MBFLP – Saving Money At Christmas

MBFLP Saving Money at ChristmasIt’s the most commercial time of the year, the Christmas shopping season. For some businesses, the sales for these few short weeks make up for months of sluggish economy. For many of us, though, our own personal economy isn’t ready for big spending … as much as we might like to! This episode, we talk with Candy Foote of “Strategic Shopping” about fun, creative, and low-cost ways to enjoy the season while still putting gifts around the tree — and not running up the credit cards. You don’t want to miss this one!

Destination- Inspiration with Jen Reyneri and special guest Sami Cone talk about “Making Disney Dreams a Reality!”

November 26: Sami Cone on making Disney World Dreams a reality! 

Jen Reyneri, Sami Cone, Destination Inspiration