Host Your Own Creation Camp at Home!

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Host your own Creation Camp at HomeAre you ready for an adventure through God’s amazing Creation? 🌍✨ With our Creation Camp, you can explore the wonders of the world right from your home! Each day, you’ll dive into a new day of Creation with fun activities, experiments, and art projects.

Let’s explore what you’ll learn (scroll to bottom for details)  and some fun ideas you can start with right way, teaching each day to your students!

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Day 1: Let There Be Light! 💡

On the first day, God created light, separating it from the darkness.

Teaching Idea:

  • Experiment with Light: Use a flashlight in a dark room to show how light can change the environment. Discuss how light helps us see and makes us feel safe.
  • Art Project: Create a “light and dark” collage using black and white paper. Let students cut out shapes and glue them to show the contrast between light and darkness.

Day 2: Sky and Water 🌌💧

On the second day, God made the sky and separated the waters.

Teaching Idea:

  • Sky in a Jar: Fill a clear jar with water and add a few drops of blue food coloring. Shake it up to see how the water and sky might have looked.
  • Cloud Watching: Lie down outside and watch the clouds. Ask students to describe what they see and imagine the sky God created.

Day 3: Land, Sea, and Plants 🌿🌊

On the third day, God gathered the waters to create seas and made dry land appear. He also made plants and trees.

Teaching Idea:

  • Planting Seeds: Give each student a small pot and some seeds to plant. Watch them grow over the week and talk about how plants need water, light, and soil.
  • Create a Mini-Landscape: Use clay or playdough to create models of land and sea. Add small plants or grass to show vegetation.

Day 4: Sun, Moon, and Stars ☀️🌙✨

On the fourth day, God made the sun, moon, and stars to light up the sky.

Teaching Idea:

  • Star Gazing: Take students outside at night to look at the stars. Use a star map to identify constellations and talk about how vast the universe is.
  • Solar System Mobile: Make a mobile using paper or cardboard cutouts of the sun, moon, and stars. Hang them from strings to create a moving display.

Day 5: Birds and Fish 🐦🐠

On the fifth day, God created birds to fly in the sky and fish to swim in the sea.

Teaching Idea:

  • Bird Watching: Spend some time observing birds in your backyard or a local park. Have students draw the birds they see and describe their behaviors.
  • Fish Tank Fun: Set up a small fish tank or a bowl with fish (even paper ones!). Discuss different types of fish and their habitats.

Day 6: Animals and Humans 🐘👨‍👩‍👧

On the sixth day, God created animals and humans.

Teaching Idea:

  • Animal Parade: Have students draw their favorite animals and share fun facts about them. You can also watch documentaries or read books about different animals.
  • Human Body Exploration: Discuss the human body and how amazing it is. Use diagrams to show how different parts of the body work.

Day 7: Day of Rest 😴🌤️

On the seventh day, God rested.

Teaching Idea:

  • Quiet Time: Encourage students to have some quiet time for reflection or reading. Discuss the importance of rest and how it helps us recharge.
  • Create a Relaxation Space: Make a cozy corner with pillows and blankets where students can relax, read, or meditate.

Join Our Creation Camp! 🏕️

Our Creation Camp kit comes with everything you need to host your own camp at home:

  • Teacher’s Manual: Complete day-by-day instructions, reproducible sheets, and directions for each activity, experiment, and art project.
  • Student Notebook: Activity sheets, crossword puzzles, vocabulary games, word search, and a separate field guide book to decorate and put together.

You can complete the camp in one week or spread it out over a longer period—it’s up to you!

Ready to start your Creation Camp adventure? Click here to learn more and get your kit today! 🌟✨

Evolution Taught To Kids | Replay

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Evolution Taught To Kids As Truth | I've heard it all! Evolution has nothing to do with a kid's faith. But when evolution is taught to kids as truth the problems begin. It is one of the reasons that kids leave their faith as they get older. | #podcast #creationscienceEvolution Taught To Kids As Truth ~ Episode

I’ve heard it all! Evolution has nothing to do with a kid’s faith. But when evolution is taught to kids as truth the problems begin. It is one of the reasons that kids leave their faith as they get older. There are many excuses given for how a kid raised in a Christian, God-loving home can leave their faith behind. Maybe the kids never believed. Maybe they didn’t really mean it when they accepted the Lord as their personal Savior. Maybe they didn’t make their faith their own, or they weren’t really “saved.” No one can answer this question other than the person who once believed and now doesn’t.

