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About the Creation Study Guides:


Creation Science: A Study Guide to Creation

Do you believe that God created all … what about the world? Do you think HE could have created the world as stated in the Book of Genesis. This book will answer those questions and so much more!  This is a study guide that will take you through the Bible as well as the factual information that is demonstrated by science that points to the hands of a Creator God.  No boring science here! Great hands-on activities that children love and they’ll actually remember what they’ve learned long after the books are closed. Read great books, demonstrate theories with activities and learn the joy of knowing our universe was created by an amazing God.

Completely re-edited with many pages added including lesson plansThis is written for all grade levels integrating all subjects. This includes outlines, activities, experiments, vocabulary, reading lists, math ideas, book reviews, reproducible sheets, and much more. This features a 31 page detailed teaching outline.   For 4th Grade and Up. (Retail Value $18.95)


About the Creation Science Class


Creation Kids Classes: On Demand, a $69 Value!

-Six weeks worth of classes — one per week for ages K-8th grade (high school if you’ve never studied Creation).
-Audio Recordings
-Handouts and Websites to visit
-Further research
-Bonus interviews


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Our science curriculum books focus on topics that teach your children the truth about God’s glorious Creation. And ways to defend it!   Our series was selected as one of the best 100-Curriculum Picks and again in her new 101-Top Picks by Cathy Duffy.  If you want a course in Creation Apologetics for kids, this is it!

About Our Books:
Why should you teach your children about Creation? Because everything else they read that is remotely science related teaches evolution as FACT. Shouldn’t your children learn there is more than one side to the story? Do you want your child to be informed? We do and we consider this our mission at Media Angels.

About the Study Guides:
These study guides include a readable outline of the main points in the Creation vs. evolution discussion, the major talking points you should know and ways to educate the children in these points with hands-on activities and experiments. This series isn’t a read-it-one-time and forget it!