Inspiring Kids To Be Honorable

Inspiring Kids To Be Honorable

Is inspiring kids to be honorable possible? Yes, it is but it takes consistency and a “secret” ingredient as you will soon learn! In our rush to raise the perfect child, we are missing the main point of parenthood and that is modeling the behavior we want to encourage our children to have. There is no one method that is going to ensure that your kids stay on the straight and narrow, but here are some things I’ve learned in my years of parenting since my first child was born in 1980. Yeah, do the math, that was quite some time ago!

People who are honorable are those that believe in a cause and have the backbone to stick to their moral code. These are the people who do heroic things, who care about what is important and ignore the rest, and who are an example for us all. People who are honorable can be trusted and counted upon because if they give their word, and their word is believed. Do we want that for our kids? Of course, we do!

Inspiring Kids to Be Honorable | Is inspiring kids to be honorable possible? Yes, it is but it takes consistency and a "secret" ingredient as you will soon learn! | #homeschool #honorablekids #honor


Warning! Rocky Road Ahead.

  1. Kids learn what we demonstrate not what we say.
  2. The best parents can raise kids that are ungrateful, loud and unproductive. Ask me how I know.
  3. The things you do go way further that the things you say.

I have five kids and while I love them all – we have to love our kids, right? I’ve have to be honest here and say that sometimes I had to pray to the Lord to help me love my kids. I’m being honest here.

Why do we have difficulty with some of our kids? When we see they are dishonest we look at the problem, not perhaps the reasons behind the why. For example, why do kids lie?

  1. Avoid getting in trouble – they don’t want to handle the punishment.
  2. Lie to self – ourselves can’t handle the truth.
  3. Don’t care – so what – it’s not that bad.

In the Bible, we read in Genesis that all that God made was good. After each creation we read the word, “God saw that it was good…” God created us good but our first parents were tempted by sin and so are we if we are honest and so are our kids. But all is not hopeless!

Inspiring Kids To Be Honorable means setting boundaries.

Some kids just don’t listen in the way you want and when your rules and regulations run out what are you going to do when a child doesn’t follow you leading? My husband and I lead by example but one thing we lacked was follow through! For some of our kids, a threat was all it took, for others they were, in my husband’s words, “gamblers.”

Here is what I can say without a shadow of a doubt and I hope these words find their mark within your heart. We can only lead our children to become honorable kids, we can’t make them.

We must model the behavior and encourage our children to do the same.

In raising our children, we had a big gap between our first two children and out last three. With the first two, video was new, the internet was slow and dial-up and smartphones were not invented yet. With the last three, CD players were in all the rooms, because how else could they listen to Adventures in Odyssey? And, soon iTouch was the latest device with mp3 making its debut. Our computers were never in the bedroom and security was on all devices. I made it my mission to become a techie and stay one step ahead of my kids. (Mike in college class couldn’t get to a website.)

I believe the greatest deterrent to Inspiring Kids To Be Honorable is the fact that our time is so limited and taken up with needless activities. Social media is a time waster in my opinion and all of the new apps just take more and more time away from our kids.

We want to instill kindness, honesty, values such as being respectful of family and friends, praying daily and making Christ the center of your life and our children’s lives. We want our kids to display modesty, be a lady or a gentleman – and of course realize that in our house anyway, chivalry is not dead!

Allowing Our Kids To Fail Is Key:

We also need to allow our kids to fail and that parents is something I have trouble doing … I tend to micromanage and when my kids come to me with a problem I am a problem solver! However, we need to ask them what they think and how they will approach the problem/ issue.

Allowing kids to fail in the safety of their own homes – my husband says we constantly save our kids and don’t allow them the bumps and bruises they need to thrive.

The problems escalate when we don’t correct dishonorable conduct. Our children will learn that they can get away with things and gamble. They will learn dishonorable habits. Kids lie for example because they are selfish and none of us want kids that are brats.

