Eating Raw Cookie Dough

Eating Raw Cookie Dough | Just say no, raw cookie dough is dangerous. | #homeschool #blog #cdcwarning #cookiedoughI’ve said this for years! Eating raw cookie dough can make you sick! I remember my kids wanting to snack on the dough as I was allowing them to help me make cookies. I’d take some chocolate chips or raisins and place them in mini-cups for them to snack on, instead of the dough. Why? Call it gut instinct.

I grew up with parents owning several businesses. One was a bakery in New York the other a restaurant in Winter Haven, Florida. My dad was a neat freak! He kept his workplace neat. He had sayings such as, “You want to learn how to cook? Learn how to clean first!” We never ate cookie dough.

Now, the truth is that raw processed white flour and raw eggs can make you sick. The CDC has put out a statement read here, but in a nutshell, the article urges:

  1. Do not eat raw dough — or anything made with raw flour
  2. Do not let kids play with or eat raw dough (kids put their fingers in their mouth!)
  3. Prepare foods at a proper temperature and follow recipe directions.
  4. Do not make milkshakes with raw flour or cake mixes
  5. Do not use the raw dough in ice cream (the ones you buy are cooked to kill harmful bacteria)
  6. Keep raw foods separate from ready to eat foods (flour is a powder and can be airborne and harmful).
  7. Refrigerate raw cookie dough.
  8. Clean up with soap and water — all hands, utensils, bowls, countertops, cutting boards, cookie utensils, etc.

Parents – please be careful! Kids can still frost cookies and help in other ways with decorations.

Here is what I would do:

  1. Purchase organic whenever possible. Not that that in itself is the total answer, but it can help.
  2. Use sprouted organic grain. You can soak the grain overnight – when it begins to sprout dry it in a warm oven. 150 degrees or less. Be sure to heat oven and turn it off before you put in the sprouted grain. Then, grind.
  3. Be sure to keep your baking area clean. Use hot water and soap.

It is a wonderful tradition to bake cookies with your children but safety is first! Have a wonderful time, and be safe!

Best Kid Gifts

Best Kid Gifts | The best kid gifts are ones they would never select for themselves! | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #homeschool Best Kid Gifts – Episode 313

The best kid gifts are ones they would never select for themselves! Truthfully. Often kids think they know what they’d like to receive and with these simple steps you can have a wonderful celebration, no matter what the time of year without breaking the bank.

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Okay friends, it is time to look at how you purchase gifts for those you love! I recently did an activity with my kids and will do this with my grandkids soon. The activity is as follows.

Hand each a square of paper. Take a sheet of paper and cut it into 4 squares (or use index cards) and ask the following questions.

  1. What did you get last year for Christmas (or birthday) that was your favorite present?
  2. What did you get two years ago for Christmas (or birthday) that was your favorite present?
  3. What did you get three years ago for Christmas (or birthday) that was your favorite present?

The point here is that often, very often unless you have one of those photographic minds in your family, the children will not be able to name a present from two or three years ago.

The next question (yes, there is more)!

  1. What gift did you really, really, really want that once you received it no longer was as great as you thought it was?

Again, the point is that often what they want is no longer what they want once they get the item. Two instances with the same child come to mind. (I share this in the podcast.)

Doing this fun type of activity and asking the children for feedback really helps if you have one of those children who really “wants” something special.

Parents, I do not allow my children to give me Christmas lists –unless I ask for them. I began asking for lists once I had adult children because their lists include needs and not wants. Personally, I have great kids. They say, “Mom don’t spend too much money on us!” This from the two in college who (thank-you, Jesus) received full academic scholarships, yet I still pay room and board.

When I asked what they needed the list was different. Running shoes, training shoes, long sleeves, pullovers, and my daughter needs a new softball glove. My son’s school thankfully provides all of their athletic needs. My other son asked for some tools. My husband, shirts and shorts.

Pray, ask the Lord what you should purchase them. I have a podcast on A Few Minutes with God on my other network, Ultimate Christian Podcast Network. This podcast talks about Jesus Calling and is based upon the books my older kids love by the same name.

So here are the top gifts that won’t break the bank but are things your child will really want!

