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You Feel How You Feel -- with the Real Kathy LeeHenry was not too happy about taking a picture as a COW! I tried to explain that getting FREE Chick Fil A was definitely a reason to be happy, but he would have NO part in it. He was mad.

Helping kids navigate through their emotions is one of the toughest parts of parenting. Heck, it is often tough for us as adults to navigate through our own emotions. On this week’s episode, we talk about the big subject of FEELINGS.

I think Mr. Rogers was the first to encourage talking about how you feel. He would always say that it was brave to talk about your feelings. I agree. It is hard to say you are mad or sad or hurt. However, if we want well-adjusted adults, we need to teach them to be able to work through all of the normal emotions of living. Often, we tell kids to stop crying or just get over it, but this doesn’t help them work through the emotion. Giving them permission to be sad or mad is the first step in helping them move forward. Next, find a way to help them navigate their feelings and create healthy coping mechanisms to dealing with them, especially those of deep sadness or anger. Teaching them how to take deep breaths, find space and time to process, and talk through how they feel are some that we have used in our home.

One of the best ways to help children deal with their emotions is to model coping skills when dealing with your own emotions. We all get sad and mad; it is how we deal with it that matters most.

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  1. Really looking forward to listening to this one! I was just telling my friend yesterday about how hard we are working to figure out how to let our Littles have emotions. My mom told me this weekend when I was asking her more about our family culture when I was growing up that she did not grow up in a home or anyone showed strong emotions, so when she saw me showing strong emotions, she always tried to shut it down and told me to just stop it. Don’t get me wrong! She was an amazing, loving, affectionate mom, but she saw strong emotions more as being overly dramatic or showing a lack of self-control, and now as an adult who really struggles with food addiction and realizing that that has been away in my entire life that I’ve navigated my emotions, meaning with food, I really want to cultivate a hope your emotional environment.

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