Creating a Drama Free Team!

Today I'm joined by Felice Gerwitz, who has a wealth of practical information  and wisdom when it comes to working efficiently and drama free!Today I am joined by Felice Gerwitz, owner of Media Angles, The Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network and the Christian Podcast Network, as well as host of The Vintage Homeschool Moms podcast. Felice has managed a large family and teams for many years and is a wealth of practical information  and wisdom when it comes to working efficiently and drama free!

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How do we keep our workplaces drama free?

  1. Pray for good team members. Let God guide you.
  2. Make sure your teams shares your passion and your vision.
  3. Let others know what to expect.
  4. Let others know what to expect
  5. Be open to input
  6. Require co-workers to sign a nondisclosure- This lets people know you are serious
  7. Make your expectations clear from the beginning
  8. Break up your workload
  9. Don’t be authoritarian
  10. Keep your team briefed so they know what is going on. Have a team schedule
  11. Remember it is not always someone else’s fault, things happen
  12. Be polite when problems come up
  13. Be willing to negotiate assigned tasks if you are able


Take good care of yourself as well:

  • Keep office hours that you don’t work outside of
  • Establish a routine for yourself you keep
  • Felice is done by 3:00, then works out, showers, and reads
  • Everyone should block out reading time
  • Never lose your zeal
  • Life is too short to get upset over a deal that won’t work out. If it doesn’t match your mission, disengage, even if you lose money on it.
  • Don’t put people in a box
  • Live as the light
  • Set parameters
  • Be the bigger person
  • Appreciate your team
  • Family is about team work


Ultimate Homeschool Blueprint- through Media Angels

Meaningful & Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

Finish Well Radio Show, Podcast #110, Celebrate Easter Week at Home, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Meaningful & Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

In “Meaningful & Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home” episode #110, Meredith Curtis answers the questions you have about how to celebrate this significant Christian celebration without gathering with other believers in person to rejoice. She will give you Scripture, worship, prayer, hands-on activities, read alouds, and movie ideas to make this Easter Week the most meaningful ever!




Powerline Productions, Inc.

Being World Changers, Raising World Changers!


Powerline Productions April 2020 Ad

Show Notes

Coronavirus lockdown gives us a challenge that we have never faced before.

Easter is the high holy day of Christendom!

Easter Week

Mary anoints Jesus for Burial

Palm Sunday

Jesus Clears the Temple

Passover/Communion/Jesus washes feet

Prayer in the Garden





The Church Celebrates!

How God’s People Celebrate: Extra services, dramas, processions, parades, sunrise services

How to celebrate with the larger Body of Christ:

Streaming your local church

Streaming another local church

If you don’t have a home church of your church isn’t streaming, please feel free to join us for our live stream each Sunday during the lockdown at 10 a.m. You can watch us here: Powerline Church.


Scriptures to Read each Day can be found in our Easter Devotions:

4 Gospels tell the story!

Jesus Clears the Temple

Jesus was disgusted to see the corrupt money changers in His temple. He overturned their tables in righteous anger. Afterward, He healed the blind and lame before returning to Bethany for the night.

House of Prayer/Court of the Gentiles vs. Shopping Mall

Cleaning Hearts

Cleaning Rooms

Watch Gospel of John


Story of Passover from Exodus

Would you like to celebrate the Passover & Learn more about it?

The Last Supper

Bread of Life/Wine is His Blood

Do this in remembrance of me!

Crafts & Activities: Elijah Cup, Bake Bread, Family Communion

Watch 10 Commandments

Prayer in the Garden

Jesus prays in the Garden for the church (John 17) and for the cup to be taken away; yet not His will, but His Father’s

All kinds of flower, plant crafts, Easter wreath

Try to pray together for one hour.

Arrest & Trial

Jesus is betrayed by Judas and is taken away to be tried by the Sanhedrin and then Roman courts.

Peter denies Jesus as the sun is coming up. Jesus is beaten and led off to be crucified.

Easter Egg Learning Activity


Events of His death—forgiving criminal, It is finished, earthquake, temple curtain torn in 2.