In my experience talking to hundreds of parents in the years since I co-authored my first book on the topic of Creation, in 1994 the common theme was, evolution. The child bought into the lie taught as fact in the schools they attended. The biggest question I’ve asked is why is a theory taught as a fact? I think the answer is as varied as the person asking the question. Again, the common theme is because the “other” (Creationism) is faith and evolution is science. Evolution is a theory. It is not a scientific law.

Science, Faith, and Truth

In fact on further examination evolution contradicts scientific laws like Thermodynamics. But of course, we sweep this under the rug. Upon digging deeper we also learn that Darwinian evolution is discounted (because the fossil record never substantiated Darwin’s theory) and neo-Darwinism is in. Or is it? Now scientists think neo-Darwinism is in need of a replacement.

Many Christian households teach a Biblical Creation as stated in Genesis 1: God created… and many also are at a loss on how to fit their faith into evolution. News Flash! You don’t have to “fit” faith into evolution because evolution is a lie. Is there microevolution, changes within a kind. Absolutely. But macroevolution – goo to you by way of the zoo is a myth. Now scientists realize that what they thought was DNA “junk” randomly evolving human genome can’t happen. In fact, 95% of human genomes can not evolve. Really? We knew this. So, why do evolutionists keep insisting that Genesis is a myth?

Evolution Taught To Kids as Truth – The Problem

Once kids are taught that evolution is a “valid” theory (aka educated guess) kids think their parents lied, or worse. They park their faith at the door and feel that maybe Genesis is the fairy tale. In my many years of study into creationism and evolution, I learned that kids need to be taught both of the faith systems because truthfully both are based upon faith. We have faith in the unseen, we were not present when God created the world and we were not present when the big-bang or whatever other theory started the world, and from this disorder came order – and everything in between. There are many theories of origins and as demonstrated earlier, they keep changing. Some Christian believe that Almighty God chose to begin the world by evolution (Theistic Evolutionists).

Debating Evolution Taught to Kids as Truth

So much of this has been debated and truthfully, it is up to each one of you to make this determination on your own. But, I’m warning you, if your kids are brought up with a strong faith and yet believe in evolution as a theory of molecules-to-man, they will be hard-pressed to defend their faith when they are in higher education. My co-author on the Creation Science Series, Jill Whitlock use to lament that those who believed in Theistic Evolution were lost, souls. I don’t go that far. Sure, you can believe in God, have a relationship with the Almighty and still believe in evolution. But what a loss.

Explaining to children that the Bible (especially Genesis) is an allegory or fairy tale, and then jumping to Genesis 1:27 – “Oh, but we believe that God created Adam and Eve, just not as He said in Genesis. You see, these organisms evolved and then at some point when a human was formed, God infused a soul into the first man and then the first woman, and called them Adam and Eve.” That is confusing to say the least. We must believe that Almighty God used death and destruction and “chance” as the molecules formed themselves eventually into a human, to then infuse a soul? Wow.

Never mind that there is no evidence that evolution happened. No fossil record. No verifiable scientific data. Only a theory.

Why are people so adamant that Creationism is false? That Genesis is not to be read literally? Because then a person must change and follow God and the “rules” which they believe are limiting.

Recently some big names in the Christian world have abdicated their faith. They’ve decided they are no longer Christians because of the “definition” of what it means to be a Christian. In the same sentence they added – oh, by the way, I am also getting divorced. We see the tragedy of sin in the priest scandal. We see pastors of various denominations falling prey to sin. How does this happen? It begins by turning away from the truth and coming up with the slang of the day “speaking your own truth.”

And when evolution is taught to kids as truth then nothing is sacred.

Kids begin to question:

  • We don’t have to believe the Bible as written?
  • Do we have to believe in Noah’s ark? That was pretty far fetched, anyway.
  • Jonah and the whale – yeah, that was hard to believe, too.
  • Moses parting the Red Sea – yeah, totally weird.
  • Jesus born of a Virgin? How can that be?
  • Jesus the Son of God? Wow. I don’t know.
  • Jesus and the miracles of the loaves and fishes. How can that happen?
  • Jesus dying for our sins? If Adam and Eve didn’t exist then why did he have to die?
  • Jesus rising from the dead? Not sure about that one either.

Never mind that the disciples that walked with Jesus (except for John) were all martyred for their faith as well as thousands upon thousands of Christians. You don’t give your life for a myth or allegory.

Kids think in ways that many adults tend to think and if we begin questioning the truth of the Bible or a loose interpretation of it, then nothing is sacred. Friends, don’t believe me. Research creationism side-by-side with evolution. No one has all the answers but evolution is sure based on a bunch of theory by scientists who have very little if any evidence that points to a conclusion that is substantiated.

