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AudiosToWarmTheHeart_UltimateRadioShowEveryone has way too many emails – right? So what makes our list different? Why would anyone sign up for YET again another email to delete.

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At the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network you already receive great radio shows … but did you know signing up for our eZine allows you access to behind the scenes information and a GIFT each week.

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Before I started this network I ran the Ultimate Homeschool Expo from 2010 to now and I have hundreds of amazing full-session seminars from some of the most amazing speakers in the homeschool community.

Each week I select a special audio to include to all our subscribers.  Yes – every week. Sometime we add a printable as well.

And best of all as a subscriber you get EVERY sign-up freebie we offer. I change out these bundles from time to time and by signing up you will receive the most up-to-date bundle I offer.

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Bonus #1 — A Bundled set of audios 5-Audios to Warm the Heart for 2014

Sample-SET RescueMomBonus #23- Audios from our PAST sign-up offer ‘ The Mommy Rescue Set – Sampler! Full Rescue set of 10 audios is right here:

Bonus #3 — And weekly emails with the up-to-date schedules of all our current Ultimate Homeschool Radio Shows as well as special offers.

Where else you can you find special help for your homeschool, marriage and parenting journey? Right here at the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

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