Act out the Easter Week story with robes and towels

Watch Passion (for older children only)


He is buried in a rich man’s tomb, fulfilling prophecy

Pretend to “bury” the body of Jesus in a “tomb” Parents make sure to empty it before Easter morning!


Stream a Resurrection Sunday service


Easter Egg Hunt int eh back yard.

Watch Risen

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Celebrate Easter & Thrive During the Coronavirus Lockdown!

Celebrate Easter Devotions Holy Week Egg Activity How to Celebrate Palm Sunday at Home What Does It Mean to Trust God?
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Blessed Are The Crisis Schoolers- HIRL Episode 159

Blessed Are The Crisis Schoolers – HIRL Episode 159

How can you support your neighbor who is suddenly learning how to school their kids at home? What does it mean to “Love Thy Neighbor” during this Covid-19 pandemic?

We are three weeks into the COVID-19 global crisis and families around us are settling into new routines. For some, this “new normal” is anything but normal or routine. These families are struggling to juggle family, work and this new version of schooling their kids at home.

Following up from last week’s episode about homeschooling during a pandemic, Fletch and Kendra discuss three ways for you to support your neighbors who are struggling to survive through Crisis Schooling.

During this pandemic, Fletch and Kendra have dusted off the microphones and come out of retirement to discuss the pressing questions we are all wrestling with and encourage our listeners to avoid hope-shifting in the middle of a crisis. Need a fresh dose of encouragement? Join us!


Episode Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash

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Kendra Fletcher, Author of Lost & Found

Lost and Found by Kendra Fletcher

The “right” homeschooling philosophy. The “right” brand of theology. The “right” meal-planning, home-managing, keep-it-all-together parenting. Kendra Fletcher, homeschooling mom of eight, had it all “right,” until it all fell apart. In the course of eighteen months, Kendra found her baby in a coma, ran over her five-year-old, and nearly lost her eight-year-old to a septic ruptured appendix. Lost and Found is the story of how God used those events to transform her family’s self-righteous religion into freedom in Christ.

Fletcher’s debut book is the gripping true story of how God used suffering to save her family from empty religion. As wave after wave of crisis hit, the Fletchers discovered that getting religion “right” wasn’t a good substitute for a living relationship with a loving God. Through their suffering, they learned about misplaced identities and false hope, and they threw themselves wholly into the arms of Jesus—where they found the grace they needed.

Join Fletch (from theMangoTimes) and Kendra (from for the HomeschoolingIRL podcast as they interview guests and talk through some of the goofiness they have experienced in nearly two decades of homeschooling.



Are you ready to listen to Fletch and Kendra get real about homeschooling? Press the PLAY button below.

Special Replay: Last Minute Easter Prep

Last Minute Easter Prep | Last minute Easter Prep made easy! If you are hosting an Easter celebration or joining one here are some things to remember to make your time memorable and fun. And, the best part it can be hassle-free and will save money and time. | #podcast #holidayprep #easterSpecial Replay:  Last Minute Easter Prep – Episode 341

Last minute Easter Prep made easy! If you are hosting an Easter celebration or joining one here are some things to remember to make your time memorable and fun. And, the best part it can be hassle-free and will save money and time.

Easter is a time when we rejoice and celebrate and commemorate the Lord’s death and Resurrection. Eggs symbolize new birth and for us, as Christian’s, it is a time of renewal of our faith and rebirth in a sense as well.

SO, how do we translate our faith into a celebration that the children will understand and remember for more than just the candy? We have a celebration!

I’ve hosted many of these and now my younger kids are grown up and sadly can’t join us as they are away in other states in college. While I’m sad for us, I’m happy they can spend it together. However, my “help” has dwindled down and that is why I am big on doing things way ahead. There are always last minute things to do. If you are a guest ask if you can arrive early to help. And be sure to volunteer to help clean up (without being asked!) Unless you know your host really does not want your help.

My secret has been keeping it simple. And, in reusing things from past celebrations and adding on as money or time permitted for crafts. For example, I use cloth napkins that are over ten years old and napkin rings. I also use paper napkins and have those out for use with appetizers, etc.t


Fancy clothes are nice and special but we rarely wear them more than one time and they tend to be more expensive.