  1. A new Bible cover. Most of your kids probably have Bibles – if not purchase one for them, and a new cover is always nice.
  2. Jesus Calling. There is an entire series of books. Buy an inexpensive journal to go with it. At our local discount stores, I find lined journals with Scriptures on the cover that are either manly or girly and you can give this as a gift.
  3. Collections of short stories. Young children and old alike love classics that are distilled down into small bite-sized bits.
  4. Now with all of those amazing websites, you can buy ornaments and even glass with a picture on it. On a budget? No worries! There are some wonderful picture frames you can purchase. My favorite are black plastic with a push out glass. You mount the picture and there is glass all around (so it shows the wall color behind). I recently used these matching, inexpensive frames to put all of the kid’s sports pictures throughout the years on the wall in a spare bedroom. Capture the kid’s favorite moments and create a collage for each child.
  5. A handwritten letter. With that passing of President George H Bush, we learned how he often wrote to people and they treasured these letters. Every year for Christmas or a birthday write your children a letter. Tell them you love them (no why needed) and write this on beautiful stationery. Sign and date it. Place it in a manila or white envelope with the date. I promise you, your kids will keep these.
  6. An ornament for Christmas. One of my friends did this from the time her children were little. My kids have their favorites given to them from aunts and uncles. When I go to a party at Christmas time this is my gift of choice. I use to find beautiful glass ornaments at the discount stores but have not found them in years! If you know a good source, please go to this podcast post #313 and let me know. My daughter received a saddle and boots on the year as an ornament when she took horseback riding lessons.
  7. A memory book. Give the child a blank book or one filled with some past field trips or family events and explain that you will fill this book the coming year with fun things you will do as a family.
  8. A puzzle such as a rubric cube or something similar. YouTube has many videos on how to solve these and my son is a whiz and had almost everyone on his baseball team buying one. Much better than handheld games in my opinion.
  9. A subscription. KiwiCo – or Raddish Kids, — redirects to
  10. A pet. Yes, I know who takes care of the pet it is you mom or dad! However, it will be one of those gifts that your child will really love – if your child likes pets! You can give a gift certificate for this with the promise of shopping after Christmas and watch the excitement on your child’s face. I’d stay away from purebreds –just my opinion. The humane society has many pets awaiting adoption, or check your local Craig’s List where we found our dog, Indy about 9 years ago!

Best Ever DIY Christmas Gifts

Do it yourself or DIY is all the craze, but only when it is simple and the gifts are truly worth giving.The Best Ever DIY Christmas Gifts Episode 311

I know, we’ve heard it before the best ever DIY Christmas gifts often are more expensive than buying something on sale at the store. But, when you have a large family or many additional family and friends to consider these gifts are a life saver.

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Do it yourself or DIY is all the craze, but only when it is simple and the gifts are truly worth giving. One year I received bath salts that smelled great and were different colors. When I looked at them closer I noticed the coloring was actually food coloring and could turn my skin the bright yellow, green and purple of the bath salts! Needless to say, this item was not used for baths at all.

Here are my go-to rules for DIY Christmas Gifts:

  1. Must be tried and true. This is not the time to experiment.
  2. Nice presentation. No one wants to open a box to see a hot-glued mess.
  3. Something someone would actually want. Think cheesecake vs. fruitcake.
  4. Take into account dietary needs. These days there are gluten, dairy and nut allergies. Stay away from these offenders if at all possible.
  5. Gift certificates do not need to be impersonal. Stay tuned to learn more!

The best every DIY Christmas Gifts can be every bit as charming as a high priced item that more than likely will break, wear out or possibly be something that is returned or regifted. Think about the person you want to gift an item. What are their likes? Dislikes? Take these into account.

