Homeschooling a Rebellious Child with Deborah Wuehler

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Homeschooling Rebellious Child |As homeschool parents, there are days when we struggle to get our children to concentrate on their studies and do their best| #militaryhomeschoolmoms, #military moms, #homeschooling #homeschoolingrebelliouschildHomeschooling a Rebellious Child with Deborah Wuehler

Episode #39 – As homeschool parents, there are days when we struggle to get our children to concentrate on their studies and do their best. However, what if a child fights against us in nearly everything? Is it even possible to homeschool a rebellious child?

Special guest Deborah Wuehler was excited to start homeschooling her children and knew they belonged at home with her. She had seen the fruit of homeschooling in the lives of other children and wanted that for her own.

However, her middle child was strong-willed, and every day was a struggle. But Deborah, with the Lord’s help, discovered ways to work with her daughter through her rebellion and home-educate her. As a result, her daughter is now a well-adjusted, happy, godly young woman, and they are blessed to have a close relationship. In today’s episode, Deborah shares how we, too, can homeschool a rebel.

Guest Bio:

Deborah Wuehler is the Senior Editor and Director of Production of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. She is wife to Richard and has been homeschooling their eight children since the birth of their firstborn 32 years ago. They have graduated seven children so far and have one high school student. Deborah is an author, speaker, and devotional leader. Her most popular workshop is Homeschooling the Rebel.

She has written several Bible reading plans for the Bible App on called Homeschool Moms Teach the Psalms and writes regularly for The Homeschool Minute. Her editorials are on, Homeschool Compass, and many state homeschool newsletters. Deborah’s passion is to encourage homeschool families to keep their focus on Christ and His Word and to let them know they are making the best educational choice possible when they choose to keep their children Home, Where They Belong. 


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