  1. Sewing is an option for those talented.
  2. Dress up a simpler dress with jewelry or a pretty sweater.
  3. Order online and return what you don’t like. Saves time and money, often online sources are cheaper than shopping in the stores.
  4. Go to second-hand stores – great bargains for those with patience!
  5. Outlet or discount stores


  1. Create nice posters that commemorate the Lord’s resurrection – the March 2019 planner contains some you can print out that I’ve provided.
  2. Have the children make a paper chain with strips of colored paper in pastels you can hand.
  3. Use wildflowers and create a spring bouquet for the tables.
  4. Colorful tablecloths and napkins


  1. Everyone has a job – be sure they know what it is.
  2. Guests want to help – the ones that don’t you’ll either know or they may surprise you!
  3. Have a floater *typically spouse who can go where needed – on call.

Food – Keep it simple:

  • Casserole or roast – prepare ahead or in a slow cooker (or instant pot!)
  • Ready-made sides  – or prepare and freeze
  • Allow others to bring something
  • Cake or cheesecake, brownies


  • Start way ahead
  • Assign jobs – take out the trash, pick up items from the floor, etc.
  • Keep trash bags and cleaning cloths handy for spills
  • Set up tables or count number of chairs
  • Cups with lids for kids (use disposable insulated coffee cups with lids -insert straws)

Games for Kids – Basket of stuff for little ones –

  • Coloring books and my favorites are nonmessy – coloring markers that don’t make a mess “magic”
  • balloons (helium is a favorite) with weighted toys. – caution – ceiling fans!
  • Paper crafts – airplanes
  • Plain paper and coloring pencils
  • Plastic eggs with pennies or cheap toys
  • Kathleen’s store – trade in eggs for stuff

Older Kids:

Playoffs –

  • Checker game boards
  • Chess boards
  • Card games
  • Outside activates if weather permits

Food – Taken inventory

  1. Make a list – what needs to be done this week?
    1. Food shopping
    2. Make ahead foods
    3. Buy ahead foods and date – when (bread, etc.)
    4. Cleaning
    5. Table settings/ plastic plates?
    6. Kid-friendly activities
  2. What did you plan to make or take that you didn’t do yet?
    1. Do you have time? If not buy prepared.
    2. If so – make it and freeze it ahead.
    3. If you are making it the day of – plan a schedule
  3. Plan your menu with times to cook –what does in when? (Talk about lasagna – cold)
  4. Appetizers – will you have any? If so are they easy to prepare ahead of time?


Church – the most important event is going to worship the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. Some churches have a late evening service the night before that goes on for hours – ours does with readings from Genesis through the birth and resurrection of our Lord – basically the salvation history. Others have a sunrise service or services during the morning.

Remember to begin the day with praise and prayer! He is Risen!!


This is a wonderful response  ~

Ha!Ha! Thank you for this! I have already purchased our whole Easter meal this past weekend – two slices of ham steak (just need to be heated) and microwave everything – potatoes – sweet and regular – mac and cheese, and two frozen already made desserts! We will make deviled eggs out of our colored eggs and probably resurrection rolls out of canned crescent rolls 😉 Decided my family will enjoy this just as much because we never have this kind of food. We will be having a big breakfast at church – which my daughter and I are making homemade dishes for -that morning. A long time ago, I would have said: “Oh no  – I can’t cook homemade for other people and then not do it for my family”. But I realize there will be lots more time for homemade for my family during the year when it isn’t a holiday and they will enjoy a happy mama more than the food 🙂 Thanks again! It really is about Jesus and not food!

When They’re Being Bullied – MBFLP 244

Studies and surveys tell us up to 49% of school kids (grades 4-12) have been bulled in the past month – but homeschoolers aren’t immune to threats and intimidation. This episode, we talk with Candice Dugger of BulliedBrokenRedeemed, about what to look for if your child’s being bullied,what you can do to help the situation, and more importantly, how to help your child heal.