Here are a few of the favorite gifts I have given and received:

  1. Recipe book: Tried and true family recipes. Think about making these into a book online that can be duplicated.
  2. Coupons: The kids have gifted me with coupons for the following and all were much appreciated! Car wash, make beds, wash dishes, babysit, neck rub, vacuuming, organizing.
  3. DIY personal: Bath Salts, Homemade Sanitizer, Rag rug,
  4. Food: Applesauce + recipe for muffins; Tomatoes + recipe for sauce; Pumpkin + recipe for pie; Fat Bombs + recipe; Baked goods + recipe; Mixes + recipe and decorative containers
  5. Gift Certificate to a: nature center, zoo, museums, amusement parks, Amazon, bookstore, coffee store, etc. Make it personal by going with the person whenever possible to enjoy their gift.
  6. Slide presentation with pictures
  7. Prayer audio
  8. Painting or other art projects
  9. Decopauge – a favorite saying or special memento on a wood plaque.
  10. Experience: Rooftop star gazing, impromptu road trip, see hot air balloons, country visit or city visit, camping

Diets Do Work

Diets Do Work | Weight loss, clarity of mind and more! | #podcast #diet #elimination-dietDiets Do Work – Episode 312

After six weeks on an elimination diet I am here to report, that diets do work! It was not easy, in fact giving up coffee for that long was a big sacrifice but the results were amazing and I can’t wait to share details in this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms!

Thanks to our sponsor Heirloom Audios and the amazing Membership Site –

I am here to report the amazing results on my slow-and-steady diet! I lost 15lbs of the 20 I wanted to lose. And lots of the food was delicious. I have some new favorites.

I had to avoid the following…it was about six weeks of:

  1. No sugar
  2. No gluten
  3. No nightshades
  4. No coffee
  5. No steak, meats (yes to chicken)
  6. No sugar alternatives
  7. No additives
  8. No Soy

Here is podcast 303 where I discuss details of the Elimination Diet.

Yes, it was not easy but the results were wonderful!

Clarity of Mind

Weight Loss

Focus on tasks

Lots of energy!

At one point my husband was even worried that I now had ADD!

Well, then came Thanksgiving. And, I gained two pounds. Then, yes you guessed it…I gained two more!

So what happened? After phase one I began phase two. And that was slowly adding back different foods. I could add any food but had to wait a full 24 hours to gauge how I felt. In that way, if there was a bad effect from the food I could then eliminate it from my diet.

I am happy to report no food allergies surfaced. But you might guess I added coffee back first, then tomatoes! I also learned something about myself. I sabotaged my own diet! And my downfall was nuts. Organic, raw, salted, unsalted — no matter. And if you added chocolate all the better. So…now I’m avoiding nuts!  I’ll

Best Ever Christmas Printable

This month’s subscriber only freebie is sure to wow you!

I am so excited for this month’s printable packet! This is our biggest one yet with 100 pages! Felice pours her heart out to her readers, with sweet words of encouragement, backed up with scriptures to print out and meditate on. She is chock full practical tips and ideas to help you have the most meaningful Christmas with your family. During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you are going to enjoy sitting back with a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate to pour over the wonderful words of wisdom and sweet sentiments for this holiday season. There are lots of printable activities to keep your kids busy as well!

Included in this printable packet is something for your whole family:

  • December Ultimate Gift Planning Printables
  • Calendar, National and USA
  • Encouragement Printables for Mom
  • Countdown to Christmas
  • Top 10 DIY Best Gifts to Make with Recipes
  • 4 Square Party Planner – Step-by-step
  • Grocery Planning Printable
  • December Fun Advent Activities
  • Christmas Table Name Tags
  • Printables for Christmas Count Down Scripture Chain
  • Kid’s School Planner for December
  • Wise Men Seek Him
  • Journaling Pages
  • Journaling Notebooking Sheets
  • Scripture Copywork
  • Planning Sheets for Kids

You can download this planning pack by clicking HERE to sign up now!

Story In The Rocks

The Story in the Rocks Episode 11

Story in the Rocks | Patrick Nurre shares the story in the rocks in today’s’ episode. Below find the show notes, and also a set you can also download a set. | #podcast #creationpodcast

Story in the Rocks | Patrick Nurre shares the story in the rocks in today's' episode. Below find the show notes, and also a set you can also download a set. | #podcast #creationpodcast

Here is the handout in an easy to download format. Below are the show notes as well. The Story in the Rocks

Introduction: Secular scientists tell us that the rocks are like the pages of a history book that can only be read by those trained in modern geology. The rocks do tell a story, but you must start from a correct historical perspective of the history of Earth.

