Do We Really Need It?

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #151, Do We Really Need It?, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast NetworkDo We Really Need It?

In “Do We Really Need It?,” Episode, #151, Meredith Curtis reveals the challenges that Christians face as wise consumers trying spend money for the glory of God. “Just do it!” Nike shouts! Do what? you wonder, confused. Advertising slogans dazzle and repel us from billboards to glossy magazine pages, from sides of buses to television commercials to internet ad pop-ups. How do parents, teens, and children combat advertising that leads us in the wrong direction? How can we separate our desires and wants? And our good desires from evil desires? Meredith helps us sort through these murky waters with biblical principles and practical wisdom.


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Show Notes

The Power of Advertising

  • Culture heavily influenced by Advertising
  • Advertising dictates how we decorate & celebrate holidays
  • New product promotional ads

How Advertising Works

  • Advertising appeals to both good and evil desires
  • Products will often be linked to a universally desired thing (happy marriage, mate, fast car, admiration, athletic skill)
  • Target certain segments of society
  • Most companies targeting homeschooling families are not homeschoolers themselves
  • Many homeschooling companies targeting Christian homeschooling families are not Christians.
  • Advertising isn’t always honest

How Jesus Responded to Advertising

  • Satan advertised the Kingdom of Darkness to Jesus (see Matthew 4)
  • Satan advertised food while Jesus was fasting and challenged him to test God
  • Finally, Satan offered Jesus wealth and power.
  • Jesus resisted using the Word of God as a weapon of Truth.

Our New Way of Life

  • Imitate Jesus in responding to advertising. Respond to lies with truth. Respond to insinuations with reality.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of having advertising dictate what and when you purchase.
  • Seek God about your needs and desires.
  • Work/talk together as a family to apply truth to advertising and felt needs.


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Teaching Kids About Money – MBFLP 223

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Teaching Young Kids About Money

Today we’re talking about one of those most practical of all topics – money, and particularly how you teach your young people about it. This was easier with the older kids because with the older kids, I mean, you get a job, start a business, make a budget, save money, easy. You can’t tell your five year old to go get a job.

So how do you teach these young kids to manage money? How do you teach them to take it seriously?

We do need to take it seriously because of the things we noticed when we were researching our book on marriage. The Holmes-Rahe Stress Test, something psychologists developed years ago, ranked major life events in their order of impact on your health. The death of a spouse is number 1. Number 14 was “financial issues,” but everything above number 14 had a financial impact of some sort. It touches every aspect of our lives and you know, it’s something that we need to be intentional about teaching, starting from very early, to be stewards of what God’s given them.

So what does that look like?

Teaching Young Kids About Money

Part of it is just teaching them what money is and what it’s about. For example, we teach our kids that money is like a voucher for work. That’s a concept which we don’t think everybody has really thought through. We’re in the business of writing and publishing books, but we can’t take box loads of books down to city hall to pay our electrical bill. They’re not going to be impressed because they don’t need books. You need money because money is a voucher – we get a check for the month for the work we do and we take it to the bank and when we use that money to pay other people to their work,

That’s an important principle to get to the children to see that every piece of money that passes through your hands, somebody worked and did something productive. Either they did some labor or they produced something for sale, and that that piece of money represents certain amount of their work, time, and effort.

It’s really super important for young kids to grasp because you know when you connect it, when you can say, okay, well dad had to work for this money. What he did earned the money that we’re spending. That makes it real and helps the child understand that spending is not just, “Oh, Daddy has this wonderful magic card and we just hand it to the merchant and they give us hamburgers.” … (listen to the whole thing below!)


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MBFLP – Saving Money At Christmas

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MBFLP Saving Money at ChristmasIt’s the most commercial time of the year, the Christmas shopping season. For some businesses, the sales for these few short weeks make up for months of sluggish economy. For many of us, though, our own personal economy isn’t ready for big spending … as much as we might like to! This episode, we talk with Candy Foote of “Strategic Shopping” about fun, creative, and low-cost ways to enjoy the season while still putting gifts around the tree — and not running up the credit cards. You don’t want to miss this one!

MBFLP – Cheap Family Travel

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MBFLP - Cheap Travel

Think of family travel and you probably think of vacation. But what other adventures could your family undertake if you could save 40 to 60% on the cost of “conventional” travel? Could they join Dad on business travel? Plan the ultimate field trip? Make a mission week a family project? Last year Hal and Melanie took their family on the road for over 30,000 miles–and this episode, they share their secrets for finding the best deals on airfare, lodging, and even how to save on routine gas fill ups!