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why we continue to homeshoolWhy I Continue to Homeschool

Podcast #159

with Felice Gerwitz and Special Guests – Sue Meyer with the Homeopathy For Mommies Podcast and Kendra and Andy Fletcher with the HomeschoolingIRL podcast

It has been many years. How many? Since the dinosaurs roamed the earth – I began homeschooling in 1986 and in this podcast I share why I continue to homeschool with special guest from this podcast network. You’ll hear from Sue Meyer, mom to eleven children – and fun-fun-fun, Kendra and “Fletch” with eight children of their own. I “only” have five children and they are mostly grown and married or in college, or home and in college. (You’ll have to listen to the podcast to see what I mean!) In the meantime, check out our sponsor, the show notes and grab something to drink, a pad of paper and listen to the wisdom of today’s guests. I believe you’ll enjoy this episode of why I continue to homeschool (and we hope you decide to continue to homeschool, too!)


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Show Notes:

Felice Gerwitz – Why I Continue to Homeschool

  1. I’ve tried and researched the alternative
  2. Nurturing environment
  3. Experiential learning
  4. Relationships
  5. Morals

Sue Meyer – Why I Continue to Homeschool

  1. It works
  2. Never considered other options
  3. Many children now married homeschool – some don’t
  4. Lifestyle

Andy and Kendra Fletcher – Why I Continue to Homeschool

  1. It makes great sense – good fit
  2. Best thing for me, but not the best thing for them
  3. Flexibility
  4. Freedom
  5. We can teach the gospel in every subject – if we chose

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  1. I can’t believe its #159! Please keep it up!

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