Until the mid to late 1700’s those who studied nature were called naturalists. Their study sprang from the Creation story and the Genesis Flood as told in scripture. Newton and Galileo used this approach.  Nicolas Steno, one of the first to study geology, followed this. His rules are still taught today.

What about radiometric dating being used to date rocks and bones? Consider this:

  1. Radioactivity was discovered in 1897. The first radiometric age of the earth was calculated in 1917. But modern geology had already established early ages for the earth over 100 years before radiometric dating. So those who established these early ages in the 1800s were guessing.
  2. Since radiometric dating was first developed, many problems have surfaced with it. Numerous articles have been written about these problems.

How old are the rocks, fossils, and the earth? What is the story in the rocks?

These questions can’t be resolved by science, (observation, testing, and repetition of tests). And even before we answer these, we need a starting point.

There are two starting points, and both are philosophies. One is the Bible. The other came from the Enlightenment, a movement in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was a breakaway from the traditions of the church, the Bible, and miracles. Everything was to be studied apart from these. The historicity of the Scriptures was rejected, even though there was no sound reason for doing this.

The starting point for this second view was an idea called, uniformitarianism. It rejected a young Earth and a global flood, and said, instead, that the geology we observe now shaped the earth over immensely long periods of time. James Hutton considered the Father of Modern Geology, promoted this. This is the only view that is accepted in our modern educational institutions.

So how old are the rocks and fossils?

This must be answered from a historical framework. Uniformitarianism is limited in its ability to address this historically since the history of observation in uniformitarianism is limited to the past two hundred years. But the Bible records a global geological event that took place 4500 years ago.

Let’s apply the Biblical concept to the rocks.

Volcanic rocks: These are the only rocks we see forming. They spew out dangerous gases and cause destruction. They would not have been a part of the original, very good creation. Volcanoes would fit in Gen. 7:11 when the fountains of the great deep burst open.

Granitic rocks: Nobody has seen them form, but the consensus is that they are the foundation rocks of Earth. Biblical history would have them created within the first few days of the creation week.

Metamorphic rocks (changed rocks): Nobody has seen these form. Biblical history would fit them in Gen. 7:11. Sediments produced at this time as well as foundation rocks would have been changed through heat and pressure as these rocks ground against each other, consequently rearranging the minerals into new patterns. Limestone could have changed into marble, sandstone into quartzite, granite into gneiss.

Fossils (found in sedimentary rocks): These are explained by a catastrophic flood. Muddy sediments would have quickly buried billions of creatures and plants, preserving examples of the pre-flood world. And we now know that it does not take millions of years to form a fossil, but the right chemical environment.

Conclusion: The rocks and fossils tell a story, from the creation of elements to the destruction of the earth in a year-long, global flood. It is clearly seen in the evidence.




Countdown To Christmas Planning

Countdown to Christmas Planning |The countdown to Christmas can be a wonderful and blessed time with these helpful hints. | #podcast #homeschool #homeschoolpodcast #christmastipsCountdown to Christmas Planning Episode 310

The countdown to Christmas can be a wonderful and blessed time, especially if we make a plan that this year will be different. The stress and harried approach is now in the past and we are going to do this with prayer and the grace that comes only from God! In this episode Felice shares some of her secrets to getting it down with plenty of time to spare.

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Friends, it is time to take charge of our lives and get ready for the best Christmas ever with the focus on what really matters. I have about three steps to this plan so it is easy to implement and so simple!

One thing I would recommend is that you begin each day with prayer and end each day with prayers. We use an advent wreath. I have a special countdown to Christmas activity you can do with your children and I’ve podcasted about this as well – the link for that podcast is on this episode 310

First is make a list and cross off anything you do not want to do. I’m serious!

Here is what a typical Christmas countdown list looks like:

  1. Decorate the house / buy or put up the tree
  2. Take a Christmas picture for a card/write and send cards
  3. Buy or make presents for ____ people.
  4. Wrap Presents
  5. Bake cookies or gifts to give or keep to eat.
  6. Shop for Christmas dinner
  7. Prepare ahead for Christmas dinner
  8. Set Up for Christmas day
  9. Finish last minute prep – presents or wrapping
  10. Make Christmas Dinner

What is on this list that you can avoid? The two that stand out for me are the Christmas cards and the baking. Everything else you have to do… whether you buy presents or make them. You still have to wrap them.