Our society also causes narcissistic activities – with selfies and social media that if focused on us, what we are doing and self-absorbed kids that feel entitled. Social media allows lying to happen more easily and allows for people to act in a way that they would never do in person. Keeping our kids off of social media as much as you can, especially when they are young is key.

In addition, if our kids are not corrected for their behavior and if they don’t have a grasp on self- control they will grow into kids that can’t handle differences. We see this today as well with kids that who act out when they hear things they don’t agree with, the term “snowflake” was attributed to college kids who had a meltdown after the Presidential election of 2016. People react violently when their views are not accepted by others, and lies are at an all-time high when it comes to people spreading false stories. Fake news is even a buzz word.

If you have young children that is wonderful news because it helps to start early! We can teach our children to do right over wrong and it should be done with love. Harsh discipline and punishments usually work in reverse or you will train your kids to be abusive adults. Yes, we must make sure our kids listen but the biggest key is praying. Yes, praying to God for help in your discipline. I can tell you story after story about how this has worked in my own parenting when all else fails.

Teach kids about paying it forward. Doing things for others without reward! For example volunteering. Volunteer at the nature center, plant trees, or set up your own volunteer situations.

Ask your church for families that need help, or visit the elderly at nursing homes. (Only well kids – elderly people get sick easily.)

The pull on our kids is very dangerous and very real. Just the other day a parent shared the need to discuss something morally reprehensible with her child because the issue came up with some friends. The blessing is the ability to discuss and the responsibility of parents to be the one discussing.

Inspiring Kids To Be Honorable:

  1. Lead by Example – our kids need to be grounded in what is right and true. Talking to kids helps but parents need to lead by example. You want your kids to read the Bible – then, you better be reading the Bible. (What you watch, read, etc.)
  2. Keep communication open with your children. Do they trust you to now “flip out” when they come to you with a question or problem? Tell them you are there for them and be there for them.
  3. Be Preemptive – what is being discussed today? Make sure it is age appropriate but be ready to give an answer. Moral divergence of today is alarming, but are you willing to look into gender issues so that you can discuss this your children when you/ they are ready? I had a discussion with my college kids this summer about the LBGT community, rights and learned a few things from them as well. Happily, our opinions are in alignment but I was ready with discussion questions if not.
  4. Know your kids – sometimes I feel that parents think their kids are strangers and they don’t understand them. I remember answering one of my students sarcastically when they said I didn’t understand teenagers, “Oh, yes you are right. I went from fifteen to twenty-three overnight and skipped all the years in-between.” This caused the student to pause and of course, laugh when he realized the humor in his statement and mine. We all went through what our kids are going through and our parents, I am sure wanted us to be honorable! Think back and remember your earlier years! (Some people say that you should tell your kids what you did wrong – sometimes I feel that is a license for kids to model their parents.)
  5. Let go and let God. The Almighty, if you are a believer is ultimately in charge of your life and ideally, this means God’s got this!





Get a Personalized and Custom Home Education with Bridgeway Academy

If you have multiple children that you are homeschooling, you know that every child has a different way of learning and taking in information. There can be lots of struggles and tears when your child isn’t being taught the way that they learn best. This is also how so many children can slip through the cracks in a school classroom setting. The beauty of homeschooling is that we can absolutely tailor our children’s education to be the best personal fit for them.

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You can choose from:

Unique Homeschool Programs

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Private Homeschool Academy

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What is so special about this academy is that it will give your child a personalized and custom home education. With each Total Care Package that will be designed to your child’s learning style. It includes everything you need to homeschool them. All the curriculum, grading, record keeping and support from an academic advisor all year long.

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If you are a busy, homeschooling parent who would like some help tailoring their child’s education in a hands-off way, then Bridgeway Academy may be the perfect fit for you!

Find out how you can get started building a personalized and custom home education for your children HERE!

FREE Fun For Kids Planner

Summer is in full swing around here. We are always looking for fun things for our kids to do on these long summer days. We also like to work on activities that go along with a special theme for that month.

