Host Your Own Creation Camp at Home!

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Host your own Creation Camp at HomeAre you ready for an adventure through God’s amazing Creation? 🌍✨ With our Creation Camp, you can explore the wonders of the world right from your home! Each day, you’ll dive into a new day of Creation with fun activities, experiments, and art projects.

Let’s explore what you’ll learn (scroll to bottom for details)  and some fun ideas you can start with right way, teaching each day to your students!

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Day 1: Let There Be Light! 💡

On the first day, God created light, separating it from the darkness.

Teaching Idea:

  • Experiment with Light: Use a flashlight in a dark room to show how light can change the environment. Discuss how light helps us see and makes us feel safe.
  • Art Project: Create a “light and dark” collage using black and white paper. Let students cut out shapes and glue them to show the contrast between light and darkness.

Day 2: Sky and Water 🌌💧

On the second day, God made the sky and separated the waters.

Teaching Idea:

  • Sky in a Jar: Fill a clear jar with water and add a few drops of blue food coloring. Shake it up to see how the water and sky might have looked.
  • Cloud Watching: Lie down outside and watch the clouds. Ask students to describe what they see and imagine the sky God created.

Day 3: Land, Sea, and Plants 🌿🌊

On the third day, God gathered the waters to create seas and made dry land appear. He also made plants and trees.

Teaching Idea:

  • Planting Seeds: Give each student a small pot and some seeds to plant. Watch them grow over the week and talk about how plants need water, light, and soil.
  • Create a Mini-Landscape: Use clay or playdough to create models of land and sea. Add small plants or grass to show vegetation.

Day 4: Sun, Moon, and Stars ☀️🌙✨

On the fourth day, God made the sun, moon, and stars to light up the sky.

Teaching Idea:

  • Star Gazing: Take students outside at night to look at the stars. Use a star map to identify constellations and talk about how vast the universe is.
  • Solar System Mobile: Make a mobile using paper or cardboard cutouts of the sun, moon, and stars. Hang them from strings to create a moving display.

Day 5: Birds and Fish 🐦🐠

On the fifth day, God created birds to fly in the sky and fish to swim in the sea.

Teaching Idea:

  • Bird Watching: Spend some time observing birds in your backyard or a local park. Have students draw the birds they see and describe their behaviors.
  • Fish Tank Fun: Set up a small fish tank or a bowl with fish (even paper ones!). Discuss different types of fish and their habitats.

Day 6: Animals and Humans 🐘👨‍👩‍👧

On the sixth day, God created animals and humans.

Teaching Idea:

  • Animal Parade: Have students draw their favorite animals and share fun facts about them. You can also watch documentaries or read books about different animals.
  • Human Body Exploration: Discuss the human body and how amazing it is. Use diagrams to show how different parts of the body work.

Day 7: Day of Rest 😴🌤️

On the seventh day, God rested.

Teaching Idea:

  • Quiet Time: Encourage students to have some quiet time for reflection or reading. Discuss the importance of rest and how it helps us recharge.
  • Create a Relaxation Space: Make a cozy corner with pillows and blankets where students can relax, read, or meditate.

Join Our Creation Camp! 🏕️

Our Creation Camp kit comes with everything you need to host your own camp at home:

  • Teacher’s Manual: Complete day-by-day instructions, reproducible sheets, and directions for each activity, experiment, and art project.
  • Student Notebook: Activity sheets, crossword puzzles, vocabulary games, word search, and a separate field guide book to decorate and put together.

You can complete the camp in one week or spread it out over a longer period—it’s up to you!

Ready to start your Creation Camp adventure? Click here to learn more and get your kit today! 🌟✨

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