Second is put your list in order of deadlines

Print out a month at a glance calendar – I have one on the show notes of if you don’t have one. You will need to add the dates to the calendar as it is blank. Use a pencil and list your deadline dates.

Try to get your shopping done one week ahead of time.

Third: Implement your list!

Helpful Christmas Countdown Hints:

  1. Decorate in one day if at all possible. This includes setting up the tree (in our case we buy a fresh tree). It also means getting help to watch the little ones and enlisting the help of the entire family!
  2. Shop online whenever possible. I’ve enclosed a link to a helpful article on about 5 best apps. The one I use is Honey. It does a great job online in telling me if there is a coupon I can use and it automatically
  3. When you are shopping check your phone and compare – I know you do this anyway, but many times it is just as cheap to buy it now in the store. Stores have become very good at price comparing themselves.
  4. Use gift bags… this is a huge time saver. One of my friends has 11 children and she uses one large gift bag to keep all the children’s gifts in. They love the idea of getting to their gifts quicker (her words) and she says they take turns watching each child open their gifts.
  5. Christmas baking – one friend doesn’t bake at all it stresses her. For me the stress in not in baking – it is my destresser! It is in sending out 100+ Christmas cards with a Christmas letter. Now, I only send out cards to immediate family and if we can get a picture taken at Thanksgiving, then great! If not – the card goes out without the photo.
  6. Making vs. buying gifts. If you have time, I love the idea of personally created gifts. You can make gift mixes (my December printable will have some of my mix ideas for muffins). Otherwise, start this in the summer. It is so much easier that way!



Holiday Games

holiday games | The best holiday games to play with the kids | #podcast #homeschool #homeschool podcastHoliday Games and Fun — Just in time for the Holidays! Episode 309

Fun games? Yes, please. How about holiday games? It’s that time of the year! The holidays are around the corner and it is best to think about keeping the kids occupied at busy family events. Here are some suggestions, more on this episode as well. Have fun with your family this holiday season.

Thanks to our sponsor Heirloom Audios – check out this wonderful interview here.

Holiday Games with little prep:

Would you rather game:

Materials: a sheet of paper divide it in half.

Procedure:  Make a list of things to compare. Write “Would you rather” at the top of the page on the left-hand side. Divide the paper in half. This is an example: Eat a pumpkin pie  or eat without a fork

 Conversation Starters

You can use plain paper and tweak the suggestions below depending on the event or holiday.

Materials:  Index cards or Popsicle sticks (place them in a decorated mason jar)

Procedure: Write a series of questions such as these:

  1. Who are your thankful for?
  2. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
  3. Look at the person to your right and say something helpful or thoughtful.
  4. What happened on the first Thanksgiving?
  5. What are some of the foods that the Pilgrims ate?
  6. What was the Indian’s contribution?
  7. Name one food you would not make if you were in charge of Thanksgiving dinner?
  8. Can you name five things that begin with the letter “T” that has to do with Thanksgiving?
  9. What Thanksgiving food takes the longest to make?
  10. Can any of the foods you eat on Thanksgiving Day be made without an oven?
  11. How did the Pilgrims make their meal without an oven?
  12. Name all the desserts you can think of that are served on Thanksgiving Day?
  13. Name a Scripture verse (or look up) that has to do with being thankful.
  14. What prayer do you say before you eat?
  15. Close your eyes and name all the foods you smell.
  16. What is a food that is frozen that is sometimes eaten at Thanksgiving?
  17. Name all the orange things in the room.
  18. Name all the orange foods that are edible.
  19. What sound does a turkey make?
  20. List all foods you want to eat today.

(You can add more ideas to this list.)


Clothes pin turkey tag.

Material: clothespins, paint, markers or crayons. Google eyes or peClothespinkers. Orange construction paper. Glue (hot glue).

Procedure: You will need 3 clothespins for each person. Color (use marker or crayons) or paint the top of a clothespin different colors. Use google eyes (or draw eyes with black or blue sharpy). Use orange construction paper and cut it into triangles. Glue the beak in front of the eyes.

