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Homeschool HQ App |According to new Census data, there are currently five million homeschooled students across the United States| #militaryhomeschoolmom#military moms, #homeschooling #homeschoolingHQappHomeschool HQ App

Homeschool HQ App. Episode #40 – Do you ever wish you could find all the homeschool resources you need all in one place? Look no further than the HomeschoolHQ App, created by a military spouse and her husband after they began homeschooling during the Covid pandemic.

Homeschool HQ App. According to new Census data, there are currently five million homeschooled students across the United States. With the rise of new homeschoolers comes a greater need for resources and tools for families. HomeschoolHQ is an innovative homeschool resource app developed specifically with the needs of new and veteran homeschoolers in mind.

On this episode, Crystal chats with Lauren Bordeaux, Chief Marketing Officer for Homeschool HQ, who shares about this fantastic resource for homeschooling families created by homeschooling families. This app provides families with secure sign-in and will not sell your information to anybody. It’s easy to navigate with resources at your fingertips; you can even create your own events. Listen in to learn more!

 Guest Bio:

Lauren Bordeaux is a homeschooling mom of three children, ages 3, 6, and 7. She grew up in an Air Force family, moving to multiple bases across the U.S. Her husband, André, is a former Marine and is currently an officer in the Naval reserves. Their family enjoys exploring their new home of Tennessee after a career of living in and traveling Europe with the State Department. Lauren and André are the co-founders of HomeschoolHQ, a new app for homeschooling families.

The HomeschoolHQ app is a user-populated homeschool resource platform. It was built by homeschoolers for homeschoolers to find learning opportunities and community! Users can add resources in multiple categories like co-ops, activities, camps, conventions, and field trip ideas. There is also a discount section for exclusive user discounts! Built-in location services enable homeschoolers to find nearby resources that suit their family’s needs. Lauren, André, and their team are thrilled to share this needed resource with the homeschooling community!



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