Why Your Diet Fails

why your diet failsWhy Your Diet Fails

It happens all the time, and not is the time to figure out why your diet fails. If you are like me and have tried and failed at dieting, you are in store for a treat! The secrets of a fitness coach, a friend of mine are revealed! This coach discusses how he helps people through a 10-Day Cleanse and why people fail to lose weight. In this episode, we’ll explore the myth of dieting and why you can finally be successful understanding these key points.

Why Your Diet Fails: Five Reason

  1. Fast food convenience
    • fast food is often not healthy
    • think before your order on the go
    • eat fast food in moderation
  2. stress eating
    • eating under stress can add up the calories
    • have a plan for the times you feel under stress
    • walk instead of eating – find a good substitute
  3. lack of sleep
    • your body goes into starvation mode
    • hard to burn calories without enough sleep
    • be sure you don’t suffer from sleep apnea
  4. eat fast
    • we consume more calories without realizing it
    • if you eat fast, push away from the table
    • put food in the kitchen instead of on the table within easy reach
    • eat more slowly!
  5. watch tv for more than 2 hours
    • sedentary people tend to find it harder to lose weight
    • wear a fit bit or other device to remind you to move — see this podcast on various fitness devices.
  6. income – can’t afford good or healthy foods
    • organic foods are expensive
    • eating healthy often takes money
    • carbs are cheap, veggies not so much


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