To play the game:

Each person takes the clothespins and pins them on their clothes. Anywhere they want (but they can’t be in a pocket). Someone says go and each person has to grab a clothespin off of someone’s clothes without losing one of theirs. The person who has at least one clothespin left wins.

Thanksgiving/ Christmas or Anytime Holiday Party Games:

These need a bit more prep and following are suggestions on how to up the pace!

For the Kids and Family Events

 Timed Games: Timing helps to speed things up and adds excitement to any party! You can practice some of these ahead of time with the children. Place the children into teams to keep the individual competition down.

Teams: Play in teams. It helps to keep the frustration down when kids lose. If you play in teams. Use a marker board or paper to keep score!

 Bingo Thanksgiving Style: Use M & M’s for makers

Make cards with the following graphics. Two of each to match. You can make cards differently with a square that says thankful in the middle. Use graphics such as Pilgrim Girl, and boy, Corn, Pumpkin, Turkey, Pie, Pilgrim Hat, Mayflower, etc.

Pictionary – Thanksgiving style!

Use a mason jar with a ribbon on edge. Paint large or regular popsicle sticks. Use a sharpie to write a “Thanksgiving” type of word — such as turkey, eat, fall leaves, pie, etc. Use a pad of paper and have the children take turns drawing a picture and allowing others to guess the correct answer. The person who guesses goes next and draws a popsicle stick.

 Pin the tail on the Turkey / or Christmas tree, etc. (Depending on the Holiday.)

Pin the tail on the turkey! Use construction paper to make “feathers” and have the children create their own turkey decoration. You can use sliding glass doors and tape or non-stick fasteners.

Puzzle Race:

Use Thanksgiving-related pictures (or other holiday pictures ) and cut them out like a puzzle. Place the pieces of one puzzle at a time on a tabletop, get out your cell phone stopwatch or use a stopwatch and give each child one minute to put it together. Work in teams.

 Candy Color Sort Game:

Use 25 candies such as M & M’s or Skittles. Place two piles of 25 with two children facing off. Give each child a spoon. Ask them to sort the candy into piles using only a spoon. Older child variation: Place the spoon in your mouth and sort the candy. The winner is the one who sorts the candy into colors first.

Relay Races:

There are many variations of this game. Use plastic cones to mark the zone and lanes if possible. You can use a ball of the same size (you need at least two). For example, a baseball and place it between your knees. Wait until some shouts, “Go!” and race with the ball. If you drop the ball pick it up and place it between your knees and keep going.


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Find out more here!


Biblical Geology

Biblical Creation | Special Guest Patrick Nurre of Northwest Treasures - handout | #podcast #creationpodcast @creationBiblical Creation – Episode 8

Today our special guest, Patrick Nurre discusses Biblical Creation. Patrick is the owner of Northwest Traditions with his wife, Vicki and has a wealth of information to share with us!

Here is the handout in an easy to download format. Below are the show notes as well. What is Biblical Geology show notes

I. Geology – “The Study of the earth.”
a. Made of two parts
i. Earth’s physical chemistry – observation and testing (Earth Science), what can be observed, tested, and repeated
ii. Earth’s origins – how Earth came to be (Earth History), involves history, philosophy, and consensus
1. History – deals with one-time, unique events supported by documentation/eyewitnesses
2. Philosophy – deals with biased interpretations of evidence
3. Consensus – deals with opinions of a select group regardless of facts.
II. Secular geology combines these two (science and history) into one academic course, “Earth History.” Secular geology cannot answer questions of:
a. How and where did the earth originate?
b. How old is the earth?
c. Where did all the rocks come from?
d. Where did I come from?