Some families may be doing light school work over the summer while others take the entire summer off for vacation. Regardless of what you choose to do, it always seems like kids find themselves bored during the hot summer months. This month we have you covered with fun activities to keep your kids from saying the dreaded words: “I’m bored”! 

This month’s subscriber bonus planner is packed full of activities for your kids to do with an underlying theme of truth, honor and conviction to focus on the important holiday we celebrate every July. What do the words truth, honor and conviction really mean? We can apply these to our every day lives, but when looking at the heritage of the United States of America and the cost of freedom and lives lost, it takes on a new meaning.

Our children need to learn the importance of their American heritage and you can help them with these fun question and answer activities and worksheets included. There are over 67 pages of summer planning helps, patriotic activities and even school planning for parents!

Included in this month’s printable pack is:

  • Planner for School
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  • Patriotic Activities
  • Journal
  • Scripture Copywork
  • Fun Worksheets
  • Activities kids will love to do
  • And much more!

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Since this month’s focus is on Truth, Honor and Conviction you will enjoy these podcasts and posts:

Military Mom to Be is an episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms that an honest portrayal of one mom’s journey to becoming a military mom.

10 Top Tips for Teaching Patriotism – Feeling united about a common cause is patriotic and our children can enjoy them even better if we focus on some key points. Enjoy these top tips to teach your children about patriotism.

Patriotic Kids

Patriotic Kids – 10 Top Tips For Teaching Kids Patriotism

We teach our children many things but what about patriotism? Having patriotic kids takes education. There are many opportunities during the year to teach children about our great country and holidays such as Independence Day (The Fourth of July), Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Flag Day, President’s Day (Washington and Lincoln are the two most celebrated), Consitution Day, Election Day, Bill of Rights Day and
Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Patriotic Kids | We teach our children many things but what about patriotism? Having patriotic kids takes education. There are many opportunities during the year to teach children about our great country...| #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #patriotic

Now more than ever it is time to be united. There are many people who are angry about things people say in the name of politics and many of these people (on either side) really don’t care about anything but getting elected, or getting votes. Even so, we should not allow this anger to seep into our conversation especially with our children.

Our country is going through a tough time and we are politically divided. Many people have become discouraged, some even threaten to leave our county! Now more than ever we should unite and remember all the things that America stands for and what our great country has to offer. We should be proud because of our heritage.

We have holidays and remembrances that center around patriotism and these are times when we can celebrate. However, a celebration comes after understanding. Without an understanding of history, people will make the same mistakes again, and again. Without a divided nation it will fall and be ripe for others to come in and sow discontent and wait for a time of weakness.

“We will stand by the right, we will stand by the true,

we will live, we will die for the red, white, and blue.” Anonymous

Feeling united about a common cause is patriotic and our children can enjoy them even better if we focus on some key points. It is important to make sure your children have a good understanding.

Here are my top 10 topics that you should teach your children on patriotism.

  1. Patriotism begins by understanding our nation’s history, how did we gain our independence?
  2. Teach about our government. There are three branches, do they know what each does?
  3. Know about our basic freedoms. Our nation’s accomplishments are found first in the US Constitution. Read it! The Bill of Rights explains our rights as Americans, study these. We have freedom of religion, of speech and to bear arms.
  4. Teach our children what it means to be a good citizen. (Follow the laws, take part in voting during the elections)
  5. Honor our military. Many brave men and women have died to protect our country. Study the wars and the reasons behind them.
  6. Learn patriotic songs such as the Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful.
  7. Learn patriotic quotes such as, “We will stand by the right, we will stand by the true, we will live, we will die for the red, white, and blue.” Anonymous  (More patriotic quotes here.)
  8. Teach your children the Pledge of Allegiance. (After our prayers we said this every day before we began our homeschool day.)
  9. Teach your children the proper way to fly the American Flag and what to do when the National Anthem is played (face the flag with your hand over your heart).
  10. Celebrate Patriotic holidays and explain the “why” behind the holiday.