Visit their website,

We deal with this issue in our book Raising Real Men too – you can get your copy at (where else?)


Stay Connected with Your Homeschool Group During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and the requirements to practice social distancing has meant that many homeschool groups can no longer meet face-to-face. How can homeschool groups stay connected during this time?Stay Connected with Your Homeschool Group During COV-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and the requirements to practice social distancing has meant that many homeschool groups can no longer meet face-to-face. How can homeschool groups stay connected during this time?

Carol Topp, the HomechoolCPA is joined on today’s podcast by Doreen Browning, co-moderator of the I am a Homeschool Group Leader Facebook group and Jamie Buckland, Classical Program Consultant.

Listen as Carol, Doreen and Jamie discuss:

  • How we can enjoy and redeem this time of isolation and refocus on homeschooling and our families.
  • How to encourage interactive communication, not just one-way communication.
  • Tools to use to stay connected: some new and some very old school (mail and phones!)
  • While we are having a health emergency, there is no educational emergency.
  • Are we too dependent on our co-op classes and tutors?
  • Encourage parents that they are equipped to homeschool their children without your wonderful group!

Join the Facebook group for homeschool leaders: I am a Homeschool Group Leader. 1200+ homeschool leaders offer ideas, encouragement and respectful exchange of ideas.

Jamie Buckland, the Classical Program Consultant is available for phone consultations regarding starting and running a classical homeschool group. Contact her at

Featured Product

Webinar: Starting an Academic Homeschool Program

Are you interested in starting a homeschool program with a classical and academic focus? Jamie Buckland started Appalachian Classical Academy (ACA) after running a for-profit classical community. Now she is the Executive Director of ACA. She explains how ACA is set up with not one but two boards to run the Academy as a nonprofit organization!

Jaime and Carol teamed up to present a webinar on the ABCs of Starting an Academic Homeschool Program. You can benefit from their combined knowledge in this webinar (and you’ll get several helpful resources as well).





Foundations of Learning

Foundations of Learning | The foundations of learning begin with bringing beauty into learning. In this episode, Felice Gerwitz and Lisa Ann Dillon discuss how the Classical education approach and Charlotte Mason can both be drawn upon when teaching children. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #wisdomwonderproject #classical #charlottemason #homeschool #hybridschool #coremath #singaporemath Foundations of Learning ~ Episode 401

The foundations of learning begin with bringing beauty into learning. In this episode, Felice Gerwitz and Lisa Ann Dillon discuss how the Classical education approach and Charlotte Mason can both be drawn upon when teaching children.

Thanks to our sponsor, Wisdom Wonder Project. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel with the Singapore Math video instructions.

Lisa Ann Dillon is a homeschool mom and long time educator at a Classical Academy hybrid school. She was able to teach part-time and home educate her children as well. She found in reading good literature that her son, then around two and a half enjoyed hearing her read. She explained that when given beautiful materials the “mind lights up,” and she pursued this avenue in teaching. (listen to the audio for details)

The foundations of learning were highly influenced by the Classical Approach and also Charlotte Mason’s gentle approach while keeping learning vigorous. Teaching age-appropriate materials during different stages allowed the children to achieve mastery. The Wisdom Wonder Project strives to light their fire to love learning and move into the direction of mastery.

In addition, Lisa Ann loves the Singapore Math curriculum and explained that the results are astounding. The program is very researched based. It is a more organic core of math that starts in a concrete manner. It always starts with something we can move with our hands and see visually. Singapore Math always addresses all the learning styles. The Wisdom Wonder Project has a series of math videos on their YouTube Channel here. They plan to add more and more levels. The vocabulary is different in teaching this method and the children catch on quickly. Lisa Ann explained that many parents have a fear of teaching math to their children because of a bad experience when they were in school. She called it “math anxiety.” She said one of the ways to overcome this was to pay attention to how your child learns, and to teach them the same way. Teach with concrete materials and children learn well in this manner. She said this hands-on approach works for children who struggle with dysgraphia and dyscalculia.

