Teaching Using Wonder Bubbles

Wonder Bubbles | Wonder bubbles are a cornerstone of project-based learning, and I knew nothing about them until my sister-in-law, an amazing teacher sent me samples of her child's work! I was enthralled and asked her for an interview. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #wonderbubblesTeaching Using Wonder Bubbles Episode 365

Wonder bubbles are a cornerstone of project-based learning, and I knew nothing about them until my sister-in-law, an amazing teacher sent me samples of her child’s work! I was enthralled and asked her for an interview.

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About Nikki DeSalvatore – (She is married to my younger brother, Joe 🙂

Nikki was nominated for Disney Teacher of the year award, and writing is her passion. She won several grants and loves teaching. She has taught Kindergarten to Second Grade.

Project-Based Learning with Wonder Bubbles:

  1. Choice and voice: With Wonder Bubbles, you take that topic and make it their own. A concept known as “choice and voice” – allowing the children to pick a topic and give “voice” to their opinions is easily done with this concept.
  2. Children select their topic: Through a study, of a topic that a child selects they learn about it and will embrace it more than if a teacher just assigns a project.
  3. Inspires learning: With Wonder Bubbles, the kids are so excited and it inspires the kids to learn.
  4. Implements other subjects such as science, history, reading, writing, art (drawing or diagraming), creativity, etc.

It allows for a connection that is vital. It takes a month to complete a project since there are other academics But as a homeschool parent you can make it work for you and your schedule. (Nikki uses this as a classroom teacher and uses this connection with her class to set the stage for the year. She explains it like a team-building activity.)

Exactly what is a Wonder Bubble?

A Wonder Bubble is a great way to teach nonfiction with text features. It uses topics, subjects or anything a child is interested in learning more about. It puts the fun back into the research. The idea is to wonder, and think about a topic.

  1. It gives the kids something to “wonder about”
  2. It develops open-ended questions higher order thinking questions with the child.
  3. Provides a published project, something tangible they can put up in their bedroom and show their friends and parents
  4. Accomplishment

How to begin:

  1. The kids begin with a topic or a question. (For younger children, K-2nd help them narrow down the topic or the subject then allow time for research.
  2. Begin with a question or a topic. For example, maybe the child is interested in animals
  3. Once they decide on “animals” you present them with different habitats. Once they choose a habitat, for example, oceans you can narrow it down from there.
  4. Present the child with research (library, books you may have at home, magazines, internet) about the different type of animals in that habitat until they decide on one.
  5. Then they decide on a question about this animal. Their questions may not be from a topic or a subject, but listen, what is on their mind, what are you wondering about? Some of the things that older kids have researched before would be how do flies walk on the ceiling? Can computers get faster? Are we at the limit of where we’re going to be with technology? How, how do we beat bacteria? What is consciousness? Why do we dream? (These are questions that typically an older child may have. Give them think time to come up with questions.

Charts to spark questions:

Nonfiction Feature How It Helps The Reader
Diagram with labels
  • Helps you understand the parts
Close –up use detail pictures
  • Helps you see close up
  • How it works
  • Details
Comparison You know how:

  • Big
  • Small
  • Heavy
  • Long
  • Light

Something is…

  • Helps let you see what’s going on inside
  • Shows their life in order
Fun Fact
  • Tells you all of the fun information

Supplies for Wonder Bubbles:

  1. Poser board
  2. Markers
  3. Construction Paper – make shapes or circles, “bubbles”

This is a great fit with homeschooling because you can use as a basis for presentations from information learned from units studies or a topic you are studying, and by asking questions it will get the kids really excited. Nikki shares many more details in the audio!


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