HSHSP Ep 80: Highschool Math for Math-Impaired Moms

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This week on HSHSP Ep 80: Highschool Math for Math-Impaired Moms.

HSHSP Ep 80: Highschool Math for Math-Impaired Moms

HSHSP Ep 80: Highschool Math for Math-Impaired Moms

How do you teach highschool-level math to your homeschoolers if you:

  • hate math?
  • are *math-impaired*?
  • intimidated by higher maths?

Don’t worry! There’s hope!

Join us for an interview with our fellow podcaster here at Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network: Dennis DiNoia of Mr. D Math.

Dennis (Mr. D) is the popular online teacher of higher level maths from pre-algebra to calculus. We’ve heard from a number of homeschool moms that his clear *definitional* style of math instruction is helping lots of teens- even when their moms are out the their math-league!

Mr. D Math and More Podcast

In our chat with Mr. D, he encourages us moms not to fear math, to look for understandable definitions and resources and allow yourself to have some fun.

His good humor will (you mean you can have humor about math???) made us want to try math all over again. Don’t miss this fun episode with Dennis DiNoia of Mr. D Math.

In the meantime, do you have questions about how much math your homeschool highschooler needs? Check out these posts from 7SistersHomeschool.com:

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HSHSP Ep 80: Highschool Math for Math-Impaired Moms


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  1. ColleenInWis says

    Hmmm… What tips did Mr. D give besides, “Sign your kids up for my math courses?” If there were any others, I missed them. šŸ™

    • We were pleased to be able to offer Mr. D a chance to share about his approach to teaching high school Math and the classes that he offers online. Sabrina and I both found it so encouraging to think of Math as a language, to consider framing the whole study of high school Math in a new way, learning the “linguistic rules,” so to speak. For people who struggle with high school Math but excel in verbal learning, this might be an empowering and innovative approach.

      In addition, the tips Mr. D gave for helping students take ownership of their own learning in high school, working through a problem they had gotten wrong in order to (often) find their own mistake under their own steam, moving away from a dependence on mom as expert-teacher and into a greater degree of independence all seemed to us to be really good tips that went well beyond the scope of Mr. D Math course enrollment, but certainly every listener’s experience will be their own. Thanks for giving the episode a listen, and sharing your experience.

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