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winning science fair projectsLet’s Talk About Winning Science Fair Projects with Felice Gerwitz

Episode #135

From the author of An Insider’s Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects, Felice Gerwitz shares her insider’s tips for winning science fair projects with all of you! , Felice Gerwitz shares her love of science fairs with you! As a past judge and mom of winning participants, Felice has had her share of directing her children to seek the answers to their questions. In this episode, Felice explains the nuances of science fair projects, what is required, the schedule and the truth when it comes to getting a project that catches the judge’s attention.

Show Notes Winning Science Fair Projects

Did you know that even a winning science fair project can be disqualified if it doesn’t have some key ingredients? Your project is in jeporady unless you know the rules and some insider’s tips. Here are some of the topics covered in this podcast.

  1. What is a science fair?
  2. Dates for science fair
  3. What makes a good project?
  4. How to set up your board
  5. Importance of procedure and following the rules
  6. The importance of the abstract


  1. International Science and Engineering Fair – ISEF – Science
  2. Science Fair Portal for ideas here
  3. Confidence to Teach your child science projects
  4. Do a project in one day – seriously.
  5. An interesting array of projects




An Insider’s Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects

E-Book- An Insider's Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects


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