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wow science experiments | As an enthusiast of teaching the children a hands-on science approach, Felice will discuss "wow" science experiments Wow Science Experiments – with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #195

As an enthusiast of teaching the children a hands-on science approach, Felice will discuss “wow” science experiments to get your kids excited but more importantly, the goal which is encouraging children to love learning and explore science on their own.

Over the years I have taught children science, first in school where I worked and then as a mom to a toddler who loved science. Then, to my homeschooled children. There are many science experiments that are wow experiments–yet, when I asked my children what we learned they were hard pressed to answer. Or, if they answered they were way off. So, while I love wow science experiments I believe it is important to understand the “science” behind the activity. In this podcast, I share ten of my favorite science experiments that teach and have your children saying, “Wow!”Are you ready to create those WOW experiences with your children? Let’s begin!

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Show Notes – Wow Science Experiments: 

  1. Science is experimental – that means we may or may not have a successful project
  2. Science is observable and measurable
  3. Science is not magic – saying it is magic precludes finding an answer
  4. Science is repeatable – if you are successful you can recreate the experiment with the same results over and over again
  5. Science peaks curiosity – it asks what if and open-ended questions, it requires kids to THINK


10-Favorite – Wow Science Experiments:

  1. Baking soda and vinegar
  2. Milk, food color, and soap
  3. Water, pepper, and soap
  4. Mintos and soda
  5. Oil and water
  6. Remote control and a mirror
  7. Battery – strip of aluminum foil and light bulb (tiny like that in a flashlight)
  8. Vinegar and chicken bones
  9. Fire needs oxygen – light a candle and invert a mason jar or glass over it
  10. Invisible ink – squeeze lemon juice –and heat


Extra Activities Not Quite Top Ten

  1. Changing a flower’s color OR celery using colored water.
  2. Can you poke a hole through a potato with a straw?
  3. Put a coin in a balloon, a small balloon, and a dime … blow up the balloon, hold one end and shake, what do you hear?
  4. Can you pick up an ice cube with string?

Wow Science Experiments Including Mentos and Soda – On This Website 

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