What To Do About Sibling Relationships? – HIRL Episode 53

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Free homeschool podcast discussing sibling rivalry.We received a message on the HomeschoolingIRL Facebook page that said, “Please, please, please do an episode on siblings fighting. Thanks!”

Sibling relationships. Sibling rivalries. Siblings fighting. We put out the question to our listeners and they responded with story after story of siblings who know how to tease, fight and use sarcasm like professionals.

On this episode, we dig into the topic of parenting through sibling relationships in your homeschool. Fletch and Kendra open up about their own family and share practical advice for handling those tricky, sticky moments when brothers and sisters want to be anything but best friends. We also announce our coffee contest winner and we each answer the question: “What Ben/Jerry’s ice cream flavor would you create and what would you call it?”


1:00 – Introduction
2:40 – Letter from Listener 1
5:04 – Letter from Listener 2
7:04 – Sibling rivalry intro
12:00 – Siblings who are Introverts/Extroverts
14:16 – Two boys battling all the time
18:17 – Coffee Contest Winner/Bonus Question for Fletch/Kendra
23:45 – Siblings fighting for attention
25:00 – Creating space for your kids
26:00 – Sarcasm among siblings
27:30 – Boys fighting
29:39 – Help me! I’m nagging
33:35 – Closing thoughts


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“George Street Shuffle” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Three Little Birds, Ziggy Marley (Click on link to purchase)

Pick A Little/Talk A Little, The Music Man (Click on link to purchase)

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