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Hey, homeschoolers! If you’re a Christian homeschooler, you know you want the Bible to be the cornerstone of what you teach. My guest today is going to help us with that. I met Catherine Zoller at the Great Homeschool Convention in St. Louis. Speaking of the Great Homeschool Conventions. I’ll be in Round Rock, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida this month. Please come by the Grammar Galaxy Books booth to say hi. I watched Catherine chat with her booth mates the first evening and day of the St. Louis conference, but I said nothing to her. Then on Saturday morning, I parked my car near hers. You can’t miss her car because it has the most engaging wrap on it that advertises her books. I clearly felt the Lord nudge me to introduce myself to her. Am I ever glad I did! I learned all about Catherine’s line of Bible books that my kids would have loved; I got to hear her jaw-dropping life story; and most importantly, I made a new friend. I had to ask her to join me on the podcast.


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