Why The Rise In African American Homeschooling, Part 1 – HIRL Episode 52

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HIRL-Episode-52Last month, Fletch read an interesting article in The Washington Post called, Racism in Schools is Pushing More Black Families to Homeschool Their Children. The title alone was enough to get him interested, but in the article the writer discussed why there has been such a sharp rise in African American Homeschooling. We thought this was a good discussion to have with our listeners, so we pursued the author for an interview.

Dr. Ama Mazama, professor of African American Studies at Temple University and homeschooling parent, joins us for an important discussion. In our interview, Professor Mazama discusses her research and shares with us why she believes there has been a distinct rise in homeschooling among black families.

You will want to listen to this interview and join us as we explore the questions and challenges that this discussion creates.

3:00 – Introduction
9:30 – Interview Part 1
35:20 – Interview Part 2

Show Notes

Dr. Mazama’s Biography

Racism in Schools is Pushing More Black Families to Homeschool Their Children.

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