Yearly Homeschool Evaluations – Middle of the Year Check Up

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Yearly Homeschool Evaluation Let’s Talk About Your Yearly Homeschool Evaluation with A Middle of the Year Check-Up

We go to the doctor’s office for yearly evaluation, but never consider looking at your yearly homeschool evaluations in the middle of the year. The place to being any formal check-up process is now!

One year I was so upset that my year had fallen apart and my lofty goals were just not being met that I devised a series of checklists to help me get back on track. I was so worried that at our yearly homeschool evaluations I would be told that I had done a poor job. I was so happy the thought occurred to me in the middle-of-the-year, while I still had time to remedy the situation.

I devised a series of checklists (something totally against this spontaneous person’s grain!) and I loved it! Today I share the second in the three-part series with you! In this session, you will take a hard look at your year and if you are off track – look at ways to get back on track…especially before the dreaded yearly homeschool evaluations!



This three-part series of the Yearly Homeschool Evaluation consists of:

  • A Beginning of the Year Check-Up
  • A Middle of the Year Check-Up
  • An End of the Year Check-Up

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For more information on the three part series – visit Media and the eBook and Audio Downloads.Yearly Evaluation -One

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