Backyard Archaeology Dig

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #194, Backyard Archaeology Dig, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Backyard Archaeology Dig

In “Backyard Archaeology Dig,” Episode, #194, Meredith Curtis invites you to dig a big hole in the backyard for educational purposes. Hosting an archaeology dig for your family and a few friends is a great way to experience archaeology and its investigation into history. If you’re willing to make and break artifacts, dig a hole, string it into sections, and let kids dig with a small trowel and brush, you can go on an amazing educational adventure! Meredith explains how to prepare the artifacts, set up the dig, and “clean” the finds.




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Show Notes

What is archaeology and what do archaeologists do?

Archaeology always fascinated my kids but just for a moment. I could never pass on how fascinating the work could be. Worksheets didn’t help. Until….

Let’s Have Our Own Dig!

We decided to have our own dig! Wow! It sounded exciting to the boys to dig in the dirt.

Lessons from our first dig

Preparing Artifacts

Prepare artifacts in Ancient History Homeschool Co-op.

First Layer: Minoan Mosaics; Second: Egyptian Clay Pots; Top Layer: Greek Plates

Readying the Dig Site

Dig Large Rectangle

Break and Layer Artifacts carefully with a layer of dirt between

Stakes every 12 feet around the hole. Tie strings to make a checkerboard. Number sections.

Unearthing Treasures & Cleaning

Wear loose modest comfortable clothing. Hyrdate, hydrate, hydrate. Snack table with fruit and granola bars.

Open in prayer.

Dig with small plastic beach toy shovels (gentle – won’t destroy artifact) and brushes. Shout and cheer whenever someone finds an artifact or piece of artifact.

Take a photo, measure depth, record all information, brush off dirt, another photo, clean artifact at Research tent.

Researchers keep log.

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