We can also teach our children to be loving and accepting. While we do not have to agree with everyone we can disagree in a kind manner. This is so important. We can not accept those who are bullies or try to quiet our voices with tyranny. We must stand for our beliefs yet do it in a manner that is pleasing to God. Yes, people are different and yet we can stand firm in our beliefs while still praying for others.

America is the land of the free. America is a place of opportunity. America is my home and where the people I love, live. Americans be proud, be patriotic, and teach your children well.

The Truth Seekers Mystery Series Perfect for Summer Reading – Keys to the Past: Unlocked

The Truth Seekers Mystery Series is perfect for summer reading in your homeschool. We enjoy lots of reading over the summer and like to keep track of how many books we have read and discover new books. We choose books that have value and substance. I just don’t want them to read twaddle, but to read something they can learn from and enjoy. The Truth Seekers Mystery books fit this perfectly. Your tweens and teens will be kept on the edge of their seats with these books! They will enjoy the adventure aspect as well as learning about creationism and how to refute evolution at the same time!

The Truth Seekers Mystery Series is perfect for summer reading in your homeschool. Keys to the Past: Unlocked is a great summer book choice for your teens.


About The Truth Seekers Mystery Series:

We have been highlighting  The Truth Seekers Mystery Series on our blog the past couple of months. Each month we have been highlighting a new book in the series. This is a unique series. It is not just an adventure novel, it also has a Christian, Creation Science worldview. This is why these novels teach truth and justice. They teach your children how to defend their beliefs. What makes this series special is that it was written by a homeschool mother daughter team Felice and Christina Gerwitz. Her daughter decided at 15 years old that she wanted to write an adventure mystery book and the series began!

Keys to the Past: Unlocked is the third book in the series.

More Homeschool Adventures:

The Murphy teens are always getting into some kind of trouble. If your children have been following the series for awhile it won’t come as a surprise when they are thrown into another exciting adventure. The teens accompany their father on a special assignment to document the salvaging of a sunken Spanish wreck found off the coast of Key Largo. They make a new friend and find themselves in trouble again! The trouble starts when they begin helping their friend dig for answers surrounding the tragic accident that involved her own father. You will soon see that their discovery puts them in danger while seeking out the truth.

You will love the setting for this book. The location for this book can’t be beat as it covers a famous summer vacation locale in the Florida Keys. Your teens will be pulled in as they uncover a mysterious artifact that has the answers they have been looking for. This book is full of deep sea diving adventures, pirates, and finding evidence of the age of the earth in the deep-sea core drillings done by the scientists.

You can purchase the Keys to the Past: Unlocked paperback HERE and you will be excited to see that it is discounted to only $5.50 for a summer special!

More Resources:

Literature Guide:

This book is wonderful by itself, but if you are wanting to add a more educational spin to it, you will enjoy the addition of the Keys to the Past: Unlocked Literature Study Guide. This study guide has everything you need enhance the educational value of the novel. It is great to aid in reading comprehension skills with the reading comprehension questions. There are pre-reading research activities for the student who likes to research and dig deeper into topics. It is full of critical thinking questions, vocabulary words and fill-in-the-blank questions with an included answer key. The literature guide will help lead your teens through the novel every step of the way. I believe this would work well to add to a morning time, or family reading study over the summer.

You can purchase the Keys to the Past: Unlocked Literature Study Guide HERE. This is the paperback guide and it’s on sale for only $4.99 this summer only!


Truth Seekers Mystery Series: Teach Creation with Novels – in this podcast Felice interviews her co-author and very own daughter. Join them as Christina discusses her homeschool experience growing up. She shares how the series came out of an idea for fun into a full fledged series with three novels!

Teach Creation to Kids With a Novel – Creation Science is a great subject to teach your children. On this podcast, Felice and Christina discuss exactly how to teach creation science to your kids using the novel and the companion literature guide.


FREE Summer Staycation Guide and Printables

Summer is here and for many of us that means you are ready to start planning some type of summer vacation. A vacation is a great way to take a break from the long school year, to relax with your family without having to teach.

