5 Hidden Benefits to Staying Stuck | Kat Sturtz

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5 Hidden Benefits to Staying Stuck | Kat Sturtz


Topic: The 5 Hidden Benefits of Staying Stuck

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Show Notes:

If you’re human, you’ve struggled with managing time, managing projects, and managing life. A 1,000 self-help books and courses won’t help you get past procrastination if you don’t look at the elephant in the room! WHY? Why do you choose to procrastinate? Why avoid projects and things that need to be done?

Join Kat & Gina as they chat about specific action steps you can take to move forward and discover the 5 Hidden Benefits of Staying Stuck!

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From Kat:

Ready to Rock Your Unique Path to Success?

•  Do the words ” Just Do It ” make you cringe? •  Feel like everyone got the how-to instructions but you? •  Tired of being stuck … confused about what to do next? •  Worried … fearful … lacking confidence? •  Afraid to waste more time on programs that promised BIG … … but left you feeling small and inadequate?

It’s time to try something new. An entirely different approach. One that recognizes what makes YOU unique and will help you finally take those next vital steps forward with clarity and confidence. Best of all, it won’t cost you a dime to take it and put it to good use.

As an experienced author, editor, speaker, business coach, practical intuition expert, and energy techniques practitioner, my passion is helping small business entrepreneurs and service providers who:

  • Have BIG and BOLD dreams.
  • Have a history of modest triumphs but are struggling to get a new or stalled dream moving.
  • Are working hard but seriously doubting if the success they seek is really possible for them.
  • Are wondering why the same smarts and skills and persistence that produced good, even great, results before seem to be failing them now.
  • Are ready for change and committed to taking responsibility to make things happen.



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  1. Being … and staying stuck, well, sucks! Thanks again. Gina, for inviting me to share some help for getting unstuck with your listeners.

  2. I 1 THOUSAND percent identified with everything you talked about. Awesome strategies from an awesome coach. My favorite is when you spoke about setting timers. I call them time blocks…and there really are certain tasks I can only take for 5 minutes at a time…but if you give even just 5 minutes 6 times per week…that’s 30 minutes closer than you were a week ago! 😉 This is a guaranteed method for eliminating procrastination. And one more thing…if my house is clean…YES…I’m absolutely putting something off!!!!

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