Do We Really Need It?

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #151, Do We Really Need It?, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast NetworkDo We Really Need It?

In “Do We Really Need It?,” Episode, #151, Meredith Curtis reveals the challenges that Christians face as wise consumers trying spend money for the glory of God. “Just do it!” Nike shouts! Do what? you wonder, confused. Advertising slogans dazzle and repel us from billboards to glossy magazine pages, from sides of buses to television commercials to internet ad pop-ups. How do parents, teens, and children combat advertising that leads us in the wrong direction? How can we separate our desires and wants? And our good desires from evil desires? Meredith helps us sort through these murky waters with biblical principles and practical wisdom.


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Show Notes

The Power of Advertising

  • Culture heavily influenced by Advertising
  • Advertising dictates how we decorate & celebrate holidays
  • New product promotional ads

How Advertising Works

  • Advertising appeals to both good and evil desires
  • Products will often be linked to a universally desired thing (happy marriage, mate, fast car, admiration, athletic skill)
  • Target certain segments of society
  • Most companies targeting homeschooling families are not homeschoolers themselves
  • Many homeschooling companies targeting Christian homeschooling families are not Christians.
  • Advertising isn’t always honest

How Jesus Responded to Advertising

  • Satan advertised the Kingdom of Darkness to Jesus (see Matthew 4)
  • Satan advertised food while Jesus was fasting and challenged him to test God
  • Finally, Satan offered Jesus wealth and power.
  • Jesus resisted using the Word of God as a weapon of Truth.

Our New Way of Life

  • Imitate Jesus in responding to advertising. Respond to lies with truth. Respond to insinuations with reality.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of having advertising dictate what and when you purchase.
  • Seek God about your needs and desires.
  • Work/talk together as a family to apply truth to advertising and felt needs.


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