Hug your kids. Teach them the truth. You will be happy you did.

Are you ready to host your own Creation Camp — at HOME?  

Each day you study one day of God’s amazing Creation! One Week of Full Activities or break it up into a longer period of time. Your choice.

Comes complete with all the instructions, a Kids’ book you may copy for multiple children, supplies that can be shared and a Teacher’s Instruction Manual.  Teacher’s Manual includes complete day by day instructions, reproducible sheets, and complete directions for each experiment, activity, and art project, and the answer keys!  Student notebook: Students receive a notebook with activities sheets, crossword puzzles, vocabulary games, word search, and a separate field guide book that they can put together and decorate.

Creation and Evolution Beliefs

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Creation and evolution beliefs | Creation and evolution beliefs is a topic that deals with looking at the evidence and perhaps with a different conclusion. In this podcast, Felice shares her research with a creation scientist #homeschooling #homeschool #homeschoolpodcast #creationandevolution #creationscienceCreation and Evolution Beliefs

Creation and evolution beliefs are just that – a topic that deals with looking at the evidence and perhaps with a different conclusion. In this podcast, Felice shares her research with a creation scientist as well as her curriculum that has received inclusion in Cathy Duffy’s 100 and 101 Top Homeschool Curriculum. Jill Whitlock and Felice Gerwitz co-authored a series of curriculum for the homeschool and Christian school market. You can find our books at as well as on Amazon.

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And, our

Creation and evolution beliefs can follow you anywhere!

Felice attended a health conference for doctor’s and one talk was entitled the Embryo Defensive Human Life. And as you know, with a topic of a creation and evolution, that’s one of the big things that come up with a definition of what human life is. The talk was hosted by professor Robert George, he is a Princeton University professor. What was amazing was the fact that the discussion these days has gone to the definition of life, as a Christian, I believe that life is at the moment of conception and the human embryo is totally human. It is a humankind. It has a potential to grow into an adult. Professor George had to be transported to and from the airport by a deputy sheriff of Lee County. And it was, I’m sure for his safety, he had to be escorted because he has had death threats on his life. While we may consider that we live in a free society when you see things such as this, it is hard to believe. And right now I just praise God that there is this ability to speak frankly about the importance of the beginning of life, which is important to the future of our children! Be sure to teach your children that God created is wonderful, commendable, and should be done.

He’s written many books and was so articulate and so logical to me that much of it dovetails into this discussion of creation and evolution. Let me just preface this, talk with a couple of things and one of them is my lack of knowledge beginning any discussion on the topic. I met Jill Whitlock many years ago now and she was a scientist. She was an oil and weld geologists by degree. And when I met her she was telling me about the topic of creation and evolution.

Teaching Creation and evolution beliefs side-by-side is important.

I had just attended a conference at the state convention the year before. And I said I was left with a lot of questions. I bought a lot of books, but I didn’t know what to do with these books. She had made a ten-year study at the time and invited me over. She started out the discussion with the second law of thermodynamics and I hit pause on the recorder and I said, okay, we need to stop here. I didn’t even know there was a First Law of Thermodynamics and here you are talking about a second Law of Thermodynamics. And I said, well, what is the thermodynamics? After we stopped laughing she went on and explained and opened my eyes to the world of science and how important it was to teach both concepts to your children.

Many times in our in our homeschool world, children are taught biblical principles and are taught values, virtues, and character qualities. And all of these things are very important and very pivotal. And I do this as well in my own schooling of my children. But I want to challenge you to go one step further and I want to challenge you to consider teaching creation and evolution side by side.

And here’s the reason why. For many, many years, I’ve had friends in all walks of faith in the homeschool world and outside of it that serve the Lord, yet their children have strayed. Some even believe that it is anti-Christian because anybody who is open-minded could not possibly consider that God used the book of Genesis as fact, many consider it an allegory. I don’t argue the point anymore. What I do say is educate yourself and whatever you decide is between you and your maker, if you believed there is one or not. And it’s not anything. I can only present the information and then you can decide how you’re going to teach it.

And you know, I know there’s some wonderful curriculum available. Our books are geared with a very, very detailed outline that Jill came up with after many, many, many years of research.

My challenge to you with today is to give your children a foundation that will stay with them after they leave your home and go into adulthood. At some point, your kids will need to make a choice and hopefully, they can make a choice for God! However, they must understand the evolutionary perspective. You can’t put God in a box, however, I believe that the book of Genesis. should be taken literally, we take every word in the Bible literally. It’s not up to me to decide, everyone needs to make up their own mind.  As a Christian we discuss Genesis 12 and consider that literally because it discusses Abraham and the lineage of David, leading to Christ.

