Writing and Education in Crazy times with Andrew Pudewa of Institute for Excellence in Writing

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In this week's episode of Life Skills 101 podcast, Andrew Pudewa of IEW fame offers several tips to encourage this skill in crazy times.SPECIAL REPLAY | While Writing isn’t exactly a soft skill, it is an invaluable hard skill that makes a feedback loop with the soft skills. Andrew Pudewa of IEW fame offers several tips to encourage this skill in crazy homeschooling times.

  • The top two things needed for your kids are; Language Skills (liberal arts), and Math skills (Logic/Stem/Arithmetic)
    • Choose what is interesting, but also needed.
  • Teach your kids how to memorize
    • Especially poetry, this will teach them diction, and heavily ingrain a love for language and reading, which in turn will give them a love for learning.
  • The 4 deadly errors of teaching writing:
    • Over correction
    • With holding help- if your child asks for it when writing, they probably need it.
    • Unclear Assignments- Your child cannot follow instructions they don’t understand. Be clear.
    • Over expectation- set a high bar, but be willing to give grace for learners.


Resources from IEW


  • TWSS
  • Language Acquisition Through Poetry
  • Themed Based Writing Books
    • Ancient History
    • Fables, Myths and Fairy Tales
    • People and Places
    • All things fun and fascination
  • With all of the resources in the world of homeschooling today, you can get the best of both worlds of Public School and Homeschool

True North Homeschool Academy Resources


  • British Literature
  • ‘Dinner with Shakespeare and Dickens’
  • Literature through the movies


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