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Are you clear about what you are called to? Homeschooling is a job, managing a home and rising kids is a job and paid work is a job.Working Homeschool Mommas

Hey hard working Homeschooling Momma! It can be hard to juggle everything, amiright?! You’re working, managing a home, homeschooling. In this episode, we’ll go over some practical tips and helps that will allow you to manage the many roles and responsibilities that you have so that you can thrive and enjoy this busy season! You know practical life skills are what’s keeping you going in this crazy busy season!  Let’s dive in!

First of all, I want to encourage you that you ARE a Proverbs 31 Women- hard working, critically thinking, resourceful and wise with time, money and provisions. Way to go!

First Things First: Take a searching fearless inventory of all that you are managing: Work, Homeschool, Housework, Budgeting, Self Care, Spouse Care and More!

2. Evaluate how you are doing with managing and maintaining your greatest resource: YOU!

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Spiritual

3. Understand the difference between Roles and Responsibilities

4. Utilize Habit

5. Discover the power of Outsourcing

6. Batching for maximizing your time and energy- remember set up and clean up take a huge amount of time!

7. Consider Child- Care vs Homeschooling

8. Keep 168 Hours in Play

9. Rethink Time

10. Rethink Money

11. Ditch Distractions

12. The 1% Rule

13. The 15 Minute Rule

14. Swim in Your Own Lane

15.  GIVE UP! destructive thoughts and time wasters

16. Get  like-minded support and fellowship! Our True North Homeschool Academy Mom’s Membership site offers three LIVE online meeting options a week- Book Club, Parent Equipping and more!

True North Homeschool Academy offers Testing, Advising- General, SPED and NCAA, K-12th Grade live online, dynamic, interactive classes, clubs and Parent Equipping! Ready to head True North with a dynamic, international community? We’re here for it!


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We love coming alongside fellow homeschoolers to offer encouragement and support! Let us know how we can support YOU!

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