When Words Are Not Enough

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when words are not enough When Words Are Not Enough…with Felice Gerwitz

Episode #186

Discussing non-verbal communication, especially when words are not enough! In this day and age we have graphics that can depict so much of what we feel, more so than we every could convey with words. In this podcast we’ll discuss what happens when words are not adequate.

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Show Notes: When Words Are Not Enough

There are times when words are just inadequate – and that is what I want to talk about today.

Times of inadequacy: 

  • When someone dies
  • When we try to explain a tragedy
  • When we discuss faith – maybe your relationship with Jesus the first time you gave your life to him in a tangible way
  • When we are in love

Some things defy words. We can use words to describe these events, however, word fall short.

Steven Curtis chapman sings a song here entitled “When Words Are Not Enough”

What are the ways that we don’t use words to convey meaning?

1. Gestures – sign language –thumbs up
2. A hug/ kiss
3. Body language – very subtle but oh so telling – I had a class in college where a psychology professor discussed different body languages and it was so telling. We know the basics of course, crossing our arms, raising an eyebrow, widening eyes – etc.
4. Graphics – see these all over social media
5. Emjoees – when we send them via text
6. Music

While all these things may evoke emotion – sometimes it is better to leave it alone.

Recommendations: When Words Are Not Enough:

  • Saying nothing – especially if you can’t make it better
  • Drawing –especially for children
  • Emoji in text – often express  feelings w/o words
  • Watch body language
  • A hug or a kiss
  • Actions

God gave us words – he gave us his Holy Scriptures – those are food for our soul

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