. But is it really? Today, let’s talk about what accreditation is and what it means for homeschooling military families.

Do you need to have your child enrolled in an accredited educational program?

Generally, the answer is no. No U.S. state requires any homeschooling curriculum, program, or diploma to be accredited. There are some exceptions that exist in the form of homeschoolers that return to public school or utilize an institution-guided program where educational material is provided to the parent by a licensed educator. However, over the past several decades, it has become increasingly easier for homeschool graduates to gain acceptance into colleges and universities, as they have a wide variety of qualifications to evaluate for student admission. Thus, having an accredited diploma is typically no longer required.

What does accreditation mean?

 Accreditation means that an outside accreditation agency reviews a school and then certifies and continues to oversee that the school meets a certain set of standards and expectations. There must be periodic reviews and renewals in order to qualify as accredited. Many times, these programs are more like public school at home rather than actual homeschooling. Additionally, it’s important to note here that only academic institutions can be accredited. Homeschool curricula cannot.

Listen in to this episode as Crystal lists both the pros and cons for you to consider when deciding if an accredited educational program is right for your child.


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