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How do you do it? How can you get it all done? I could NEVER do that!

No, homeschoolers are not from another planet although I would consider myself part of a special breed. We are specially created by God and we intent to follow Him, His Word and His Truth. And along the way bring some of you with us.

The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show is comprised of interviews with the hosts of this very special network, as well as authors, speakers and guests of interest to you. Listen in, get to know them, their hearts and some wisdom of your own.

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Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show Episodes

Developing Language Skills in your Young Learner

LCP Ep 13: Developing Language Skills in your Young Learner   The time to start reading and developing language skills in your young learner is now. Reading at least 15 minutes per day from the time your child is an infant and even through high school will not only promote a bond with your child […]

Using Higher Order Thinking Skills in Your Reading

LCP Ep 12: Using Higher Order Thinking Skills in Your Reading   Are you wondering what we mean by “higher order thinking skills” or “critical thinking skills”? And what do you do with them and how do you teach them to your children? And how are you supposed to do that with reading? Visit Katie’s […]

Essential Writing in your Homeschool High School

LCP Ep 11: Essential Writing in your Homeschool High School   Do you have a middle or high schooler and you are wondering what do you need to teach them for writing for credit or for preparation for college? Intimidated by the kind of essays that are usually included during high school and are necessary […]

Teaching Your Struggling Writer How to Write

LCP Ep 10: Teaching your Struggling Writer How to Write Have you ever seen your learners with “a deer caught in headlights” look when holding a pencil over a blank piece of paper? Is it a struggle to get your child to write down more than a word or two? Visit Katie’s website for more […]

Valuable Benefits from Reading Classic Literature in your Homeschool

LCP Ep 9: Valuable Benefits from Reading Classic Literature in your Homeschool     Do you cringe when you think about “classic literature”? Are you intimidated by the thought of tackling challenging vocabulary or complex sentences that seem to go on and on? Visit Katie’s website for more fun ideas and tips to use in […]

Flourish At Home – Making Memories

Ironically, when your family is together almost all the time, it can be challenging to pull away from the demands of homeschooling to just enjoy being together and have fun as a family. But taking a break is good for parents and children alike. In this episode, I’ll share some of my favorite ways to […]

Essential Guide to Out of the Box Book Report Ideas and Literary Study

LCP Ep 8: Essential Guide to Out of the Box Book Report Ideas and Literary Study     Running out of ideas for what to do when your learner finishes reading a book? Are you looking for book report ideas or ways to conduct a literary study and keep your learner interested? Visit Katie’s website […]

Flourish at Home – Training Our Children

People often ask me how I manage to homeschool and run a home business as a single mom. One of the most important factors is that I have taught my sons how to run the household. In this episode, I’ll talk about how to train your children to be independent and responsible, how to take […]

Ultimate List of Fun Ways to Engage your Reluctant Reader

LCP Ep 7: Ultimate List of Fun Ways to Engage your Reluctant Reader   Do you have a reader who is “reluctant” or has no interest in reading? Is it a battle to get them to show any interest in a book? This is a common problem and you are not alone. I fought that […]

Filling Up Mom with God’s Love

Filling UP Mom with God’s Love Filling up mom with God’s love is from the Vintage Collection of Mommy Jammies Night and this wonderful presentation is by Judy Dudich who stopped blogging some time ago to focus on her family and homeschool. Her very popular blog was enjoyed by many. Enjoy this presentation. We are […]

Getting Into The Zone Help For Mom

Getting Into The Zone – Help For Mom Getting into the zone is a replay of a past mommy jammies night hosted by Felice Gerwitz. Real help for mom and ways to get unstuck. 4-Getting into the Zone_Handout What are ways of Getting into the Zone with Joanne Calderwood In this Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show […]

How Should we Study Grammar in our Homeschool

LCP 6: How Should we Study Grammar in our Homeschool   Every homeschool mom eventually asks herself, “How should we study grammar in our homeschool? Should I use diagramming or not? How do I apply the grammar to learning how to write?” Join Katie Glennon as she shares years of experience in her own teaching […]

5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Child

Staying connected to your child In this fast-paced world, it’s easy to let distractions and everyday stress creep in and build a wall between ourselves and our kids. Today, we’re going to be talking about how to stay connected to your child even in the midst of day-to-day life. If you’ve been listening to my […]

What to Include in your Middle and High School Language Arts Study

LCP Ep 5: What to Include in your Middle and High School Language Arts Study What do you need to include during the middle school years in Language Arts to make sure your learner is ready to tackle high school work? What kind of Language Arts and English program would colleges be looking for and […]