III. Worldview
a. Not religion vs. science, but worldview vs. worldview
b. Secular view – uniformitarianism
i. Earth is billions of years old
ii. Earth developed and originated naturalistically
iii. Only chemicals/ elements exist
iv. God is irrelevant
c. Biblical view – supernaturalism
i. Earth is thousands of years old
ii. Earth originated by the word of God, from nothing
iii. Man is made in the image of God
iv. Nothing exists apart from God
IV. The Enlightenment (1700-1800’s)
a. Rejected the Flood
b. Rejected the Bible as history
c. Regarded the Genesis Creation story as a myth
d. Rejected miracles, the Resurrection
e. Questioned the deity of Christ
f. Rejected the idea of revelation: the Scriptures are not the inspired word of God

V. Scriptural Worldview
a. Scriptures are a record of history
b. Scriptures can be divided into five main periods
i. The Creation – God spoke it into existence in six days
ii. The Pre-flood world – the earth was corrupted because of sin

iii. The Flood – God destroyed the earth in a year-long Flood
iv. The Post-flood world – the period immediately following the Flood, to the present
v. The Future, including eternity – New Heavens and New Earth
vi. First four periods are about 6000 years, based on historical genealogies and chronologies

c. What happened during this time
i. Creation (six days) – Elements, energy, water, sea creatures, birds, dinosaurs, man created
ii. Pre-Flood world – 1.656 years of unbridled sin and corruption brought on by man’s rebellion
iii. The Flood – One year of geological upheaval that produced volcanoes and mountains
iv. The Post-Flood World – 4500 years of the effects of the Flood, including extinction, climate change, an ice event, and more volcanism
d. The Flood
i. Historical event that left geological evidence
ii. Global event that left global geological effects
iii. The most significant geological event in Earth history
e. Biblical geology is using the Scriptural, historical account to interpret the evidence

VI. Implications of Biblical Geology
a. All of Earth’s visible land formations are a result of the Flood
b. All of the fossils are a result of the Flood and the aftermath
c. Most of the extinction in the fossil record, including dinosaurs, is a result of the Flood
d. All the earth’s present-day mountains, earthquakes, volcanoes and natural disasters were the result of the global flood and its consequences
e. The Flood is responsible for the formation of an ice event that sculpted mountains all over the world
f. All of earth’s geological processes have been affected by the Flood, including radioactivity and radiometric dating
VII. Two frameworks to explain our world
a. The Biblical framework explains what we see in our world in light of our framework: the Scriptures, including the Flood
b. The secular framework uses uniformitarianism as their framework, which excludes any influence that is supernatural
VIII. We must become as familiar with our framework as secularists are with theirs.

5 Ways To Prevent Writing Meltdowns

Prevent Writing Meltdowns | Kim Kautzer of Write Shop gives 5 Ways To Stop Writing Meltdowns. #podcast #homeschool #writeshop #writingmeltdowns5 Ways To Prevent Writing Meltdowns Episode 308

Do you need 5 ways to prevent writing meltdown? This podcast provides helpful tips. Your children may not be enthusiastic about writing, but the goal of this podcast is to allow them to appreciate and understand the writing process. Kim explains why so many children don’t like to write—and why the act of writing is the cause of many tears. She also shares five practical ways to prevent writing meltdowns, and offers advice on teaching your kids to write well.

What Causes Writing Meltdowns?

  1. Unclear directions where kids don’t know what the assignment as asking of them or how long their composition has to be
  2. Writer’s block where kids feel “stuck” or can’t think of ideas
  3. Physical act of writing  where the ideas in their head can’t make it to the paper because of perfectionism, learning challenges, physical challenges, immaturity, or lack of skills
  4. Trying too do much in one sitting or feeling like they’ll never be finished
  5. Boredom

In this podcast, Kim tells stories and suggests ways to prevent writing meltdowns. You’ll learn how simple things such as: being clear about lesson expectations, tailoring topics to children’s interests, using graphic organizers, and acting as your child’s scribe can help them turn the corner.

Kim explains that writing is a process, not a one-time event. Kids like to think they just have to write something once, and then they’re done. In truth, writing is made up of a bunch of steps. The writing process can be made manageable when broken into writing chunks.

Brainstorming, for example, is one “chunk.” This is the time to come up with ideas, plan, and organize thoughts before writing. The first draft—or as WriteShop calls it—a “sloppy copy” is another chunk. Self-editing is the next step, when students learn to use a checklist to proofread and make simple revisions. Ultimately, each step points to the final draft. Spreading these steps over several days (even several weeks with younger children) makes each day’s assignment doable, not overwhelming.

Today’s meltdowns don’t mean your students will always struggle with writing. You may not be able to see it now, but time is your ally! And in time, your children can become successful writers.