After years of teaching at the academy, Lisa Ann said many parents wanted to have access to these teachings no matter where they lived. Soon the Wisdom Wonder Project started. There are wonderful classes that can be used in the homeschool as well as supplemental activities for your children.

Foundations of Learning:

  • Time on the Sofa – bringing the children together to read aloud
  • Activities that are geared up or down bringing everyone together (Learning packets available connected to literature.)
  • Little Wonders kits are here
  • Beautiful literature feeds the child’s soul and they want to listen again and again.
  • Primary and Intermediate Stages coming soon.

Wisdom Wonder Project | #wisdomwonderproject #LisaAnnDillon

Important Dates & Pricing ~ Wisdom Wonder Project 

● We are launching our grammar school level subscription, Young Scholars, later this Spring for 1st-2nd grades (primary), beginning with our summer series.
● Also later this Spring, launching the Singapore Math video subscription for Kindergarten on our website. They are designed to watch 4 videos per week during the course of the school year (140 videos total! Length = 7-15 minutes). Right now, we have over 30 of these available for free on our Youtube channel (subscribe to watch).

  • We have a daily email with free lessons and resources for all ages, sign up for them on our website – here is a look at our archived emails.

Instagram: @wisdomwonderproject Facebook: /WisdomWonderProject



Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs for biology and chemistry

77: Virtual Labs with Dr Kristin Moon

Our guest is Dr Kristin Moon from Kristin Moon Science . You can find her on Facebook too.

Dr. Moon teaches Chemistry for show sponsor FundaFunda Academy and Biology at True North Homeschool Academy.

Be sure to listen to our other interview with her where she talks about PHET Simulations.

Virtual Biology Labs

Expandable Mind is the website Kristin refers to

3 virtual labs from their site that she mentions:

1. eMind Frog: virtual frog dissection lab (and 4 additional mini-labs).

You can use their demo page to get a feel for what it’s like to use the virtual lab.

It costs $5.99/family for a single license (giving you 12-month access)

2. eMind Animalcules and Other Cells: virtual microscopy lab

So many cool specimens to view using their virtual microscope.

Once again, you can use the demo and get some of the features:

3. eMind Fly: virtual genetics lab

This virtual lab makes genetics come alive as students virtually “breed” fruit flies. They predict the results using a Punnett Square, breed the flies, observe the progeny and note the outcome, and analyze their results.

Find the demo site here.

It costs $5.99/family for a single license (giving you 12-month access) but is a freebie that comes with any purchase.

Worth noting: You can buy access to ALL of the virtual labs eMind has to offer (including the frog, a cat, a fetal pig, invertebrates (including earthworm, squid, crayfish, and sea star), and fish ( including the lamprey, the dogfish, and the yellow perch) for $19.99 (for an individual license).

Additionally, if you are buying for a class or co-op, there are volume discounts.

Virtual Chemistry Labs

Chem Collective is the resource Kristin talks about.

There are many virtual labs your students can perform on this site, all related to chemistry. These are all free.

Examples of some of the labs:

Join our Facebook Group especially for the listeners of this podcast!

If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to the show and give a rating and maybe even a review!

Virtual Labs for biology and chemistry

How To Stay Sane With Kids Home Full-Time

Hey, homeschoolers!

I have been at home with my kids full-time for 23 years. It wasn’t what I wanted at first and I’ve had my share of challenges, but now I’m so grateful for the time I’ve had. If you’re a homeschooler whose kids are now home from outside classes and activities because of sheltering in or you’re new to having your kids home from school, this episode is for you. I want to share simple tips that will have you not just surviving but thriving with your kids home full-time.

Before we begin, I want to invite you to participate in the Intentional Homeschool Conference online on April 25th. This unique homeschool conference is entirely focused on planning your ideal homeschool year in a way that works for YOUR family. Along with other veteran homeschoolers, I’ll be presenting hands-on sessions that will help you not just take notes but apply what you learn in real time. I’ll also be there to help answer your questions about planning, curriculum, and parenting. Take advantage of early-bird pricing now!





Kids Home Full Time Resources

Read the blog post

How to Be Happy and Homeschool Too

Houseparty App

Is Self-Care a Snare?

