Why is Capitalism more Christian than Socialism

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This week Lisa Nehring shares what Capitalism has to do with quality and work, what Socialism has to do with equity, and resources to further elaborate on the question, Why is Capitalism more Christian?Why is Capitalism more Christian than Socialism

In this episode, Director of True North Homeschool Academy, Lisa Nehring talks with Ethan Nehring, who teaches Latin, History and Writing about the difference between socialism and capitalism and why capitalism is a more Christian system than socialism.

Good government provides freedom, equity and justice.

Capitalism has to do with quality and work. Hard work results in better results. Nothing keeps a person from leaving the system.

Main flaw is deception related to supply and demand. Discernment and honesty are super important to making the system work well. Allows for accountability and responsibility. Assumes equality of opportunity, equitable justice and enforces justices.


Socialism has to do with equity; results oriented. You are not supposed to get ahead. Results of work are redistributed so that it is “even.” Kills motivation. It is unjust reward; theft. Prone to theft and corruption as the “overseeres” usually the government are prone to corruptions. Robs humans of responsibility and free will.

Why is Capitalism more Christian is an important topic for young Americans to wrestle with!

To get started:

  1. Work out
  2. Study- consider study as worship
  3. Serve your neighbors
  4. Pray
  5. Submit to your pastors.

Skip Heitzig – Calvary Chapel Osuna

Romans 1:21-32

1 Peter 2:13-25

Pro Omni ille est bona et sancta – For all that is good and holy.

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