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FeliceblogtalkOne Hour Consultation for Aspiring Authors

Do you have a book idea?
A Podcast Idea?

Do you need to talk to someone who really understand the writing and publishing process? Well, look no more! Felice is available on a limited basis to speak to you via phone.She will send you a list of questions you should answer, or you can come up with a list of your own. Felice has authored and published over 25+ products that have been distributed world-wide. She has successfully owned her own publishing company since 1994.If you decide to hire Felice for additional consulting (each package is custom designed), she will apply the initial consultation to this package.

Fees for additional consultation vary but may include:

      A review of your manuscript with “book-doctor” editing, this includes substantial rewrites and reading the document again once you  apply the recommended suggestions
      Advice in regard to seeking a traditional publisher and or agent or self-publishing your manuscript

Writing Bundle

              Social media and networking
             Book Publicity
             Launching your product!

Upon purchase you will receive an email notification. Email Felice (at) to schedule your appointment.

Or for further information email Felice with “consultation” as the reference.