Why The Rise In African American Homeschooling, Part 2 – HIRL Episode 54

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Free homeschool podcast discussing the rise in African American Homeschooling in America.This is the second installment in our two-part series, Why the Rise in African American Homeschooling? In part one we sat down for a rich discussion with Dr. Ama Mazama to discuss the  issues of racism in our school system and why so many African American families were choosing to leave the public school system to begin homeschooling.

Like us, many of our listeners responded to that first episode by telling us that their thoughts were really challenged on the hidden ways racism continues to thrive in the public school system and to some extent in the homeschool movement.

Now in this second part, we continue the discussion with homeschooling mom Belinda Bullard. Belinda shares with us some of the struggles she experienced when she decided to educate her children from home. She also shares her story of finding very limited options with Christian homeschooling curriculum and how she responded by creating her own inclusive curriculum that celebrates the African American heritage and aims to strengthen and empower the African American student and their family.

Once again, even if you are not an African American parent, we want to encourage our listeners to take part in this conversation. We have found that the reality of racism can even be found lurking in the shadows of Christian homeschooling. It is our hope that this podcast can help the discussion and be one step in trying to be a part of the solution to the reality of racism and inequality everywhere.

3:57 – Introduction
12:00 – Interview Part 1
30:45 – Interview Part 2

Show Notes

Belinda Bullard’s Blessed Heritage Curriculum

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  1. Sharla Watkins says

    I can’t say thank you enough for doing this show and providing this resource through Ms. Bollard and Dr. Mazama. Thank you for letting God use you both. This was a rich blessing and a great help to me as a new homeschooling mom.
    God’s Blessings for your entire family,
    Sharla Watkins

  2. Thanks Sharla! Glad you liked the episode! – Fletch

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