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Do you ever worry that you aren’t cut out for homeschooling? This is The Homeschool Sanity Show, the episode where my guest and I make homeschooling doable, even if it’s been a struggle in the past. I’ve asked about insecurities on the Homeschool Sanity Facebook page, and I know many of us have them. I know I did! Just because I had a PhD didn’t mean that I knew how to teach or even parent my kids to adulthood.


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You Can Homeschool Guest

Carrie Strong is an experienced homeschooling mom with four children. She spent two years after college in the Dominican Repbulic teaching French, music, art, and BIble during her first year and second-grade during her second year. After returning to the states, she taught K-12 Spanish at an academy in Kalamazoo, MI before getting married and having kids of her own. She and her family now reside in northern Michigan where she enjoys teaching her children, writing books, blogging, being outdoors, singing, and hobby farming. I know you’ll appreciate Carrie’s relaxed approach to homeschooling. You Can Homeschool book Thanks again to CTC Math for their sponsorship.

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