Points discussed on this podcast:

  1. It is important not only for me to teach my children the Biblical truth, but also to teach them that evolution does not hold the answers.
  2. Discuss with your children – when does life begin.
  3. Creation and evolution are both very important. Charles Darwin is considered the father of evolutionary thought. He basically preempted another author when he wrote the book Origins of Species and it became based on some of his observations that was published in 1859 and has become the dominant scientific theory of origins amongst influential scientists.
  4. Today scientists today no longer believe in evolution as proposed by Charles Darwin. In fact, they call it neo-Darwin and Neo Darwinian. Darwin said that the fossil record would prove all the transitions that he speculated about in his observations in the fossil record is still sadly lacking what in, in not sad for us to set for evolutionists.
  5. When studying about creation versus evolution, there have been three things that have really shaken the evolutionary foundation.
    1. And one is the scientists claim that DNA can be traced back to one set of parents. One scientist refer to this as the Mitochondrial Eve. This is bad press for an evolutionist, because of the reference to the Bible, but totally in line with what creation! Teach that all mankind comes from one set of parents. And if you believe in the biblical principles, we call them Adam and Eve.
    2. The second amazing thing with scientists believing they can test the effects of the beginning of time. Again, a big shock to them because they believed that the big bang or rose from an eternal universe, and now if they can see a beginning, then the question becomes who started it?
    3. The third shock in the scientific community is when red blood cells were found and dinosaur bones. Now, this is impossible since it is believed that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. The blood cells should have dissipated, are fossilized — but here they were not. In fact, and we use this as a topic in our second novel in the truth seekers mystery series, dinosaur quest.
  6. Everything you read about evolution teaches it as a given fact. Beware of this. They use words such as millions of years ago or we know that millions of years ago that… And so these are the things that really bother me when I read them teaching creation and evolution side by side. It says it all because your student, your child has been a constantly been be bombarded with evolutionary information from secular sources. Second, we need to teach evolution so that our children will understand the problems with the theory and learn how to counter what they see and hear in the media through science by definition is observable, repeatable, and testable.
  7. We cannot go back and observe or redo creation, nor can we observe or a test evolution than they are both. Belief systems both require faith to believe.
  8. There are so many scientists who are so eager to believe the lies of evolution when there’s so much evidence contrary to evolution, but it is censored. And the opinions of scientists are presented as facts.
  9. We either say things are a theory, proven or a hypothesis. Science teaches the theory of evolution is a valid hypothesis based on, “all of this evidence” that is still missing.
  10. Do you kids understand or could they debate a college professor who claims that Carbon14 dating is valid? My daughter did this in college and I share the details in this podcast. It is important for your children (and you) to understand the difference.
  11. Teach your children to think through things logically. Children who are being taught to think logically, are able to combat those who are illogical.
  12. Artifacts for example, of a fossilized beetle, are supposed to be 60 million years old, yet it is unchanged from a modern living beetle. We can point out and show our children. (My daughter and I used this topic in our third novel ( – Keys To The Past: Unlocked)
  13. The majority of people today, including many Christians, think the theory of evolution was founded by Darwin and is supported by scientific effort. And it actually began before the ancient Greeks. And again, there is no scientific basis that really, really definitively says, you know, here’s the information, you know, we’re done with it, there’s no more discussions, you know, the theory of evolution caused from the new changes over time and allows one species to change into a totally different species over millions of years.
  14. Macroevolution does not exist and there is no evidence. People try to say that microevolution has also evolved. Now micro is a change within a kind and that is not at all what we consider evolution. I have no problem with microevolution.
  15. When people talk about Noah’s Ark and look at feasibility studies that had been done about it, it is astounding that each kind of animal was on the Ark. You know, even some of the dinosaur kinds. And most dinosaurs were actually very small about the size of a chicken.
  16. Dr. Henry Morris was a tenured scientist who left to found the Institute for Creation Research. And he was for a sore point in the side of “real scientists” because he was a real scientist. He was a tenured scientist at a secular university.
  17. James Watson and Francis Crick were scientists who recognized that nothing could have evolved by random chance or mutations over time. And this spawned the Intelligent Design debate.
  18.  Intelligent Design says that our world is so complex it must have an Intelligent designer –proponents of this are across the board in their belief systems from Christian groups, Christian, Catholics, Jewish atheists were all part of this group and still are today. Many videos are available by Michael Behe on YouTube.
  19. Evolution is still considered a theory. There is no law of evolution. Biogenesis states that life can only come from life. And therefore, evolution violates the Law of Biogenesis and if you try to ask a scientist that you will get every other answer, but a direct response. And to me it’s so amazing and these are the kinds of things that happen when people turn their backs to Christian principles.
  20. Many students lose their states and reject the biblical teaching of their families and churches and essentially lose their fate due to evolution.