Get Your Pretty On

Grammar Galaxy samples

Grammar Galaxy monthly calendars

Why & How to Teach Vocabulary

Spoons game

Psych app

Four Square

Free grammar games


When you adjust your expectations, reserve time to recharge, and give your kids what they need, you’ll not only survive this time, you’ll thrive during it. To find all the links I’ve mentioned and more, go to And be sure to register for the Intentional Homeschool Conference.

Have a happy homeschool week!

Service and Leadership Teams for Homeschool High Schoolers

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Service and Leadership Teams for Homeschool High Schoolers.

Service and Leadership Teams for Homeschool High Schoolers. Build your teens' skills for adulthood and life by developing their volunteer and leadership opportunities. #HomeschoolHighSchoolPodcast #HomeschoolHighSchool #ServiceForTeens #LeadershipSkillsForTeens #ServiceAndLeadershpTeam

Service and Leadership Teams for Homeschool High Schoolers

Homeschool high schoolers need a little SALT in their lives. What is SALT? Service and Leadership Teams! Join Kym and Vicki for a helpful and SALTy discussion.

SALT is an acronym for Service and Leadership Team.

All teens need training in how to serve and lead because they will all serve and they will all lead at some time in life:

  • Many will become parents (who both serve AND lead)
  • Some will be a church server or leader
  • Some will be community servers or leaders
  • Some may become politicians who both serve and lead
  • Some will be leaders at work

If homeschool parents can give their homeschool high schoolers training in service and in leadership while their teens are still at home they are equipping them for important parts of adulthood.

Vicki points out that in her work as a mental health counselor, she has found one of the best ways to overcome social anxiety is to do volunteer work. Since many teens experience self-doubt and a little social anxiety, service can help.

Vicki and Kym have been involved in creating leadership and serving training at their local homeschool umbrella school. In fact, at Mt Sophia Academy, the staff models servant leadership and invite the students in on the servant leadership by inviting them to:

Teens naturally hang back. Many of them are nervous (or teen-lazy) and do not naturally volunteer to help out. IF you invite them to join you in doing chores or other service-type opportunities, they will join in. AND what you find is that they feel better about themselves when they finish their time of volunteering.

How do you ask teens to join you in serving?

  • Offer an invitation (guilt free)
  • Do not demand (or even tell them the solution to the clean up problem, just an invitation)
  • Have a curious tone (not bossy tone)
  • Who can do this?
  • Find a way teens can be comfortable

SALT Teams: Service and Leadership Teams for homeschool high schoolers. All teens need training in how to serve and lead because they will all serve and they will all lead at some time in life

Help teens understand that leadership is not just being a *front man*. Leadership IS service, it is being part of something (which is what volunteering is about). Servant leadership helps teens feel they belong.

One of the tenants of health (a good immune system) is a feeling of belongingness. So when you give teens the gift of servant leadership, you are actually helping them be healthier.

Kym addresses the myth that extroverts want to be part of the team and introverts want to be left alone. Extroverts might like to be noisy and the center of attention, but introverts need to be part of things, too (even if they have to go home and recharge afterwards).

There’s not ONE right way to serve or to part of a SALT team!

Kym leads Mt. Sophia Academy’s SALT team. The teens at the umbrella school lead by serving in many ways.

  • Serving by cleaning
  • Serve by using soft skills. Kym (and Vicki, while she was still serving at the umbrella school) trained the homeschool high schoolers on basic social skills:
  • Serving by projects that the teens come up with and run. (Kym trains them on planning by Scheduling Backwards and answering Who, What, When, Where, Why.)
    • Coat drives for students in the inner city
    • Food drives (The church where they meet has a food pantry they like to fill.)
    • Toy drives for children in the local children’s hospital (so the children can take them home with them)
    • Supplies for animal shelters
    • Play on the ad-hoc worship team for umbrella school events

Join Kym and Vicki for this SALTy episode and give your teens the tools they need to be part of a Service and Leadership Team. Also, check out these posts and episode on serving and leadership:


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Service and Leadership Teams for Homeschool High Schoolers