Zincum Metallicum: When There is Suppression

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This week on Homeopathy for Mommies, we have another Remedy Review! This week we are talking about Zincum Metallicum.This week on Homeopathy for Mommies, we have another Remedy Review! This week we are talking about Zincum Metallicum.

“The common old school use of zinc ointment to suppress eruptions and zinc injections to suppress discharges is based on fact. Zincum does suppress them. And it transfers the morbid action to the nervous system, setting up a poisoning there, and conversely in homeopathic attenuations Zincum can reverse the process. It can restore suppressed eruptions, it can cure the consequences of suppressions, and can set free the reactive power in conditions of undeveloped disease.” -John H. Clarke

Here are some keynotes of this remedy:

Hyper, over-stimulated and over-sensitive patients. This over stimulated state is liable to be followed by a collapse which results in mental dullness; leaving the person Dull, Complaining and dissatisfied. Brain/Nerves are fatigued. Restless feet in continued motion; cannot keep them still. Lame/Weak/Trembling/Twitching/ General aggravation from suppressed eruptions.; from suppressed menses and better with the flow. Only feels well during menses. General aggravation from wine. Restlessness. Twitches, jerks, fasciculations.
*Suits Well: Nervous constitutions.
~Effects of: Fright. Grief. Anger. Surgery. Night watching. Excessive study. From brain concussion. Frostbite. Suppressions of eruptions. Otorrhea. Menses. Lochia; Milk. Chorea from fright or from suppressed eruptions. Worse during sleep period the feet especially affected.

Listen in as I share about this amazing remedy!


  1. Christine Joyce Cormier says

    Love your podcasts!
    So are you saying that if a person is taking zinc supplements that it is suppressing the Twitch, rash….and poisoning the nerves?
    Are you saying that Zincum releases this suppression, therefore releasing the twitch or rash to return but also heal?

  2. Stephanie Thompson says

    Where would I find the dose and how often to give this remedy?

    • Joy Rhodes says

      Hi Stephanie! It depends on the situation. Sue has a great challenge that talks about dosing on her website: homeopathyformommies.com/challenge – I recommend taking it, it’s free! – Joy

  3. Lindy Shock says

    A few times Sue mentions in the podcast resources we can print off. I cannot find those. Are they for everyone, or just for Member Corner?

  4. Where is the printout please?

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