10 Things Your Child Must Know About the Origins Debate

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About Our Books: Why should you teach your children about Creation? Because everything else they read that is remotely science related teaches evolution as FACT. Shouldn’t your children learn there is more than one side to the story? Do you want your child to be informed? We do and we consider this our mission at Media Angels. About the Study Guides: These study guides include a readable outline of the main points in the Creation vs. evolution discussion, the major talking points you should know and ways to educate the children in these points with hands-on activities and experiments. This series isn’t a read-it-one-time and forget it! This series will be repeated again and again and is for K-12th! If you want a course in Creation Apologetics for kids, this is it! Additional Resources Activity Packs for each of the study guides which contain hands on activities you can photo copy for your family. Creation Kids Classes: On Demand -Six weeks worth of classes — one per week for ages K-8th grade (high school if you’ve never studied Creation). -Audio Recordings -Handouts and Websites to visit -Further research -Bonus interviewsEquip your kids to defend their Creation Position! 10 Must Know Points.

Here she goes again! If you didn’t already know, Felice has a passion for teaching kids (and their parents) about the wonders of God’s Creation…but it goes one step further. Felice’s passion turned into a book series (selected by Cathy Duffy in her 100 and now 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum).

Can you prove it? Can you prove evolution? Listen in and bring your kids (Mrs. Gerwitz says this counts as school 🙂 ) and learn the TOP 10 things your kids should know about the creation and evolution debate.

Discover the Curriculum from Cathy Duffy’s Top Picks

Our science curriculum books focus on topics that teach your children the truth about God’s glorious Creation. And ways to defend it!  This level includes all our creation curriculum classes and everything in the eBook bundle.

Now! Immediate access to online classes. Felice Gerwitz teaches your children online creation based upon award winning science curriculum designed to ground your family in a Christian worldview.

About Our Books:

Why should you teach your children about Creation? Because everything else they read that is remotely science related teaches evolution as FACT. Shouldn’t your children learn there is more than one side to the story? Do you want your child to be informed? We do and we consider this our mission at Media Angels.

About the Study Guides:

These study guides include a readable outline of the main points in the Creation vs. evolution discussion, the major talking points you should know and ways to educate the children in these points with hands-on activities and experiments. This series isn’t a read-it-one-time and forget it! This series will be repeated again and again and is for K-12th!

If you want a course in Creation Apologetics for kids, this is it!

Additional Resources

Activity Packs for each of the study guides which contain hands on activities you can photo copy for your family.

Creation Kids Classes: On Demand

-Six weeks worth of classes — one per week for ages K-8th grade (high school if you’ve never studied Creation).
-Audio Recordings
-Handouts and Websites to visit
-Further research
-Bonus interviews

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Creation Matters

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creation mattersCreation Matters

Does Creation Matter? Why does the discussion on how God created the world matter? Did God really create the world in six days and rest on the seventh? Does anyone really care? These questions and many more including teaching tips and great resources are presented in the Creation Science Podcast, my name is Felice Gerwitz and it is my pleasure and honor to be your host.

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This podcast was an original work of the Creation Science Expo that I had the pleasure of hosting some years back, it is my pleasure to re-release it to you and share the importance of caring about our origins.

Many times I’ve discussed the purpose of having a creationist perspective, and people would say, “Why do you care?” The reason I care is that I want my children to grow up with a Christian worldview and share that with their children, someday. In the writing of my Truth Seekers Mystery Series book, I had a “God-incident” that I share in this episode.

In a nutshell, I was rushed during the Christmas season and wanted nothing to do with the rereading of the draft copy of one of the novels. You see, as a novelist, and co-novelist at the (along with my then, college-aged daughter, Christina), I was the one in charge of final proofreading and I kept finding mistakes. I was frustrated. I threw up a heavenward prayer, “God are you sure you have the right person doing this job?” And, I wasn’t talking about the job of editing, I was talking about the job of being the “hands and feet” of God – spreading the word about the fallacies of evolutionary claims. Which these novels demonstrate in a fun-easy to read and mystery adventure. More about the here.

