When God Sends Us Surprises

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This year we were not planning a vacation, far from it! This was my daughter’s year to try-out for the All-Star Softball Team. Both of her brothers had been selected in years past, the youngest Michael for five years running. This was Anne’s year. So, she practiced, played games and tried out. She soon learned she had made not one but two teams, the Senior League as well as the “Big” League. Anne opted to play for the Senior League as the girls were closer to her age. Little did we know that she’d not only go on to compete well, but her team won the Southeast Regional Tournament! So, what did that mean? The Softball World Series would be held in Delaware and the quandary was … should we go?

Miracle # 1: The girls won the SE Regional Tournament


The girl’s tickets and accommodations were paid for by the league, and the perks they received were amazing! World Series jackets, uniforms and even bats for the team! Anne would fly there all expenses paid, stay at a hotel with her friends that was heavily chaperoned. The idea was the girls could get their rest and eat good meals. I’m not sure about the “rest” part – but Anne said the food wasn’t that bad. Team bonding was the focus of this experience.

Miracle #2: Anne’s expenses were paid.

We wanted to go and support our daughter, but how could we? The tournament was won on a Wednesday night and the first game was played on Sunday evening that same week. Last minute plane tickets for four of us would be in the thousands, not to mention food and hotel costs. But the Lord had bigger plans. All the work my husband had lined up for the week was falling through or postponed. However, he completed a last minute remodel job that came up unexpectedly, and paid much more than our trip would cost, if we drove and stayed at a hotel. What a blessing! This meant the two boys could come with us and it would be a family event to remember.

Miracle #3: Money came at the right time.

I have not felt well in a long time and the idea of a 17+ hour drive did not appeal to me in the least. However, at the encouragement of some dear friends about this being a chance in a lifetime to see our daughter play in the Softball World Series (the top team’s games were aired on ESPN!) – I agreed it was worth the trip. I have to say that the trip allowed me to rest in a way I could not at home, and I felt 99% better on my return trip than I did on the way there.

Miracle #4: The rest helped me to get well.

And the Lord knows how to perk up a trip! A couple of years ago, another friend introduced my children to the Krispy Kreme stores that make the donuts fresh. My kids LOVE these donuts (in fact Anne says she wants to own a franchise when she gets older). We don’t have any shops nearby where we live. So, what do we find on the way to the hotel near the end of our trip? Why a Krispy Kreme store that we passed and yes, we asked Dad to turn around! Of course had to visit the same store on our way back home. This made my boys trip – and note to self, buy more than one dozen which I don’t think even lasted an hour! Michael was happy to pose and send his sister a picture since she wasn’t with us.

Miracle #5: The Lord blesses the boys!



And, as if that wasn’t enough my dear friend, Maggie Hogan (creative director of Bright Ideas, Press) drove almost two hours one way to see us, and Anne play! We had a wonderful lunch at a fabulous pizza place with Maggie and her husband, Bob. Then, my sister-in-law drove four hours from Virginia to watch a game and of course we went out to dinner – we had never been to a “Friendly’s” so this was our first experience with the amazing ice-cream there! I was blown away by the love and generosity of my friends and family as they cheered us on from private Facebook groups, sent text messages, or called asking for updates and joined in our fun long distance!

Miracle #6: The love of my friends & family was overwhelming!



What many of you may not know is that I did not grow up loving sports. A natural klutz, athletics does not come naturally for me (the children get the athletic gene 100% from their dad!), and if truth be told, I use to consider sports a colossal waste of time. Now I see the benefits not only for my children, but for us as a family. Yes, it took dedication to bring my daughter to daily three hour practices in the evening but it also was time to work uninterrupted, pray and just think!

Miracle #7: God uses all things for His good and purpose. (Romans 8:28)

As I look at this experience, this family experience, I marvel at how the Lord has knit us so differently. While the team came in fifth place overall, it taught us all that while it is “just a game”, it is the different talents working together that is so important, win or lose. The same as with our family dynamics, we are so different yet united we can do great things.

Miracle #8: God uses us together to do great things.


While this little summer detour and vacation came up unexpectedly, I enjoyed the opportunity to be a support to my daughter, to watch her do her best and to rejoice that the Lord knew ahead of time that we would attend. This reminds me to seize on opportunities as they become available daily – and that is one of my goals for this coming year. What are yours?

Miracle #9: Seize the Day! (Carpe diem!)



  1. Felice, this made my heart so incredibly happy. I do believe Miracle #10 is that you actually blogged about this!

    • mediaangels says

      Thanks, Kim!! And thanks too for your encouragement. It was a miracle journey all the way, love it when the Lord brings everything together.

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