This month's FREE subscriber bonus is just what you need to plan an amazing memory filled staycation for your family with our FREE Summer Staycation Guide and Printables. #summerfunathome #staycation #staycationguide

Summer vacations can be costly though, and unless you have been financially planning for one for a very long time, they can be hard to do last minute. They are even harder to do when you have a large family and are a one income family on a budget. If you have been wanting to plan a vacation with your family, but are nervous of the cost, you should consider taking a staycation instead! This month’s FREE subscriber bonus is just what you need to plan a fun, memory filled staycation for your family with our FREE Summer Staycation Guide and Printables.

You don’t have to leave home or spend money on an expensive vacation for your family to have a good time together. Some of the best memories can be created in your own hometown, supporting local business, exploring the city you live in, and relaxing right in your back yard. Summertime is great for making memories with your family and this guide will help you with your planning. There are over 50 pages of planning helps, crafts, activities and projects to help you create some amazing memories with your family this summer.

Included in this month’s printable pack is:

  • 100’s of Staycation ideas
  • A Staycation planner
  • Printable staycation brainstorming idea list
  • Fun Activity Sheets
  • Summer Activities that kids will love
  • Backyard Events
  • Party Planning Printables and Ideas
  • Encouraging words of wisdom and advice and so much more!

We hope that this guide is helpful to planning a frugal staycation with your family and creating some wonderful memories this summer. Please let us know in the comments which ideas you liked the best, and what your favorite staycations are.

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These are only available for a limited time only!




Summer Staycations For Kids

Summer Staycations For Kids | Living in a family with two sisters, five brothers, and a dog my family and I are summer staycation for kids experts! We are a big family and sometimes it is hard for us to either afford or actually take a vacation. | #staycations #summerstaycationsforkidsSummer Staycations For Kids

By: Samantha Anne Moss ~ Age 12  

Living in a family with two sisters, five brothers, and a dog my family and I are summer staycation for kids experts! We are a big family and sometimes it is hard for us to either afford or actually take a vacation. If you are anything like me then you are probably quite disappointed. Never fear there is a simple solution. A staycation!

There are many perks to a staycation. They are not as stressful as going to a hotel and theme park while trying to get all the little kids out of the gift shop (and sometimes the older kids too)! Staycations are so simple and fun, you can do them on a moments notice, and make them last the entire summer. Best of all (or some moms and dads think so) it can save you lots of money!

 Reasons to go on a staycation instead of a vacation:

  • Less stressful for, you, parents.
  • Staycations are closer to you and include a lot less gas.
  • A great alternative for a vacation especially if you do not have the funds or the time to take off of work.
  • It is more convenient being close to your house.

My Favorite Summer Staycations For Kids:


  • The zoo is always a fun and educational place to go. Often times zoo’s run specials or Groupon deals to make them more affordable for large families.
  • Try some games:
    • Guess the animals – take turns wearing a blindfold and visit different enclosures. Using only your senses (smell, hearing, and touch–be careful touching!) try to guess what animal is in the enclosure.
    • Play Twenty Questions: Still using blindfolds try to guess what animal is in the enclosure you are near.

There are so many other things that you can do at the zoo, like just walking around and visiting the exhibits. However, part of the fun is thinking of your own things to play.


  • Museums may seem boring to some kids but if you have the right attitude when going then it can be a lot of fun! I recently went to the Ringling Museum (a museum near my house) and I had a really good time. It was one of the coolest places that I have ever visited.
  • Games: When going to a museum you can play a game. 
    • Time Periods: One game is to look at all the exhibits and try to find out the time period of the exhibit.
    • Treasure Hunt: hunt for a specific color, shape, or even a specific feature like a person in the exhibit with a hat. This keeps the little ones entertained (and even us older kids) especially if someone in the group comes up with random things to look for.

There are hundreds of different thing that you could do in a museum and most are so large you can’t see everything in one day. It is nice to revisit and look for new exhibits.


  • A  camp-in is so much fun! (I have been on a lot of camp-outs and this was just as much fun, and did I mention that it is so much less stressful than having to worry about if you packed calamine lotion for that awful poison ivy!)
  • It is a great thing to do during the weekend.
  • Kids especially love when parents camp out or “in” too!  