Heading to a store to do last minute shopping, I happened upon a calling card placed in a nativity scene I was about to purchase. (The audio includes details about this, but here is the visual — a copy of the card:

Listen to the podcast for the rest of the story!

creation matterscreation matters

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How and What to Teach with Science


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Creation Anatomy

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Creation Anatomy | Teaching Creation Anatomy iis an amazing way to study God's handiwork. #podcast #homeschoolCreation Anatomy

Creation Anatomy is a study of looking at the body through a different set of lenses, lenses with a creationist perspective. Can you see God’s creation in the human body? The answer is yes!

God’s creation is good — studying anatomy with a Biblical perspective means starting in the book of Genesis.
God created man with a purpose we are His special creation!
We are the “body” of Christ!

In our book, Creation Anatomy: A Study Guide of the Body there is a chapter on the price of the human body.
However when you add up all the parts of the human body down to its chemical composition — God created us with an eternal soul and that means we are priceless!
Our body doesn’t only operate on an elemental level — it also functions on the molecular level and the most complex of all of our molecules in hemoglobin.
Any attempt to make man has failed. There is not a biochemical company that could put it all together and not enough money in the world to buy all the elements you need for our body.

That is an amazing testament to the awesome power of God.

Our body works in the most complex way.
We have different fluids
75-trillion cells
Our cells require oxygen, burns fuel, gets hot, needs to cool, performs work and gives off exhaust — “gas”

  1. Studying Creation Anatomy we delve into the miracle of the body:
  2. Oxygen reaches the destination which diffuses into the cell
  3. The same moment the blood carries exhaust gasses from the cell
  4. The exhaust gases are tissue cells in CO2
  5. C02 plus water equals carbonic acid
  6. And it must be neutralized instantly
  7. Naturalized red cells take it to the bloodstream
  8. Bloodstream combines with salt and plasma which equals sodium bicarbonate
  9. Harmless and carried to lungs
  10. Lungs are not equipped to exhale waste
  11. in the lungs — bicarbonate ions join with protons from hydrogen to form carbonic acid that breaks down to form carbon dioxide gas and water
  12. It passes through the capillary wall to the lungs to be exhausted
  13. Same instant red cells pick up another fresh load of oxygen and begin the journey again.

Listen to the podcast for more information.

What Happened To The Dinosaurs

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What Happened To The Dinosaurs? | This podcast is for kids to learn about the dinosaurs. #podcast #creationscience #dinosaurs #homeschoolFor Kids! What Happened To The Dinosaurs? Episode 7

To understand a bit about what happened to the Dinosaurs, it is best to begin in Genesis. Understanding how man sinned shows us that the Garden of Eden a haven for Adam and Eve and all the animals became a world far from perfection.

Then along came Noah! He was a righteous man and he saved the animals at the time of The Flood. While some think the flood was only in specific areas of the world, this is not true! You can find more information about Flood Geology in the book Creation Geology a Study Guide to Fossils, Formations & The Flood. The Flood was worldwide, the podcast contains information about some of the ways we know this.

The Ark design was unique (Genesis 6:14-16) There was room for 2 of each animal, food and storage, Noah and his family. The ark design is one of the most stable of any boat. When God said He wanted Noah to take two of each kind, what does it mean? A “kind” is not a “species.” For example, a “dog kind,” includes dogs, wolves, coyotes, etc.

What Happened To The Dinosaurs?

Where are the dinosaurs? Dinosaurs were believed to be on the ark. Juvenile dinosaurs were onboard and the average size of the dinosaur was the size of a small chicken. So, for all those skeptics, yes – dinosaurs were on the ark!

When the rains stopped and the flood waters receded, 150 days later the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. The mountains became visible in the tenth month.

Before the Flood, the earth was warmer. It is believed there was more carbon dioxide in the air that made the plants and animals grow bigger (and people lived longer). There are many plants and animals found in the fossil record that did not survive the flood.

What Happened to the Dinosaurs? 

After the flood, many plants and animals died and the dinosaurs and other large creatures could not live in the reduced atmosphere or without some of the plants that did not survive, so they became extinct. Many plants and animals were buried rapidly which caused fossils. Fossils are often found in groups. The rocks showed the catastrophic deposits with large scale erosion into the newly deepened oceans. There was also a post-flood Ice Age.

Geologic formations formed and the rapid burial showed that many fossils found were not commonly found together in nature. The Fossils were only preserved when they are rapidly buried.