3 Peaceful Parenting Phrases (For Better Communication!)

If you struggle with your child pushing back, or if you ever feel like your child just doesn’t listen, this episode is for you! Today we’re going to talk about three powerful phrases to help us communicate better and more peacefully with our children. These three phrases are tools that you’ll be able to put […]

What to Include in your Elementary Language Arts Study

LCP Ep 4: What to Include in your Elementary Language Arts Study   How are you going to homeschool Language Arts with your elementary aged children? Does the idea of teaching your child to read or write stress you out? Do you wonder if  you are teaching everything you need to during the elementary school […]

5 Secrets for Happier, More Obedient Kids

One of the most common concerns many moms have is that their children are constantly whining and not listening. I’ve spoken to dozens of moms who feel frustrated and at the end of their rope. They desperately want to parent peacefully, but their kids really push their buttons! I’ve been there! Over the years I’ve […]

How to Study Poetry in your Homeschool

LCP Ep 3: How to Study Poetry in your Homeschool   Join Katie Glennon as she discusses how to study poetry in your homeschool and shares fun ideas and activities in learning how to appreciate and enjoy poetry. Listen for practical tips in developing language skills in your youngest learners with poetry and valuable practices […]

The Fruit of the Spirit for Moms

The Fruit of the Spirit for Moms Our pastor recently did a sermon on the Fruit of the Spirit, and it inspired me to start a Bible study inside my private Christian parenting Facebook group.  (By the way, anyone listening who’d like to join that group, I’d love to have you! You can click here to […]

Peaceful Parenting 101

The world would have you believe that being a “bad mom” is on trend right now.  In mainstream media, movies, meems, comedy routines…”bad moms unite!” is the mantra. I believe this “bad mom” movement is quite dangerous to Christian parenting. I believe that peaceful parenting  is godly parenting. There are many misconceptions out there about […]

Why Study Shakespeare?

LCP Ep 2: Why Study Shakespeare? Join Katie Glennon as she shares fun ways to include Shakespeare’s plays in your homeschool literature and Shakespeare studies starting as early as elementary ages through high school. Find out why you should include Shakespeare in your studies, what resources you can use to more easily understand and enjoy […]

Creation Matters

Does Creation Matter? Why does the discussion on how God created the world matter? Did God really create the world in six days and rest on the seventh? Does anyone really care? These questions and many more including teaching tips and great resources are presented in the Creation Science Podcast, my name is Felice Gerwitz […]

FPEA Chairman Suzanne Nunn

Featured Spotlight on FPEA Chairman Suzanne Nunn  & Podcast Host on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network FPEA Chairman Suzanne Nunn What is FPEA and what will you hear on FPEA Connects? We are here to tell you! Felice Gerwitz, founder of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network interviews Suzanne Nunn, current Chairman of the FPEA (Florida […]

Hailey Woerner

Let’s Talk to Novelist & Homeschooler ~ Hailey Woerner with Felice Gerwitz “Jaded The Silent Whisperer” by Hailey Woerner Many people are authors, but it is rare to see an author in her teens. Well, today we get a chance to talk to Hailey Woerner who is currently in the 10th grade, and is fifteen years […]

Flow Through Vessel – An Interview With Marnie Swedberg

Flow Through Vessel – How to Master the Habit of Letting God Flow Through You! Meet Marnie Swedberg and a book that will change your life! About the Book: Flow Through Vessel  Have you wondered how to allow God to work through you? How about allowing God to flow through you – with His goodness […]

How To Hit The Road & Journal

Meet Kimberly Travaglino! Kimberly Travaglino is an author, co-founder of Fulltime Families RV membership club, and fellow podcaster at Roadschool Moms.  Her family has been traveling the country via RV since 2010.  They have been to 39 states to date and have no end to their journey in sight. Show Notes: 1.  What made you […]

Perfectly Incorrect – Common Core

Author Spotlight – Perfectly Incorrect – Common Core Author – Terry Marselle When teacher Terry Marselle realized that Common Core could ruin his profession and the children he is teaching it was time to take action. In this telling book Terry explains the problems with common core from an educators perspective. He is the author […]

Breakthroughs in Learning

Breakthroughs in Learning  – In this episode Felice Gerwitz interviews Pauline Turton, the Founder and Owner of Breakthroughs in Learning. She will share how she began the company as well as the benefits of this amazing program. Pauline and her family live in Canada. Useful Links: Breakthroughs in Learning  Featured sponsor is Breakthroughs in learning and a […]