Here are some things that will make a “camp in” feel like a real camp-out!

  • We ate hot dogs and mac n cheese (so it felt like we were eating real camping food).
  • We had a “camp-in” in our living room instead of outside. Although camping in the back yard is fun too.
  • We told camping stories. These are short stories that one person can start and the other pick up and continue. “One night while walking in the woods, I heard a sound…”
  • We used an app that plays outside noises like crickets and frogs. If I had to go to the bathroom at night I would have believed we were really outside!
  • If you have a star (constellation projector) use that to put stars on the ceiling and identify the constellations.
  • Use an app or a book to look at constellations near you.

Beach or Park

  • The beach or park is always fun, but you can get more out of a trip and a different experience with a tour!
  • This is a very educational and fun thing to do.
  • Invite some of your friends!
  • Take pictures and learn too!
  • We had a tour guide at the beach one time. We learned all about the different plants and animals that live in and near the water, it was so amazing and cool to have someone to explain the different habitats and many things you might not have noticed before.  
  • Pack a picnic lunch.

Family Sports Team

Many people have come up to my parents and said “you have an entire basketball team, and a few subs”! So one day my parents took them seriously. Now we have a family sports team.

  • A family sports team is unique, and if you like sports then this is the one for you.
  • My parents have scheduled a night every week that we go to a park and practice basketball, soccer, baseball, or any sport that we can think of!
  • It is so much fun and it is such an amazing way to spend a warm Florida night!
  • Using our cleats and other sportswear we have already bought (mostly used). This makes us feel like we are on a real “family” sports team!
  • The hardest thing is getting all the sports stuff in the car! Helpful tip: keep a box full of fun things to take to the park. Ours contains balls, frisbees, cleats, and even our baseball gloves, and tennis rackets.

It pays off having a big family to play games with and if you want to play a specific sport, chances are that at least one person will side with you! And, having a big family means never being bored! 

I hope this gives you a different perspective on staycations. Many people think that the definition of a vacation is having to leave your home town to have fun by going to places. But I have learned you can do all of that stuff without even picking up your passport! So before you book a vacation please think of this article and say “Do we really need to go somewhere?” The thing that really makes a vacation fun is being with your family and doing things together! I hope your staycation is the best ever!    

About the author:

Samantha Anne Moss is a twelve-year-old homeschooler, who lives in southwest Florida with her family. She enjoys reading, photography and playing the piano. Samantha is the second oldest in a family of eight children.

Copyright 2019 – All Rights Reserved Samantha Anne Moss

Photo Credit: Christina N. Moss Copyright 2019.

Memorial Day Activities For Kids

Memorial Day Activities For Kids | Need something to do? Memorial Day activities for kids to the rescue. While the events of Memorial Day are somber, dealing with the death of the heroes of the Army, the Navy, the Marine Corp, and the Airforce. | #homeschool #homeschoolblogMemorial Day Activities For Kids

Need something to do? Memorial Day activities for kids to the rescue. While the events of Memorial Day are somber, dealing with the death of the heroes of the Army, the Navy, the Marine Corp, and the Airforce. Many of you may have family or friends who died and use this day to celebrate their lives as well as their service to our nation.

Memorial Day activities for kids can consist of learning as well as honoring our fallen heroes.

You can use these facts for Memorial Day Activites For Kids:

  1. Memorial day – remember the men and women who died to protect our country. Dedicated their lives to keep our nation free.
  2. The difference between Memorial Day and veteran’s day
  3. Memorial Day: Honors those who lost their lives.
  4. Memorial Day occurs the last Monday of May.
  5. Memorial Day began after the Civil War.
  6. Veteran’s Day vs. Memorial Day: Memorial Day honors our fallen heroes, however, Veteran’s Day honors all the men and women who have served in the US Military (armed forces).