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Global Flood

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Global Flood | As we talk about the Genesis Global Flood and its significance, it is important to, first of all, determine if it was a global or a local event. Did the Flood cover the whole earth or just Mesopotamia? | #podcast #creationpodcast The Global Flood Episode 17

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The Four Great Global Events of Genesis The Flood

As we talk about the Genesis Global Flood and its significance, it is important to, first of all, determine if it was a global or a local event. Did the Flood cover the whole earth or just Mesopotamia?

Genesis indicates that the Flood was global, affecting all of the earth. If this was not the case, then the rainbow that the Lord gave as a sign of His promise would have been a promise given just to the people of Mesopotamia and would have had no significance for the rest of the world. Why does the world need to be reminded that the Lord would never flood Mesopotamia again? This would have been a huge waste of time and space to take four chapters of Genesis to tell a story that is irrelevant to future generations.

Global Flood:

We also need to decide if the story of the Flood is anything more than a myth. It is true that the Flood cannot be proven by science, but the same is true of the uniformitarian view of our earth. Uniformitarianism also can not prove that the earth is a product of processes over millions of years. To be classified as science, it must be able to be tested, observed, and repeated. This is not possible with uniformitarianism.

Scripture is not intended to be a scientific dissertation on geology, but it is a historical record that presents the global Flood as a real historical event. The real question to address is, can the Flood explain the geological landforms, rocks, and fossils that we see today? And the answer is, yes.

Global Flood:

There are two major stages as recorded in the Scripture concerning the Flood – the filling stage, or the inundation stage. This is found in Genesis 7:23-24. The second stage, the receding stage, is found in Gen 8:1-16. Although there is no scientific terminology in either of these passages, there are quite a few geological implications in these passages.

Here are the verses and activity/geological implications:

Gen.7:4 – Extinction

Gen. 7:11 – Tectonic upheaval

Gen. 7:11 – Torrential and violent rain, massive flooding

Gen. 7:17 – Massive amounts of rock and sediment torn up and moved

Gen. 7:18 – The waters and their strength increase, causing erosion and transportation of sediments

Gen. 7:19 – The Flood was deep, covering the entire earth

Gen. 7:21 – The Flood was devastating to life, which is what the fossil record shows

Gen. 7:22 – Dead things buried in rock layers all over the earth

Ge. 7:23 – All air-breathing, land-dwelling life outside of the ark perished

Gen. 7:24 – It took 150 days for the water to reach a maximum depth

Gen. 8:1 – Water draining off the earth carved great ravines, channels, and planation surfaces

Gen. 8:2 – Wet sediments torn up by the Flood begin to settle

Gen. 8:3 – Receding flood waters would have caused rapid and catastrophic cutting and planation

Ge. 8:5 – Continued planation and channelized erosion

Gen. 8:34 – Some sediments during this time would have hardened, others would have warped during the tectonic processes of the Flood


And the products that we would highlight are:

Biblical Creation Terminology

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Biblical CreationBiblical Creation Terminology

In order to have an intelligent discussion, you must understand the terms. Biblical Creation terminology is the focus of this podcast.

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Biblical Creation vs. Evolution:

A quick definition of Biblical Creation begins with the Creator God. A Creator God began the world with His Word. Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

Evolution – by definition is a change over time, it is a two-step process.
1. The theory that life began spontaneously on its own
2. Darwin’s theory of simple life evolving into more complex

The terminology is confusing.
Terminology is everything. “He who defines the term wins.”

What is in a word?
1. Creation science
2. Biblical Creation
3. Old Earth Creationist

1. Macro Evolution
2. Convergent Evolution
3. Darwinism
4. Neo-Darwinism
5. Old Earth
6. Theistic Evolution

God created the world with His Word. Genesis 1:1

Do you believe that God created? It is a matter of faith, evidence points to a Creator.

Intelligent Design:

An “Intelligent” Designer began the world
Science points to order not disorder
Evolution does not make sense in regard to life beginning by accident
The Designer could be:
1. God (for Christians)
2. Aliens
3. Unknown


Scientists are conflicted and confused when discussing this aspect of evolution. The idea that traits are inherited by use and disuse is unscientific. The theory is that an organism adapts or alters according to certain genetic limits or due to circumstances.

Creationists do believe that adaptation does happen within certain generic limits. Adaptation happens within a kind. For example, there are different kinds of dogs, cats, finch, etc.

However, dogs remain dogs. New creatures or new features are never observed through adaptation.