Spotlight – College Prep Genius

  College scholarships are within your grasp – learning how to score high on the SAT tests is the first step.   This interview with show host Jean Burke explains insiders tips and important information you need for scoring high. Jean hosts a show here:  College Prep Genius   https://media.blubrry.com/uhsrnetwork/p/media.blubrry.com/ultimateradioshow/p/media.blubrry.com/uhsrnetwork/p/content.blubrry.com/uhsrnetwork/UHRS_11_CollegePrepGenius.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | […]

Sponsors Spot Light – Silver Hill Sports

Join your host Felice Gerwitz as she interviews owner and founder of Silver Hill Sports a website that highlights student athletes. Sign up to receive updates and your free special report from the founder. Doug Riley is the owner of Silver Hill Sports.com. He has over 25 years of software programming experience for government and […]

Spot Light – John Zimmerman – TabletClass

Special Featured Show Host – The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show! Listen to this broadcast to HEAR the special offer!  Featured Guest: John Zimmerman. You are going to love getting to meet John, I know that I did! I’ve met a kindred spirit an educator who loves kids and teaching math and a man you will […]

Show Host Spotlight with Katie Hornor

Felice Gerwitz interviews show host, of the Educando en el Hogar Show, Katie Hornor. Katie lives with her husband and family in Mexico and currently is a missionary. She is a author, publisher of a curriculum for Spanish speaking homeschoolers and hosts a twice a month show, in Spanish. Join us for this interview when […]

Show Host Spotlight – Pat Wesolowski

In this episode the spotlight is on Pat Wesolowski, veteran homeschooler and curriculum creator and author. Pat is the host of the bi-monthly show – “Better Together – Co-Ops” and she is a firm believer that co-ops are a wonderful addition to any homeschool.         https://media.blubrry.com/uhsrnetwork/p/media.blubrry.com/ultimateradioshow/p/media.blubrry.com/uhsrnetwork/p/content.blubrry.com/uhsrnetwork/UHSR_7_PatWesolowski_Interview.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: […]

Show Host Spotlight with Carol Topp

Felice Gerwitz interviews show host, of the Dollar and Sense Show, Carol Topp, a CPA, author, publisher and a graduated homeschool mom (daughters are currently in college). Join us for this interview when Felice asks Carol to share about her life as homeschooler and what her show will cover. You won’t want to miss this […]

Show Host Spotlight with Melanie Wilson, PhD

Felice Gerwitz interviews show host, of the Homeschool Sanity Show, Dr. Melanie Wilson. Melanie is a homeschool mom and Christian clinical psychologist who brings humor and down-to-earth, practicality to the her show. Join us for this interview when Felice asks Melanie to share about her life as homeschoolers and what the show will cover. You […]

Show Host Spot Light – Kendra and Andy Fletcher

Felice Gerwitz interviews show host, of the Homeschooling IRL Show, a husband-and-wife team, Andy and Kendra Fletcher. Andy is known as “Fletch” to his friends, and “Dr. Fletcher” to his dentistry patients in California where the family resides. Kendra and Fletch have homeschooled their eight children for many years and they bring a zany approach […]

Show Host Spotlight – Interview with Professor Woody Wilson

Felice Gerwitz interviews show host, of the Current Issues & The Constitution Radio Show, Woody Wilson in this informative Show Host Spotlight segment. Woody shares his background as a retired Veteran, Teacher and currently a college professor. He enjoys working with homeschool youth, since his exposure with students the last two years teaching an online […]

Show Host Spotlight – Founder Felice Gerwitz

Meredith Curtis, puts homeschool mom, speaker-author-publisher, and website owner, Felice Gerwitz in the spot light. Felice created this podcast network and is the owner of Media Angels, Inc.  Foremost is her love for God, her husband, Jeff (celebrated 34 years this year) and her children and grandchildren. Felice shares her excitement about the Ultimate Homeschool […]

Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show Episode #1

The first episode of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show! Learn about upcoming show hosts with insider interviews and a behind the scenes peek of what makes the Ultimate Homeschool Network Show Hosts, so unique.         https://media.blubrry.com/uhsrnetwork/p/media.blubrry.com/ultimateradioshow/p/media.blubrry.com/uhsrnetwork/p/content.blubrry.com/uhsrnetwork/1-UltimateHomeschooRadioShow1.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | TuneIn | […]

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