Fun Facts:

  1. President Richard Nixon declared Memorial Day as a Federal Holiday in 1971
  2. Official Flower: red poppies
  3. Celebrations take place by placing flowers on soldiers graves, flying flags at half staff, attending parades, or visiting memorials or grave sites. DC has one of the largest Vietnam memorials.
  4. The unofficial start of the summer season.
  5. Government offices are closed such as schools, post office, banks, etc.
  6. Medal of Honor – information here.
  7. Statistics from the US Army – information here.
  • Things to do:
    Explain what Memorial Day means.
    Watch how to correctly fold the American Flag: Video here – and another video here  
    Create an American Flag with Construction Paper with various colors
    Draw a US Flag and color.
  • Participate in Memorial Day events locally.
  • Send a care package to soldiers
  • Learn about the National Moment of Remembrance
    (The Vice President lays a wreath on a soldier’s grave in Arlington VA – National Cemetery)
  • The President of the United States also issues a proclamation of a prayer of peace.
  • Visit a War Memorial or cemetery in town.
  • Memorial Day Worksheet:
  • Visit a Veterans in the nursing homes (ask your pastor or even neighbor if they know of anyone who can give you a reference of someone lonely who would like visitors!)
  • Learn about the poppy project – Buddy Poppy Here is a video on the Buddy Poppy historic beginnings:
  • Make American themed dessert. Cupcakes – red, white and blue themed.

Whatever you do with your children to celebrate this historic day, have fun and create memories. And, don’t forget to take pictures and share them with us on Facebook! Feel free to friend me on Facebook (Felice Gerwitz) and join our network private Facebook page here.

The Truth Seekers Mystery Series Great for Summer Reading – Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak

The Truth Seekers Mystery Series is the perfect summer read for your teens and tweens.  That’s right, summertime is almost here and it’s time to think about summer reading! Many families enjoy taking a summer break, but still want to get some reading and educational time in over the summer. Summer is a great time to cool off by the pool, or at the beach, with a good book. Our kids love reading whenever it’s too hot to play outside.

Truth Seekers Mystery Series | Excellent summer reading novels

About The Truth Seekers Mystery Series

We have been highlighting some wonderful summer reading books on the blog. The Truth Seekers Mystery Series is educational and exciting! The series is full of adventure with a Christian worldview. What’s so special about this series is that it was written by Felice Gerwitz and her daughter, Christina. Christina started writing the series when she was only 15 years old!

Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak is the second book in the series.

Homeschool Adventurers at Diamond Peak

If your kids like adventure novels, they will enjoy this book. A turn of events pushes the Murphy teens into the middle of a paleontological dig near the summit of Diamond Peak in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  This heart-stopping suspense story takes these teens mountain climbing, skydiving and uncovering the mysteries that surround this T-Rex dig site. They must avoid the danger around them while defending their faith. They find their knowledge of science is powerful against those who are challenging their faith with evolutionary beliefs.

You can purchase the Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak paperback HERE.

More Resources

This book is a great stand-alone leisure read, but the creation science topic will be further enhanced when you use the companion Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak Literature Study Guide. This study guide has everything you need to add even more educational value to this adventure novel. There are pre-reading research activities, literary devices, reading comprehension questions to help with accountability, critical thinking questions, a list of vocabulary words, fill-in-the-blank questions with an answer key and so much more! It will help lead your children through the novel so that they receive an amazing reading and learning experience!

This would be fun as a family read-aloud summer activity as well.

You can purchase the Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak Literature Study Guide HERE.

If you plan on taking a family vacation to the Rocky Mountains, the book and study guide would make a great addition to your trip!

These podcasts from The Creation Science Podcast will be great to listen to before reading the book:

Truth Seekers Mystery Series: Teach Creation with Novels – in this podcast, Felice interviews her co-author and daughter! Christina shares her homeschool experience and how the series evolved from an idea to three books in the series.

Teach Creation to Kids With a Novel – Felice and Christina discuss how to teach creation science to your kids using the novel and literature guide.

The Cover of Book 2 in the Truth Seekers Mystery Series

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