1.Evolution of populations with species
2. Evolutionary biologists involved in the debate over what the term means
3. Based on the word “species”
4. Signifies a small step along evolution from one basic kind to another (false)
5. Variation should be used instead
6. Changes that occur with certain characteristics

Evolutionary scientists:

1. Have faith in evolution
2. Will not back down even with the lack of evidence
3. Bottom line: atheists, agnostics or Bible believers who see evolution evidence through evolutionary filters
4. Those who believe God created the world as stated in Genesis
a. take Genesis and the entire Bible in faith
b. Believe science confirms the Bible

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A Preconceived Mindset | Let’s Talk About Creation

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A Preconceived Mindset | The interpretation of scientific information is not as clear-cut as many would like to assume. An individual’s disposition or preconceived mindset can make interpreting scientific information, data, and facts challenging | #blog ##homeschooling #TipsHomeschooling #APreconceivedMindsetA Preconceived Mindset

The interpretation of scientific information is not as clear-cut as many would like to assume. An individual’s disposition or preconceived mindset can make interpreting scientific information, data, and facts challenging. As a believer, when I encounter scientific information, I immediately see it with the eyes of a Christian. In the same way, an evolutionist, looking at the same scientific information, will immediately see and interpret that data through different eyes.

Although biases are never favorable, awareness of your predisposition, whether creation or evolution, can be a starting point to more objectively analyze information. This, of course, does not mean that you must forsake or squash your beliefs. Instead, objectivity allows others to see the creditability of your research and better understand your interpretation of the material.

It should be noted that both creation and evolution are belief systems. Here’s the logic—no one was there at the beginning of life (until it happened!), and we have not been able to duplicate the origins of life through experimentation scientifically—therefore, scientifically speaking, neither viewpoint is “provable” instead, each must be accepted by faith—we were either created by a loving God, or through the evolutionary process of death.

Pointing Out A Preconceived Mindset

In the third novel, Keys to the Past: Unlocked, we had several opportunities to present characters oblivious to their biases. When the characters enter into discussions, the perceived mindset of an individual is quickly brought to light. Yet, often, the characters did not see their own prejudices. (This is often the case with many individuals today.)

When Dr. Foster (the scientist in the novel) interpreted the data he recovered, he looked at the information, assuming that evolution was the mechanism by which life started. By doing this, he was no longer genuinely looking at the information or data but instead simply attempting to make the data fit into a model he had already constructed and believed to be true.

Often, a creationist is looked down upon by evolutionists because they assume scientific information is only analyzed by a creationist as long as it meshes with the model and time periods explained in Genesis. This, however, is not the case. Any good scientist will analyze all the information and then come to a nonbiased conclusion; at least, we hope for this.

Creationism As Science?

Because the secular scientific community has scrutinized creationism, I feel that in many cases, creationists are more aware of their personal disposition and need for objectivity. On the other hand, many secular evolutionists have raised themselves above creationists—deeming themselves unbiased.

This is because many secular (as well as some Christian) scientists believe that evolution is a proven fact. The National Science Standards (which you can find online) state that teaching evolution is mandatory for all students. They specifically address the issue of the “problem” with creation. They point out that creation is a “religion,” yet evolution is a scientific fact.

This illustrates that there appears to be a trap some scientists and educators fall into: they are unaware of their own preconceived viewpoint (or choose to ignore it). Overcoming a biased opinion or interpretation of data can only fully happen when you admit you have one.

Do Creationists Have Preconceived Mindsets

Creationists wholeheartedly admit to believing in the first eleven chapters of Genesis—which lays out the Creation story. They realize their potential for approaching scientific data with a perceived mindset—thus, they can move past it onto the information. Most evolutionists, however, claim to be unbiased; this blindness makes them all the more vulnerable to the problem of incorrectly interpreting scientific information. By arguing they are not biased, they are, in fact, closing themselves off from overcoming—their evolutionist disposition.

Biases are an undeniable fact, for we are all human. Having said this, they should be considered when conducting research or interpreting data. Creationists have an excellent opportunity to share their faith and the truths about creation science with the entire scientific community. It is important to analyze the content of a scientific paper and the author of the work. One way to do this is to read a biography of the author or the research institution. Personally, I feel confident with the information I find on websites such as The Institute for Creation Research or Creation Studies Institute.

Being aware of personal biases is important to each of us. Understanding this issue will go a long way in preparing you and your children for the onslaught of evolutionary claims found in the general media. The good news is there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that is the truth found in the Word of God!

Christina Gerwitz Moss was homeschooled K-12 and graduated Magnum sum Laude from FGCU with a Communication degree and a minor in Anthropology. She currently homeschools her nine children, is married to the love of her life, and continues to seek God’s will daily.