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work at home momsLet’s Talk about Work at Home – Homeschool Moms

with your host Felice Gerwitz 

Are you considering the idea of become a work at home mom? Or are you currently a work at home mom? (WAHM)? In this broadcast you will learn ways to make the transition easier and Felice shares the things she wishes she had known before she wrote her first book! With a few key things in place you can have a wonderful experience with the added benefit of teaching your children, and having them learn business principles as well.

Contact Felice at any time! Reach her at Felice (at) Media

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Show Notes:


Here is the test I shared on this episode – for the answers listen to the broadcast:

Being a work at home mom can be equally rewarding and frustrating. Let’s take a test answer true or false to the following questions:

  1. Very organized – you have a list for everything and everything (or mostly everything) in it’s place.
  2. You are a procrastinator; you wait until the very last minute to get jobs done.
  3. You are not overly organized but not a train-wreck either. You get things done on time and for the most part you have it together.
  4. You care if you are late to an appointment in fact it stresses you.
  5. You don’t care if you are late – after all everyone will have to wait for you to arrive anyway.
  6. You are on time, you are not too early or too late.
  7. You like to do one thing at a time and finish it completely before beginning the next task
  8. You start many things and sometimes finish, but most of the time have many projects started
  9. You can multi-task and for the most part get things done.
  10. You plan things well in advance and have a back up plan.
  11. You never plan, you like to wing things and often do things on the spur of the moment.
  12. You do plan, but do like being spontaneous. You think about having a back up plan, but don’t necessarily have it all worked out.
  13. You are an idea person – you are brimming with lots of great ideas you can’t wait to implement.
  14. You have many ideas but like to test them out first and be sure they will work before you attempt any of them.
  15. You have ideas that you would like to implement, keep an idea book and will try them, maybe testing them first and maybe not.

Answers given in the podcast! Can you guess whether Felice is personality A, B, or C?

More Notes:

Work at Home Moms or a Family Business:

  • Begin at the Beginning:
  • What is your plan?
  • Are you an entrepreneur? What does that word mean to you?
  • Research
  • Trusting
  • Finding a mentor or hiring a consultant


  • What is our plan
  • Are you expecting a big break (or did you have one)?
  • What are your priorities?
  • How will you fit your plan into your priorities?

Weigh Your Options: (Key – do this every three months if possible)

  • Discern
  • Everything looks “good” … is it right for you?
  • What is your family life-style?
  • How will you fit work into your life style?
  • How rigid is your schedule?
  • Are you a paycheck person?
  • Are you a 9-5 person?
  • Get help if needed – mentor/consultant

Family Life

Trusting and Stepping Out

Homeschool and Business


  • Analyze past performance
  • Decide on a course of action
  • Implement, change and restructure
  • Forge ahead or regroup
  • Gather the troops
  • Plan for growth
  • Back up plan

Contact Felice if you have a business idea or want to get your book published! She can be reached at felice (at)

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